The Wishing Well Or Releasing The Butterfly Of Chaos

The Wishing Well Or Releasing The Butterfly Of Chaos Cover
The general function of a Wishing Well is understood from an early age by most people. The user projects some required outcome of events, or "wish" into the well, perhaps accompanied by a symbolic financial donation, and waits for events to take their course. Similar properties are attributed in popular tradition to acts of cutting a birthday cake and breaking a wish-bone while devouting certain species of poultry.

In every sense, the act of making a wish using any of the above ritual props is a magical operation though experience suggest that Wells tend to be more effective than both chicken bones and all but the most esoterically decorated cakes in achieving the intended result.

As of late, many Wishing Wells have been withdrawn from public access; and, moreover, recent opinion polls have indicated high levels of dissatisfaction with the scarcity of wish-fulfillment opportunities, particularly among vegetarians. This paper attempts some analysis of the dynamics involved in successful wish-making, and offers a ritual procedure which readers may find useful pending the launch of another "Wishing Well Withdrawal" from the public eye.

Anyone who has studied non-linear dynamics (or Chaos Mathematics) as applied to the interaction of complex systems (for instance life-in-general) will be aware of the extreme sensitive of such systems to initial conditions. This is illustrated by the so-called Butterfly Effect; a model of the process by which a butterfly flapping its wings on the Caribbean Islands can set in train a series of atmospheric interactions which may culminate, after some elapsed time, in the occurrence of a hurricane in London.

The hypothesis in this context is that the ritual act of making a wish sets up initial condit-ions for a Chao/dynamic process which culminates, after some elapse time, in the occur-rence of whatever event was the original objective of the wish; hence the subtitle "Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos". Atmospheric effects are often synchronous with successful magickal operations as was observed, for example, by those who were present for (or within earshot of) the 4,000 watt "Enochian Verse Recital" in South London, 17.30 Hrs, Monday, 28 May, 1990; but where magic is concerned the atmospherics are felt to be little more than by-products of casual sequence which is primarily electromagnetic in character.

The actual process by which a successful wish is transformed into its outcome is, of course, magic; at least in the sense that modern TV receiver might be acknowledged as such by Agrippa or Abra-Melin the Mage - Was there ever a more effective acrostic "for divers visions" than an infrared remote control? A detailed explanation of how the magical process appears to work would fill a book (reasonable offers from reputable publishers accepted); suffice it to say that no rewrite of either the Laws of Physics or the Axioms of Mathematics is required, and to mention that the Astrological elements of the hypothesis will form the substance of a paper to be presented to a forth coming meeting of the "Talking Stick".

For the purpose of this exercise, the process may be appropriately visualized by consider-ation of nothing more complicated than a humble smoke-ring. In mathematical terms this is a Torus (a ring-doughnut shaped structure) which has a clearly defined, coherent and self-contained existence for an extended period within a fundamentally chaotic matrix; i.e. it can hung around for several seconds retaining its structure in the turbulent air of a smoke-filled room. Such ordered structures fall quite naturally out of the Chaos Mathema-tics which models the behavior of gases and liquids (Fluid Dynamics for the technically inclined). Examples of such ordered structures in a chaotic environment abound, and not only on this planet. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter, for instance, has been in existence at least since Galileo observed it in 1610, though the chaotic nature of that planets atmos-phere was not appreciated until the fly past of the Voyager spacecraft of 1979.

A perfect smoke-ring requires very little expenditure of energy to be brought into exist-ence, though that energy, in the form of a controlled pulse of gas projected from its creator lips has to be quite precise - i.e. smoke-rings don't always work, particular if someone is watching, and the best ones of all usually happen quite by accident! Significantly, the only way an observer can know if a smoke-ring is there because it has smoke in it. If an identical pulse of gas is projected from a non-smoker, the Toroidal ring structure will be established in the just the same way within the atmosphere, but its presence is almost impossible to detect, even with the most sophisticated of scientific instruments.

The atmosphere is not the only chao/dynamic envelope surrounding our planet; there also exists the magnetosphere, which we perceive at ground level as the earth's magnetic field. At present it exerts a force which causes a compass needle to point approximately towards the North Pole.

The magnetosphere extends out into so-called empty space well beyond the atmosphere of the planet, and is anything but static in character. Complete polarity reversals can occur. A record of these is preserved in the sequence of North and South oriented volcanic rocks which have been mapped in the ocean floor extending outwards from mid-oceanic ridges, such as that which runs the length of the Atlantic. The magnetosphere exhibits its own "weather" patterns which, like the atmospheric weather, are driven primar-ily by radiation from the Sun/Solar Winds. Magnetic and electric storms which affect TV and radio reception are a phenomena of magnetospheric weather, and interaction between the magnetosphere and the atmosphere can result in phenomena such as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Other manifestations include ball-lightning and St. Elmo`s fire.

The ritual procedure put forward here postulates a process whereby a sudden pulse of electro-chemical energy, through an operators nervous system, establishes a magnetic structure which is the mathematical equivalent of a smoke-ring. It is suggested that this can occur on the onset of orgasm or accompanying a powerful martial arts styled shout or KIAI, by a process akin to that of the Faraday Induction described in any half-decent textbook. The "magical" part of the process involves injecting a flash-visualization of the
eventual desired outcome of the magneto-smoke-ring as it is being established. The rest of the process of wish fulfillment is left to the wondrous dynamics of Chaos. It may be helpful for the operator to face towards the geographical (magnetic) North Pole.

If performed as a solo working, this ritual may usefully be preceded by a banishing and visualization exercise. The ritual text is written in the Enochian language of the angelic calls which were devised or discovered by Dr. John Dee in the 16th Century. In the sense that Enochian can be seen as a system of control (or cyber-) language for "life, the univ-erse, and everything" it has many of the characteristics of a computer programming language. Among such properties would be those of recursive self-reference (i.e. the ability to
modify itself), and some of the phraseology of the preamble to the ritual is designed to apply ideas developed by Douglas Hoffstadter in his book Godel, Escher, Bach to the Enochian language. Specifically, the text of the ritual should increase its own potency with repetition.

After the Enochian preamble, the participant(s) should make a vocalized statement of a "wish" or willed endpoint for the working, at the same time strongly visualizing the desired outcome. This "wish" may be of a benefice or malefic intent, but beware! the Enochian preamble carries a force of personal honor, in wishes of a dishonorable character they are likely to backfire.

The pre-climatic mantrum "Zarzas Zarzas Nasatanata Zarzas" is held to be untranslatable. It is, by tradition, a formula which opens the Gates of Hell or the Abyss; in this context it is used to invoke the dynamic process of Chaos by which the wish can be fulfilled. Some occult authorities, Crowley among them, assert that the Zarzas formula is dangerous and advise against using it. Modern Chaos magicians do not share that view and, besides having employed it for years with no particular ills impacting the user, is consistently been found to enhance the effectiveness of most categories of magical working.

The final climatic KIAI may be shout such as that projected by a martial arts practitioner in the process of shattering a concrete block (or someone's sternum) or else an exaggerated cry of orgasmic ecstasy. Prospective participants with orgiastic inclinations may care to experiment with variant techniques to effect the final KIAI exclamation which sets the magical "butterfly effect" process in motion. For example, the Enochian couplet following the statement of the wish might be committed to memory by operator of either gender, and repeated while other participants stimulate that operator to a frenzied pitch of ecstasy, culminating in the final KIAI. Such variants are for the more experimentally inclined, but it is the sort of experiments which magicians of an inhibited frame of mind (or body) may find it enjoyable to carry out as an end in itself. Any feedback on results would be welcome! by Frater Choronzon

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The Empirical Rules Of Magick 13 Protection

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 13 Protection Cover
Psychic attack can be a real problem because it is so prevalent. When you make someone angry, the person is attacking you. Simply directing angry thoughts is a psychic attack. (This incurs bad karma, so learn to avoid this yourself!) We all have natural defenses, so these attacks seldom have an effect. But if someone has ability, or if he concentrates a lot of energy, you are likely to suffer. Psychic attack usually comes in through the neck and manifests as a headache. As you become a better magician, you will be more sensitive to the energies around you. You become more vulnerable to psychic attack. You also become better able to defend yourself as long as you remain alert. This work will also help protect you from physical threats. Keep in mind that, though magic may help,
you must still act responsibly!

Affirmations: I am now safe and secure. All negative influences are reflected off me into the Earth to be healed. I allow only the positive into my life.Visualizations: See an egg of white light around you-- because this keeps in negative energy, also see it filled with violet light, which will turn the negative to positive. Another good visualization is three concentric circles around you (or whatever you wish to protect) of white (outside), blue (middle) and pink (inside). Also, you can imagine a mirror at the back of the neck or encasing the whole body, reflecting outward.

Other: Religious symbols are especially good for this work.

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Songs For Italy

Songs For Italy Cover

Book: Songs For Italy by Aleister Crowley

A Collection of largely anti-fascist poetry, published at around the time of Crowley's expulsion from the Abbey at Cefalu (the XIX represents the 'Thelemic Year' 19, ie 1923 ev).

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The Star In The West A Critical Essay On The Works Of Aleister Crowley

The Star In The West A Critical Essay On The Works Of Aleister Crowley Cover

Book: The Star In The West A Critical Essay On The Works Of Aleister Crowley by John Frederick Charles Fuller

The Star in the West: a Critical Essay upon the Works of aleister crowley by Captain (as he then was) J. F. C. Fuller can now be read online. This is a lengthy study of Crowley's early poetry and philosophy (as expressed in the writings collected in his 1905-7 Collected Works). Some might question the "critical" part; even AC was occasionally embarassed by the excesses of Fuller's praise, as witnessed by his ca. 1910 poem "The Convert (a hundred years hence)"

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The Diary Of A Drug Fiend

The Diary Of A Drug Fiend Cover

Book: The Diary Of A Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley

Diary of a Drug Fiend, published in 1922, was occult writer and mystic Aleister Crowley's first published novel, and is also reportedly the earliest known reference to the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily.

The story is widely thought to be based upon Crowley's own drug experiences, despite being written as a fiction. This seems almost conclusively confirmed by Crowley's statement in the novel's preface: "This is a true story. It has been rewritten only so far as was necessary to conceal personalities." Crowley's own recreational drug use and also his personal struggle with drug addiction, particularly heroin, is well documented.

Crowley made a study of drugs and their effects upon the body and mind, experimenting widely himself. Many of his conclusions are present within this novel. The story follows Peter Pendragon and Louise Laleham, a couple passionately in love, as they fall head-first into a drug binge across Europe. Diary of a Drug Fiend encapsulates much of Crowley's core philosophy concerning Thelema and his conception of True Will. (from

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A New Tarot For The New Aeon

A New Tarot For The New Aeon Cover At age 63, Crowley began his major statement on Tarot, the Thoth Tarot and the related The Book of Thoth. The deck, named after the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic, was the product of intense collaboration over five years (1938-1943) between the magus and British artist Lady Frieda Harris (1877-1962) (see illustration, left). Although Crowley apparently had final say concerning the deck, it would have never taken form without Harris’ evocative paintings, which reflected a wide variety of important artistic movements of the late nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-centuries, including Art Nouveau, Cubism, and Futurism.

Illustration (above): Pictured (c. 1941) are Crowley (center) and Harris (right) with a friend of Harris identified only as Catherine. From Sword of Wisdom: MacGregor Mathers and “The Golden Dawn” by Ithell Colquhoun (copyright © 1975 Colquhoun).

Aeon from the Thoth TarotCrowley felt that the early history of Tarot, including its purported beginnings in ancient Egypt, was ultimately unimportant. “The origin of Tarot is quite irrelevant, even if it were certain. It must stand or fall as a system on its own merits,” he explained in The Book of Thoth, which he wrote as a companion to the deck. However, he noted that the Tarot “is an admirable symbolic picture of the Universe, based on the data of the Holy Qabalah [a kind of Jewish mysticism].”

Furthermore, the Thoth Tarot was a symbolic picture of the universe according to Thelema and, of course, its greatest prophet, Crowley. “This new Tarot may therefore be regarded as a series of illustrations to the Book of the Law; the doctrine of that Book is everywhere implicit,” Crowley noted. For example, the Trump traditionally titled Judgment was replaced by The Aeon (see illustration, above), in celebration of the New Aeon and the coming of Thelema .

Illustration (above) The Aeon from the Thoth Tarot designed by aleister crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris (copyright © 1944 Ordo Templi Orientis). Click the image for a larger one. For a brief explanation of this card, click here.

In keeping with Thelema, Crowley often advocated the free integration of spirituality and sexuality. In his commentary on The Book of the Law he wrote:

“We [Thelemites] refuse to regard love as shameful and degrading, as a peril to body and soul. We refuse to accept it as the surrender of the divine to the animal; to us it is the means by which the animal may be made the Winged Sphinx which shall bear man aloft to the House of the Gods.”

Therefore he made certain that the Thoth deck integrated Tarot and sexuality. For example, he replaced the Trump traditionally called Strength with Lust, which included an unabashedly erotic image of a nude woman astride an extraordinary beast.

The Book of Thoth and the related Thoth Tarot was Crowley’s final major achievement. Three years after publication of the book in 1944, which included illustrations of all seventy-eight cards, he was dead at age 72. Neither he nor Harris lived to see the publication of the Thoth Tarot as a working deck; it was first published in this format in 1969. In a sense, The Book of Thoth and the Thoth Tarot were Crowley’s spiritual last will and testament.

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Tantric Influences On Thelema

Tantric Influences On Thelema Cover

Book: Tantric Influences On Thelema by Genevieve Petty

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that Tantric practices in Hinduism and Buddhism share an element of sex with Thelema, the religion promulgated by Aleister Crowley. But how deep and how
wide is the Tantric influence on Thelema? This paper will explore this question. To begin, another question must be answered. How could Tantra in Asia influence the ideas of a man born in England in 1875? This particular man, Aleister Crowley, was a privileged member of English society who, as a young and adventurous spirit, took up the sport of mountain climbing.

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Liber 265

Liber 265 Cover

Book: Liber 265 by Aleister Crowley

The Structure of the Mind. A Treatise of physology from the mystic and magical standpoint. It's study will help the aspirant to make a detailed scientific Analysis of his mind, and so learn to control it. Likely not written as a document separate From Crowley's diaries. (See p753 of Magick: Liber ABA)

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Pillars Of Enoch

Pillars Of Enoch Cover
The only link to Enoch in masonic tradition has to do with a legend concerning two pillars which Lamech’s children made to contain all the knowledge of mankind. These pillars are often confused in early masonic writings with the pillars at the entrance to King Solomon’s Temple.
Enoch, seventh in descent from Adam in the line of Seth, is noted in Genesis: "Enoch walked with God." His name, in the Hebrew, signifies to initiate and to instruct. Jewish tradition ascribes to him the invention of letters, arithmetic and astronomy. The Book of Enoch, written in Ethiopic in the first and second centuries BCE, influenced New Testament writers and entire parts are reproduced without acknowledgement. The Book of the Secrets of Enoch written by Hellenistic Jews in Egypt, also reflected its influence. Rejected by the Jews in the first century CE because it supported Christian claims, it was banned by Christian teachers by the third century because, among other reasons, it contradicted other apocalyptic writings. The Book of the Secrets of Enoch refers to Enoch’s authorship of 366 books which he entrusted to his sons. The Greek Christians supposed Enoch to be Hermes; Eupolemus makes him the same as Atlas; Bar Hebracus asserts that he invented books, writing, the building of cities and astronomy.

While Enoch refers to an allegory told of Hermes or Thoth, the Father of Wisdom in ancient Egypt, who it is said concealed his books of wisdom under a pillar, and then found that the wisdom had become transferred onto two pillars of stone, Josephus, in Antiquities of the Jews, Book I, chapter ii, Section 3, tells a similar story about Enoch, saying that the pillars of Enoch were still in existence in his day, and that they were built by the children of Seth. If these particular pillars existed, what they were and who built them are topics of some controversy. The number of pillars, one or two, varies in different legends, leading to some further controversy over their symbolism.

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Grady Mcmurtry

Grady Mcmurtry Cover During the Second World War, two Californian O.T.O. members, Grady Louis McMurtry (Oct. 18, 1918 - July 12, 1985) and Frederick Mellinger (Merlinus, 1890-1970) (Mellinger was originally a refugee from Nazi Germany), traveled to Europe on military assignments. McMurtry went earlier and visited Crowley on several occasions while on leave. Mellinger visited Crowley after McMurtry was rotated back to the United States.

There was a good rapport Between Crowley and McMurtry, and Crowley respected McMurtry's military experience. In 1943, Crowley personally conferred the IX° of O.T.O. upon McMurtry and made him a Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Order, and gave him the Magical Name he was to use from then on, Hymenaeus Alpha, 777.

In 1944, Crowley began discussing with McMurtry the possibility of assuming the "Caliphate." Crowley wrote to McMurtry on Sept. 28, 1944: "I hope you will prefer my plan for your career as my Fides Achates, alter ego, Caliph, & so on." On November 21, 1944, he wrote to McMurtry again:

`The Caliphate.' You must realize that no matter how closely we see eye-to-eye on any objective subject, I have to think on totally different premises where the Order is concerned. One of the (startling few) commands given to me was this: `Trust not a stranger: fail not of an heir.' This has been the very devil for me. Fr? [Saturnus] is, of course, the natural Caliph; but there are many details concerning the actual policy or working which hit his blind spots. In any case, he can only be a stopgap, because of his age; I have to look for _his_ successor. It has been Hell; so many have come up with amazing promise, only to go on the rocks. ... But — now here is where you have missed my point altogether — I do not think of you as lying on a grassy hillside with a lot of dear sweet lovely woolly lambs, capering to your flute! On the contrary. Your actual life, or `blooding,' is the sort of Initiation which I regard as the first essential for a Caliph. For — say 20 years hence the Outer Head of the Order must, among other things, have had the Experience of war as it is in actual fact to-day.

The title "Caliph," while perhaps appealing somewhat to the sense of humor of both men as a pun on the abbreviation for California (the State of McMurtry's residence and the location of Agape Lodge), is from the Arabic word Khalifa, meaning "deputy." It was historically used in early Islam to designate the successor to the Prophet, the worldwide Commander of the Islamic Faithful. Crowley's use of the term as applied to Germer and McMurtry was parallel for O.T.O.

In 1946, Crowley entrusted McMurtry with documents of emergency authorization to take charge of the entire work of the Order in California, which included the only functional O.T.O. Body at the time. Crowley additionally appointed McMurtry his personal representative in the U.S.A., whose authority was to be considered as Crowley's own. These two charters, dated respectively March 22, 1946 and April 11, 1946, were subject only to Karl Germer's approval, veto or revision. Germer was well informed of McMurtry's charters from Crowley, as he had attended the Agape Lodge meeting at which McMurtry had presented them. In addition, in a letter to Germer dated June 19, 1946, Crowley informed Germer that "The only limitation on his [McMurtry's] power in California is that any decision which he takes is subject to revision or veto by yourself," thus removing the requirement for prior approval by Germer.

On June 6, 1947, Crowley wrote to Germer:

You seem in doubt too about the succession. There has never been any question about this. Since your re-appearance you are the only successor of whom I have ever thought since that moment. I have, however, had the idea that in view of the dispersion of so many members, you might find it useful to appoint a triumvirate to work under you. My idea was Mellinger, McMurtry, and, I suppose, Roy [Leffingwell], though I have always been a little doubtful about the trustworthiness of the last.

On June 17, 1947, six months before his death, Crowley wrote to McMurtry and informed him that while Germer was to be Crowley's successor as Head of O.T.O., McMurtry should hold himself prepared to succeed Germer.

Crowley, while trusting in Karl Germer's ability to govern the Order as his successor, evidently did not trust in Germer's ability to find and designate an appropriate successor for himself. In what appears to have been an additional contingency measure in the event that McMurtry died or became incapacitated, Crowley also advised Mellinger to hold himself ready as a possible successor to Germer, in a letter dated July 15, 1947. However, Mellinger did not receive any assignments of the kind given to McMurtry, and Crowley never used the term "Caliph" in reference to Mellinger.

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An Invocation Of Aiwass

An Invocation Of Aiwass Image
THE DEVIL OUR LORD Artwork by Aleister Crowley (from the frescoes of the Abbey of Thelema)

"The Sacred Symbols - the Horns of Power, the Egg of Purity, Safety and Life, etc., exist in the most terrifying appearances. Everything that is, is holy." - Aleister Crowley


(An Oath Written during the Dawn Meditation)
[Aleister Crowley, "The Book of Thoth".]
"Aiwaz! confirm my troth with Thee! my will inspire
"With secret sperm of subtle, free, creating Fire!
"Mould Thou my very flesh as Thine, renew my birth
"In childhood merry as divine, enchanted Earth!
"Dissolve my rapture in Thine own, a sacred slaughter
"Whereby to capture and atone the Soul of Water!
"Fill Thou my mind with gleaming Thought intense and rare
"To One refined, outflung to Naught, the Word of Air!
"Most, bridal bound, my quintessential Form thus freeing
"From self, be found one Selfhood blent in Spirit-Being."

THE BABALON DOOR by Aleister Crowley

"Io Pan! upon the summits the God-Goat
"Leaps in wild lust of ecstasy afloat!"


"With my right Eye I create all for myself, and with the left I accept all that be created otherwise."


A ka dua
tuf ur bi-uu
bi a'a chefu
dudu nur af an nuteru

Unity uttermost showed!
I adore the might of Thy breath,
Supreme & Terrible God,
Who makest the gods and death
To Tremble before Thee!
I, I adore Thee!




[Sign of the Enterer]


[Sign of Silence]





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One Star In Sight

One Star In Sight Image

Book: One Star In Sight by Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley. One Star In Sight. Issued from the Sanctuary of the Gnosis in the Valley of Los Angeles by Authority of To Mega Therion.

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: One Star In Sight

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Liber 120 The Ritual Of Passing Through The Tuat

Liber 120 The Ritual Of Passing Through The Tuat Cover

Book: Liber 120 The Ritual Of Passing Through The Tuat by Aleister Crowley

Liber Cadaveris, Ritual CXX, Of passing through the Tuat. A Ritual of Initiation for certain Select Zelators.

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: Liber 120 The Ritual Of Passing Through The Tuat

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Liber 030 Liber Librae The Book Of The Balances

Liber 030 Liber Librae The Book Of The Balances Cover

Book: Liber 030 Liber Librae The Book Of The Balances by Aleister Crowley

Liber Librae - The Book of the Balance. Karma Yoga. An elementary course of morality suitable for the average man. See also: Equinox I i, p. 17; III x.

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: Liber 030 Liber Librae The Book Of The Balances

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Thelemic Saints Raoul Loveday

Thelemic Saints Raoul Loveday Image


Frederick Charles Loveday (commonly known as Raoul Loveday) died on February 16th, 1923 e.v., from drinking contaminated stream water nearby the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Sicily. His was the first Thelemic funeral of the New Aeon, conducted of course by Aleister Crowley, in spite of the fact that he was also very ill at the time.

Raoul Loveday was so much more than just an unfortunate disciple. Leah Hirsig, the sixth Scarlet Woman, equal to the Prince-Priest in Thelemic authority and greater in power (vide "L", 1:15), wrote in her diary (vide entry for Oct.2nd, 1924) that Loveday was her first magical child. Crowley himself wrote the following of Loveday, aka Fra.'.Aud, in "The Confessions of Aleister Crowley" (pp.904-5):

"A brilliant boy, just down from Oxford, where he had distinguished himself by his attainments in history, had long wished to meet me. For over two years, he had studied my magical writings with the utmost enthusiasm and intelligence. His character was extarordinary. He possessed every qualification for becoming a Magician of the first rank. I designed him from the first interview to be my magical heir.This was the man I had needed for the last ten years, a man with every gift that a Magus might need, and already prepared for initiation by practically complete knowledge, not only of the elements but of the essence of Magick."

Just a year prior to his death, Raoul Loveday had the following poem published in "Oxford Poetry", 1922. It was a grim portent of the ill fate to come.


"SING now of London
At fall of dusk;
A summer dragonfly-
Crept from the husk.
Dragonfly, on whose wing
Run golden wires;
So, down a street pavement,
Lamps throw their fires.
Dragonfly, whose wing is pricked
By many a spark;
Electric eyes of taxis
Bright through the dark.
Dragonfly, whose life is
Cold and brief as dew,
Drone now for London dusk,
Soon dead too."

Dead, but not forgotten. We remember Raoul Loveday, Thelemic Saint, whose great destiny was not cancelled but merely postponed awhile.

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Parker Ryan - The Necronomicon Mythos According To Lovecraft
Frater Hoor - A Thelemic Calendar

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