The Pulsa Denura Haredim Cult Death Curse

The Pulsa Denura Haredim Cult Death Curse Cover
Haaretz ran a story titled “The mysterious death of an Orthodox Jewish millionaire – murder or suicide?” which relates the strange death of Solomon Obstfeld. Obstfeld had rented an apartment to a Rabbi at below market prices, but the Rabbi had n0t paid any rent for a period of months so Obstfeld threw the man out. Before returning to Israel the Rabbi cursed Obstfeld with the Pulsa Nenura (Whips of Fire), a supposedly ancient curse using Kabbalistic formulas to call upon the Angels of Destruction to kill the victim.

Obstfeld died under suspicious circumstances.

Whether from this curse or the Rabbi’s hired help (which those close to Obstfeld believe is what actually happened) Obstfeld’s death has pushed this strange ceremony into the public eye and I will leave it to readers to form their own opinions about its effectiveness.

But first let’s start with the true history of the Pulsa Denura. I am no expert but I know of no legitimate Kabbalist who has ever purported to use such a curse. The ever unreliable Wikipedia claims the idea of the Pulsa Denura can be traced back to the Babylonian Talmud, but scholars say the original was specifically a curse that could only be given by God to one to his Angels. There is no traditional Kabbalistic basis for this ceremony being used as a curse.

The consensus seems to be that this rite was created in the early years of Israel’s reemergence by a Rabbi named Amram Blau who led the Haredim, or what we would call ultra-orthodox Jews. The rite is basically an elaborate excommunication ritual with a curse incantation thrown in. It was and is used as a political tool by the Haredim, who count among their numbers active anti-Zionists seeking the collapse of Israel, and also a large proportion of that state’s welfare recipients since most of the Haredim men actually refuse to work for “religious” reasons. In this conflicted and overly pious community the Pulsa Denura can be seen perhaps as the expression of a group that feels both powerless and neglected by the wider Jewish community which it both despises and relies on.

Of course, as Chaos magicians will tell you, the truth is what you want it to be. The academic veracity of the curse may not pass muster but that doesn’t mean the curse can’t work. It has a high success rate, though the keen observer will notice that almost all the victims of this curse were old, already targeted by violent extremists or, in Obstfeld’s case, involved with shady characters like a Rabbi who may have hired a hitman.

My Hebrew is, shall we say, limited so I am uncomfortable publishing text to the rite. Hebrew speakers will find the text is out there. For religious purists it should be noted that it is impermissible, according to Jewish mystical tradition, to pray for something bad to happen to someone.

Like The Black Mass, which required the services of a de-frocked priest, the Pulsa Denura cannot be performed by just anyone. A group of scholars (some say ten) must perform the ritual in front of the tomb of a Jewish “martyr” after three days of fasting, starting at midnight. If the victim is without sin, the Angels will instead kill those that called them, myth says. The process will seem familiar to many of you that have slung some curses before.

In Israel the ritual isn’t particularly taken seriously, but is always a spectacle which draws the media. But there is no question that the rite contains elements of traditional Black magic. Perhaps the creator of the ritual read more than just the Zohar?

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Thelemic Saints Karl Germers Greater Feast

Thelemic Saints Karl Germers Greater Feast Image


JAN.22, 1885 -- OCT.25, 1962


Karl Germer, who was born in Elberfeld, Germany, was one of Aleister Crowley's most dedicated disciples. When Crowley -- who was in Germany with other disciples and two of his Scarlet Women in 1925 era vulgari -- got into a disagreement with his host, Germer gave him hospitality and assisted him financially ever since. Although Israel Regardie, in his biography on Crowley entitled "The Eye in the Triangle", theorized that Germer may have been the "rich man from the West" predicted in v.31 of ch.3 of "The Book of the Law", Germer really only helped Crowley to barely get by in his later years, who would have been completely destitute without the help. His marriages to somewhat wealthy women such as Cora Eaton and Sascha Ernestine Andre enabled him to assist Crowley financially from time to time, to an extent. But the fact is that Crowley was hardly having showers of gold being poured over him by anyone, for if such were the case, he certainly would not have been dodging creditors to the last -- nor would he have died in poverty, unable to publish his books or to travel abroad to visit his disciples in America. This is a prophecy that has gone unfulfilled.

On February 2nd, 1935 e.v., upon his return to Germany from New York, Karl was handcuffed by the Gestapo for his association with Crowley and hauled off after ten days in a police station to the Columbia House Concentration Camp in Berlin, where prisoners were routinely tortured, beaten by the guards in the showers, denied meals and forced to sleep without a bed. A copy of his arrest warrant appears below. The second paragraph lists the reason for his arrest as his support for Aleister Crowley, who was regarded by the Nazis as subversive, "by consistently keeping in contact; and by spreading his teachings you have tried to recruit disciples for him in Germany".

Germer described his time at Columbia House as brutal. He wrote:

"Atrocious treatment. Methods. Solitary confinement. Life in cell. No reading permit for 4 1/2 months! S.S. guards and their mentality. Once for six weeks not let out into the open air."

He wrote of murders and suicides; public beatings; insufficient food -- one slice of bread in the morning and one in the evening, with a plate of soup at noon; and strict solitary confinement. Once he complained about the treatment he received from an S.S. guard, and received eight days on nothing but bread and water for it.

After his stay at Columbia House, Germer was transferred to Esterwegen Concentration Camp in the bogs near the Dutch frontier. He described it as "one of the worst camps in Nazi Germany", a place of "Unbelievable terror". He was forced to endure "Horrible slave work" and the "Cold inhumanity of S.S. guards as slave drivers and torturers". He wrote of his work conditions:

"Men had to roll through the manure; case when Dr. Leber [one of the men on his work detail, a socialist member of the Reichstag] on such an occasion tried to lift his face during 'rolling' in order to prevent it being soiled, and S.S. guard dug pole into manure and smeared it over his face and through his mouth".

He also described some of the instances of torture to which he was subject. Prisoners were painfully chained and forced to stand in a circle for up to 24 hours at a time. Several prisoners were provoked as cruel entertainment for the guards; and when they tried to escape they were shot.

Germer kept his sanity by reciting in his mind memorized passages from the Thelemic holy books, achieving thereby the "Knowledge and Conversation" -- i.e. the Gnosis and Communion -- of his Holy Supernal Will. He finally escaped from Germany in October, 1935 e.v., but was arrested again by the Belgians. In a letter to Jane Wolfe, dated April 14, 1941 e.v., he wrote:

"As for myself, I was arrested by the Belgians the day the Germans marched into Belgium, i.e., May 10th, 1940. As the latter advanced we were transferred to the French authorities on May 14th and held in French Concentration Camps ever since. I have been in the Camps of Le Vijean and just before the Germans advanced there, sent to the Camp of St.Cyprien on the Mediterranean near the Pyrenees of Spanish ill repute, and from there ultimately transferred to the worst Camp in France: Gurs, in the Pyrenees, where conditions were so primitive, so horrible that even very mild descriptions of the actual conditions in the American press shocked and bewildered people over here. And there are still 15,000 men, women and children held there in that Camp alone. I got out finally on February 1st, 1941, after a non-quota immigration visa had been anew procured by Cora as long ago as September last, but the French only gave me permission to go to Marseille to see the Consul four months after he had asked me to call urgently for the visa. It's just their complete incapacity for doing anything, for making progress, for organization, that made it impossible to obtain the permit before, despite all kinds of urgent steps that were undertaken by Cora, others and myself with the various French authorities and the American ambassador and Consul. We in the Camps have come to understand thoroughly the basic reasons for the rapid break-up of French resistance both militarily and administratively. Most, 95% of the prisoners in the Camps were Jews, all violently hostile to the Nazis, violently friendly to the French, many offering spontaneously to fight on their sides actively, who have now more or less become hostile to the French, due to the unsanitary conditions in the Camps, the dirt, the ridiculously poor food, causing scurvy, various diseases, the unhealthy water, and their incapacity and unwillingness to improve conditions until at long last attacks in the American Press based on reports smuggled out by devious and dangerous means forced the French to pretend to do something. Believe me, I am glad to be out of that hell. Fortunately, my health and general conditions do not seem to have suffered very much, and that is really a miracle which the French did their best to defeat.

"If we had been prisoners of war, if we had been enemies of the French, if we had been young and vigorous, if we had been nothing but men, if we had shown the least sign of revolt on occasion -one could perhaps excuse the French. But most of us were over forty (up to 70), several thousands were women (of whom perhaps 35% over 65 and up to 95 years of age), 10%children and babies. And yet all those atrocities. There is no reasonable excuse or even explanation. No wonder that the death rate was horrible and that the blind sympathy for the French and their cause in those Camps has turned to the complete opposite".

In 1938 e.v., Crowley recognized Germer's attainment to the Grade of Magister Templi, or Master of the Temple -- equivalent to the Fourth Thelemic Grade, or the Supernal Grade, in the HTC. And on July 18th, 1941 e.v. he designated Germer as his successor in the O.T.O., the first of the great religious bodies to officially accept the Law of Thelema. But Germer did not take particularly well to the system of the O.T.O., writing: "I feel lost in the grades, rituals, dignities, offices, rights and what not".

Crowley, in a letter to Germer dated March 14, 1942 e.v., wrote: "I shall appoint you as my successor as O.H.O. [i.e. Outer Head of the Order of O.T.O.], but on special terms. It is quite clear to me that a complete change in the structure of the Order, and in its methods, is necessary".

Such a change was never implemented. Germer later wrote of Crowley: "He suggested to me that I may either drop this form or system of working, or devise my entirely independent method". He apparently chose the former option, as he ceased all initiations and dropped the work entirely, choosing to focus on publishing Crowley's works alone. Germer is often criticized for this; but it was his prerogative.

"1007 Lexington, Germer's New York apartment in 1942 e.v."

It being the war years, Germer was investigated by the F.B.I. in 1942 e.v., and the U.S. government being as it was, i.e. suspicious and overly zealous in its treatment of certain foreigners, he failed to get glowing reviews. His F.B.I. files read:

"In a supplementary statement he indicated that he is a German refugee stating that when he was on a visit to Germany in 1935 he was arrested by the Gestapo and was in a Nazi Concentration Camp for seven months. He stated that he was forbidden to leave Germany after his release but escaped to Belgium in October, 1935 and resided there until the Nazi invasion on May 10, 1940 and from that time was in a French Concentration Camp until February 18, 1941.

"When the Nazis first came to power he was put into a concentration camp for translating into German the books of a notorious English author ALISTER CROWLER [sic]. He escaped to Belgium and later to France. Then through the efforts of his wife who is an American he was allowed into the United States."

In spite of the fact that Germer had spent years under the cruel persecution of the Nazis for his devotion to Crowley, the blockheads at the F.B.I. insisted on profiling him as a Nazi-sympathizer on no good basis of logic whatsoever. Such is the typical American tendency even today, to profile an entire group of people in reaction to a segment of extremists who share no other attribute with them beyond the fact that they are of the same race. It seems that nothing ever changes. The report goes on to state:

"I have felt worried because his conversation is violent Nazi propaganda". As if he would be one to promote the Nazis after being so mistreated by them for so many years -- and might have died were it not for his eventual escape! It goes on: "At once on his arrival he got a powerful short wave radio set and a large motor car, both put in his wife's name. It seems strange because they have no money and living in one roomed apartment, 1007 Lexington Avenue, N.Y.C. It has been so much in my mind that you might feel this case should be looked into". So much for being the "rich man from the West"! The agent then goes on to assert that "His wife is a very loyal American but quite in the power of her husband".

Declassified F.B.I. file 100-18329 states: "[agent]has often heard of ALEISTER CROWLEY's [sic] being consulted by HITLER concerning his "Black Magic" and he has often heard GERMER state that he, GERMER, is a believer of HITLER's ideology" More nonsense; but what else is to be expected of those who take the easy route of stereotyping people, throwing innocent American citizens into internment camps, and not taking the time to study thoroughly the works of authors before condemning them? And while it "is" true, by Crowley's own admission, that Hitler was indeed the "Dynasthai" or "magical child" of Martha Kuntzel, Crowley's disciple in Germany who was herself a Magister Templi and Thelemic saint -- in subtle occult ways moreso than any direct way - it was equally true that he had failed, turned against the ones from whom he had derived his magical power and wound up persecuting not only his former masters but millions of others as well. An agency the F.B.I. may have been, but not one of very much intelligence. It hardly takes a genius to realize that a man as tortured as he had been would never side with the monsters that had abused him so.

After Crowley was cremated in 1947 e.v., Germer, who by this time had relocated to a rural property in or near Hampton, New Jersey, decided to bury the urn containing Crowley's ashes beside a large tree on the property. For whatever reason, Germer told McMurtry in 1951 e.v. that his wife Sascha had smashed the urn upon the side of a tree, proclaiming it the Aleister Crowley tree. In his correspondence with Jane Wolfe, however, he stated that they had indeed buried the urn at the foot of the tree. He wrote:

"On April 8th Sascha and I gave A.C.'s ashes the final resting place. We have 5 very large Pines in the front of our house and Sascha suggested the foot of the finest (called Aleister) as the spot. I dug a pit under the pine and we had a small ceremony on April 8th. The ashes are in a small casket which in turn is in a strong box."

Years later, when the Germers decided to move to California, Karl tried recovering the urn to take it with them. But someone had clearly beat him to it. Obviously what he had revealed to Jane Wolfe somehow got leaked to someone with no compunction against stealing from Germer. For when Karl went digging for Crowley's remains, all that he could find were a few rusty nails that were once part of the strong box. The urn was gone. Where the ashes of Aleister Crowley are today remains a mystery.

Magister Templi notwithstanding, nobody is infallible. Karl Germer demonstrated that more than at any other time when, on July 20th, 1955 e.v., he expelled Kenneth Grant -- a living Thelemic saint -- from the O.T.O., merely because of the latter's association with Eugen Grosche, a.k.a. Gregor A. Gregorius -- yet another Thelemic saint -- whom Germer personally disliked. This, after Germer had written a letter of praise to Grant, on January 18th, 1952 e.v., which reads: "If we want to get the O.T.O. properly going again, we need a competent leader, not only for England but for the whole worldI have often thought that you might be chosen for the job". Germer clearly allowed his unwarranted personal animosity to interfere with his judgment.

In 1962 e.v. Karl Germer died as a consequence of botched surgery for prostrate cancer of the groin, and was, according to Sascha, the victim not only of medical malpractice but of abuse. Her diary reads:

"He started crying loud! 'Help me! Help me!' I came in and ask the nurses what happened, they say 'Nothing', they only clean him! I went out again". She heard more screaming, so she returned: "his Face tortured in expression". At the last moment she was with him: "slowly he calmed down, I had his left hand in both My Hands and suddenly the Heart stood still".

Her diary goes on to say: "Why was the Tel[ephone] taken out of his Room, why was I not allowed to see him -- why was he scared to Death whenever I wanted to talk to him". More prejudicial treatment, it seems. She should have stood up to these vile racists and insisted on remaining by his side no matter what.

Karl Germer may have fallen short in certain small respects but his dedication to the legacy of Aleister Crowley remained strong to the end. He had come through the worst possible experiences, suffering the most atrocious persecution not just in Germany but in the United States as well, and emerged nothing short of a Supernal Genius, with untiring devotion to the work and legacy of the Prophet of the Thelemic Age. And he issued publications that were instrumental in spreading the Thelemic message for posterity. For these things we honor him today, in our small way, Karl Johannes Germer, Frater Saturnus, Thelemic saint.




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Cults Of The Shadow

Cults Of The Shadow Cover

Book: Cults Of The Shadow by Kenneth Grant

These Skoob books are great reprints of Kenneth Grant's earlier works. This one is originally printed in 1975. There are 9 books in the trilogies. Grant has been around for a while and already had a strong background in tantric and buddhist knowledge when he became Crowley's secretary. He is believed to have been granted the OHO (10th and highest degree) in the O.'.T.'.O.'. and in that capacity founded an operative lodge called Nu Isis which explored and laid a foundation for many of his further works.

Many sincere occultists have hesitated to study the notorious left hand path for fear of stumbling into incalculable evil and ultimate damnation. As the last student of aleister crowley, Kenneth Grant has no such hesitations. In he shows that the left hand path has no connection with black magic-it is a legitimate balance to the right hand path dating back to the primeval phases of Consciousness. Grant leads us on a dark pathway through Africa's Ophidian (snake) tradition Egypt's Draconian cult and the Tantric secrets of India and Tibet into the present day.

In regards to this particular book Grant takes an eclectic approach which attempts to find in gematria values hidden links which lie between the ancient rites of Egypt, Crowley's A.'.A.'., Theosophy, Vedic/Tantric, ancient African cults and voudon Gnosis. His chapter on Michael Bertiaux's Voudon Gnostic teachings is a good introduction to a great modern gnostic thinker/teacher.
Additionally the inclusion of several pages of illustrations by Austin Osman Spare, Steffi Grant(his wife)and others makes these books a worthwhile inclusion in a library.

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Liber 025 The Ritual Of The Star Ruby

Liber 025 The Ritual Of The Star Ruby Cover

Book: Liber 025 The Ritual Of The Star Ruby by Aleister Crowley

(There are two forms of this Ritual) An improved form of the 'Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram'. See also: Liber CCCXXXIII, The Book of Lies, pp. 34–35; and appendix VI of Book IV.

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: Liber 025 The Ritual Of The Star Ruby

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Laws Of Magick 2

Laws Of Magick 2 Cover

Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity, which states that (1) anything can be split into two wholly opposite characteristics; and (2) each of these polar elements contains the potentiality of the other within its essence. If you have seen the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol, you will have a picture to associate with this law. Mystics (and physicists!) talk about "the whiteness of black" and the "blackness of white," "the soundless sound," etc. Physicists talk about "the wave nature of particles" and "the particle nature of waves," "holes in space," etc. Related to this law is what the Emerald Tablet of Hermes expresses as "as above, so below." "The macrocosm is contained in the microcosm." A key phrase to remember is: "Everything contains its opposite."

Law of Dynamic Balance

This is the law of survival: in order to survive, to say nothing of advancing along the spiritual path, you must keep all parts of your universe and yourself in balance. All excess is dangerous. Flexibility is the keyword, and extremes are to be avoided. Remember, however, that EXTREME FLEXIBILITY IS AN EXTREME. What is needed is a DYNAMIC balance rather than a static one. This is a balance in movement, so to speak; it is a hemeostatic balance, one that constantly shifts to account for changes in the surrounding conditions. If you detect a paradox in this law, you are not mistaken. This is one of several laws that seem paradoxical. But what the hell, the universe is just made that way.

Law of Infinite Data

This law is less reverently called the Law of Infinite Elbow Room. Simply stated, this law tells us that we never run out of things to learn. "There is always something new." All human knowledge is simply a series of closer and closer approximations of "The Truth." This situation is not unlike that of an engineer faced with a "black box," which, let us say, contains an electrical circuit. The engineer can make any number of measurements, applying signals to the input terminals and observing what comes out. He can then make a guess concerning the contents of the box, devising a circuit (a "theory") which behaves in accord with his experimental data, and he will probably choose the simplest solution which fits his data. Note that no matter how many easurements he takes he can never know for certain the actual contents of the box. He has no guarantee that some future measurement will not force him to re-evaluate his assessment of the box to fit the new data. After all, the box might even contain a little man with a laboratory full of equipment who observes and measures the input and decides on a corresponding output. (And inside the little man's box...). This law should inspire caution in the student (but avoid an extreme of caution -- see the previous law), as you can never tell when something new and/or threatening will occur in your experiments.

Law of Finite Senses

Our senses detect only a small portion of what is "out there." Our eyes, for example, detect only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Imagine, if you can, how different the world would appear to us if we saw, rather than what we call "visible" light, by x-ray frequencies. We can't even begin to imagine what sight by gamma rays might be like. All of our senses are similarly limited, not only to portions of the entire range of a kind of stimulus, but they differ in the KIND of stimulus to which they respond. We have no proof that the data we gather through our senses is all the data there is. In fact, we know it is not. There is more to the Universe than we can detect, therefore we know by the Law of Pragmatism that the principle of there being an infinite amount of data in the Universe is a "true" principle. In one sentence: "We can't see everything.

Law of Infinite Universes

This law tells us that there an infinite number of ways to view the Universe andd therefore, by the Law of Pragmatism, there are an infinite number of universes. Stsated more formally, "the total number of universes into which all possible combinations of existing phenomena could be organized is infinite; anything is possible, but some things are more probable than others." Each of us is made up of an unimaginable number atoms and molecules, all of them arranged into a unique and complex pattern of energy that makes up the physical body. Changing any one of these will change "you." Now consider this: while you were reading this you have just changed. Cells have broken down, others have been born, you have breathed in innumerable oxygen molecules and exhaled countless carbon dioxide molecules. Even thephysical structure of your brain has changed. The sensations you have received from the various parts of your body have changed you -- including these words as you read them. What is it that experiences that sense of continuity you know you feel? Your METAPATTERN, of course! Its built-in conservatism allows you to retain a sense of identity.

Your sensory system is unique. NO TWO ENTITIES SENSE THE WORLD IN THE SAME WAY. You have no way of telling, for example, what my experience of the note c-sharp might be. Maybe my sensation would be the taste of catsup to you. Or the color red. Or the smell of roses. We live in different universes.

Remember your universe depends
upon your sensations and how
you classify them. The former
is a matter of your physical
equipment; the latter, of your
cognitive organization. CHANGE


who are blind or deaf live in
universes where there are no
such things as light and sound.
If you change your metapattern,
then you also move to a dif-
ferent universe. (P.E.I.
Bonewits, REAL MAGIC

Law of Pragmatism

"If it works, it's true." If something allows an organism to survive, then, as far as the organism is concerned, it has acted on "the truth." If a datum, pattern, or metapattern hinders survival, then the organism must reject it as "false" -- or die. Combining this law with the Law of Infinite Universes, we find: TRUTH CAN BE DEFINED AS A FUNCTION OF BELIEF.

Law of True Falsehoods

Actually a law of the Law of Pragmatism, this applies to data which contradict your regular metapattern but which work nevertheless. Your metapattern is "true," your world view is "real" because you have survived. Now you come across something which doesn't fit your world view (like magick, perhaps?). This can result in great anxiety (The Amazing Randi and Martin Gardner, for example, when faced with the paranormal), or even insanity for some people. We can resolve an apparent contradiction with the Law of Synthesis, but until we do, we can live with paradox by invoking the Law of True Falsehoods. "If it is a paradox, it is probably true."

Law of Personification

This is an important law in magick. It states that any phenomenon may be considered to be alive and to have a personality. This is often useful and, therefore, true. Actually, we do this all the time. You strike your head on an objectand then curse the object as if it were alive. Phenomena may well not be alive, but the fact remains that THE UNIVERSE BEHAVES UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS AS IF THEY ARE.

Laws of Invocation and Evocation These we may consider together as they are similar and are both sublaws of the Law of Personification. These laws state that we can conjure up, within our metapattern (invocation) or outside it (evocation), real entities. As Crowley has remarked, "It is [often] MORE CONVENIENT to assume the objective existence of an 'Angel' who gives us new knowledge than to allege that our invocation has awakened a supernormal in ourselves (italics his).

Law of Synchronicity

Two or more events which happen "together" or "at the same time" have more in common than their temporal relationship. All events are related; some have more relations with other events than others. "Coincidence" is merely a word of power used by fundamentalist materialists to exorcise such "demons" as magic, psi talents and so on.

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Thelema Magick Power Chants

Thelema Magick Power Chants Image
The ancient art of using Power Chants comes to us from the mystical lands of India and Tibet. The Secret of the Power in Chants is that they enable you to bypass your doubting mind and allow you to reach the Miracle Powerhouse within: your sub-conscious mind. You possess within this Marvelous Inner Mind a tremendous mental and spiritual Power with which you can literally perform miracles in your own life. This remarkable Inner Power is what the Great Master Teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, called the "Kingdom Within" He taught that you must first find this "Kingdom Within" and then All Other Things would be added onto you.

There are many ways of finding this "Kingdom Within" and one of them is by Repeating an Affirmation Chant over and over until the message of the chant is imprinted upon the Inner mind. Repeating an affirmation, though chanting, will lead the inner mind to the State of Consciousness where it Accepts as True that which you wish it to Believe. When this is accomplished the Powerful Inner Mind will cause to appear as a Reality in your life the things for which you asked in your Chant.

Your desires will appear as a Reality in your life without fail if you do not set up doubts in your Consciousness mind by Not Believing in the power of your Chant. You must be careful not to say aloud or to even think to yourself that your chant has no power or it will not work for you. Repeat your chants - Believing - morning and night, on a regular schedule and then relax in a state of anticipation. Do not worry about How your Good is to come to you. Just rest assured that your Power Inner Mind will answer your request in the Best Possible way for You.


"I invoke the Powerful Cosmic Guardians of all Worldly Goods and Abundance. I now identify myself with the Infinite Source Of Supply. I am One with the Abundance of the Universe. My "Inner" voice leads and guides me in my quest for Wealth and Prosperity. I am successful in all my undertakings and I am well Rewarded for all my efforts. I Declare that what is Mine will Claim me, Know me, Rush to me. I always have an Abundance of Money. There is a continuous movement toward me of Money. My Mystical Cone of Prosperity is Full and Runneth Over. I now Magnetize my Inner Mind with the thought that Money and Supply - All that I need - are now Mine"

"So Mote It BE"

Source: MysticMan

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Why You Should Learn Astral Projection

Why You Should Learn Astral Projection Image
Nowadays Astral Projection is one of the most popular subject people talks about.

The belief that one has had an out-of-body experience is common: hundreds of personal accounts were published in a number of books through the 1960s and 70s and surveys have reported percentages ranging from 8% to as many as 50% (in certain groups) of respondents who state they have had such an experience. Let me tell you why should learn Astral Projection and what benefits it will bring you.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Experience It For Yourself:

* It will help you understand that YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY! Your conscience is a distinct part of you, which extends far beyond the body. One discovers a new inner peace, after learning that their consciousness can exist without its physical body.People are too concerned about the physical body and its appearance to the point where the mind becomes depressed and confused. If we think we are just our bodies and if our bodies are not perfect - it just drives us crazy... Instead of letting the body controlling the mind, let the mind can control the body. Think of that old saying "A Sound Mind equals a healthy body" When you find out that you are mon=re than your body, you will become more comfortable with the body you are using.
* You will EXPERIENCE A DREAM LIKE STATE, BECOMING RELAXED AND AWARE OF THE INNER PLANE. This internal space is where all of our mental power comes from. Many great thinkers, from Socrates to Einstein, have had their deepest thoughts while in this dream-like state. When you experience this inner plane, your brain power will expand its capabilities. (For example: To break writers block using astral projection, to free my mind)
* When you REACH A HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, that experience helps eliminate all the stress and physical discomfort which act as obstacles to meditation. The more you Astral Project, the more meditation becomes easier. You will free from anxiety and live a happier life.
* Astral Projection, over time, REDUCES THE FEAR OF DEATH. Most people are afraid to die because they are unable to separate their awareness from their physical bodies. They think that when the body dies, they die. Einstein said that life is energy and energy cannot be destroyed. It can be transformed into something new.

Suggested ebooks:

Austin Osman Spare - The Book Of Pleasure Or Self Love
Robert Bruce - Treatise On Astral Projection

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Lizzy Derives From The Phase Of The Moon

Lizzy Derives From The Phase Of The Moon Image
Last year I wrote an article for Moot Magazine entitled Spirituality- The New Religion for the New Age, and during my research the subject of the preponderance of women that are pursuing a spiritual rather than a religious path came up. In an interesting quote, Professor Sabina Magliocco of California State University told me,

"The preponderance of women, the well-educated and youth in Pagan religions is no mystery. Modern Paganisms focus on the feminine divine, and offer women key liturgical and leadership roles. They require no belief; they are religions of gnosis and/or of practice. And they frequently foreground a strong environmental message that is attractive to many young people. Sexuality is celebrated rather than condemned; creativity is valued and rewarded; and there are ample opportunities to tailor practice to the individual by combining elements eclectically."

The demographics that she delineated tallied with my experience of the attendees at many of the pagan gatherings that I have attended in recent years where well educated, middle class, middle aged women have consistently out numbered their male counterparts. This led me to look at the feminine aspect of new age spirituality in general and recently, having become more involved with a group that organizes Public pagan events here in Melbourne I have had some first hand experience of being involved in helping to publicize women's only gatherings that are being held by Lady Elizabeth Rose called Mumma Moon.

While these events aren't specifically Pagan and don't involve witchcraft per se, there is a strong enough current of goddess worship to mark them as truly new age and, curious to find out what these gatherings are all about I spent a pleasant afternoon talking to Lizzy Rose about what she is doing with these gatherings, where they began and where they are going. I began with a set series of questions for Lizzy but as we began to chat I let her talk on about these gatherings, about which she is genuinely passionate and the interview turned into a discussion of Lady Rose's origins as a witch and her inspiration for going into public celebrations of the Pagan Sabbats as well as the motives behind her Mumma Moon gatherings.

I will leave a detailed account of Lady Elizabeth Rose's path through witchcraft for another post except to say that she has a lifetime of experience in the Craft and has worked for many years as a psychic after spending her life since childhood using her gifts and first registering as a Melbourne's Medium in 1995. Lizzy has also spent her life in the entertainment industry as an actress and vocalist and so it was probably inevitable that, after consultation with the senior members of her original coven, she decided to develop her public persona as a witch.

During our chat Lizzy told me that as long ago as 1987 she was drawn to hold women's only gatherings when she saw the need for women to have an opportunity to get together to bond and share their feelings and experiences. She went on to pursue this avenue through the Star of Ishtar group's Red Tent Women's Circles and passed through their training program in 2009. She later left this group and struck out on her own after wanting to be able to be more flexible with her gatherings, and to be able to improvise them more in an effort to keep them "in the moment" and to make them more relevant to the women that are attending them

That isn't to say that these circles are all improvisation as Lizzy begins her preparations by meditating on what she will bring to each gathering individually. There is also a constant structure which is a synthesis of theory, practice and ritual that revolves around helping the women that attend to break down their facades and to open up to a sharing experience with the others in the circle.

"They come to the meetings not knowing anyone," she told me, "not sure if it is alright or safe, and often end up making friendships that have lasted for years. A lot of them tell me that they feel like they have come home." This experience is often cathartic and there have been occasions when the attendees have had overwhelming experiences that have been the turning point in important changes in their lives.

"The most memorable Mumma Moon ended with a lady going into labor." laughed Lizzy, as she recalled some of her more enjoyable events.

The gatherings begin with the women in a circle sharing the 'Oracle'. This is a ceremony in which they all have a chance to speak and as a catalyst Lizzy uses some simple device like drawing a Tarot Trump card and asking each individual to share what it means to them. Often she will have them hand around a piece of rose quartz and as each of them takes it it marks their chance to speak.

"We start with the oracle which is an opportunity for participants to share their feelings with the group." said Lizzy, "A lot of women come in with the attitude of I am a lawyer or an executive or whatever and by the end of the night they have dropped that facade- it just isn't necessary for them anymore."

From this point Lizzy will lead the group into a meditation on what they have learned from their experience and then she will lead the group in some practice that is fun and creative and which helps to cement the bonds that they have formed. The theme of each evening is unique to the individual gathering and based upon the theme that Lizzy derives from the phase of the moon, thus the gatherings are called Mumma Moon.

Lizzy has taken these gatherings across country Victoria and regularly holds them at Eltham in the Melbourne's semi-rural outer suburbs. The demand for Mumma Moon has even extended further with Lizzy having received invitations to hold them in other cities around Australia and even in California. This demand would seem to indicate that she has found a genuine need for these events from women themselves as all of the Mumma Moon meetings are held in a private home by invitation. This makes each Mumma Moon gathering an invitation by women to anywhere between 5 and 30 other women who she may or, more likely, may not already know to come to her home and share an evening of spiritual exploration. There is implicitly no religious expectation and to attend it isn't necessary to be a pagan or a witch or even to believe in anything particularly at all. It is only necessary to have the desire to feel a community with other women and to share a part of life's journey with them, even if only for a single evening.

Suggested ebooks:

Aleister Crowley - Liber 002 The Message Of The Master Therion
Aleister Crowley - Liber 044 The Mass Of The Phoenix

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Aleister Crowley Why I Venerate The Golden Dawn

Aleister Crowley Why I Venerate The Golden Dawn Image
I got my first copy of the Golden Dawn book edited by Israel Regardie when it became a single volume. I can remember for a few years prior coveting the two volume version with its own slip case, but it was beyond my ability to afford. It was the great prize for anyone who sought to learn ritual or ceremonial magick, and was carefully displayed behind glass so it wouldn't get stolen. The new Llewellyn edition was a single hardcover volume with a splashy colorful cover, but the price was right, and the old two volume edition was no longer in print. I bought the new version, back in the early autumn of 1975, and eagerly took it home to extract all of its secrets. I found that task to be nearly impossible, since my nascent intellectual skills weren't really up to the task. I might have been a twenty year old adult, but my ability to read through hundreds of pages of arcane lore was a bit too much for my reading skills at the time. It would seem that I needed some background in order to fully master this lore.

After I joined the Coven from Hell, I was taught most of the material from the Golden Dawn book, except perhaps the initiation rituals, and that included the Qabbalah, the Enochian material and the basic rituals. Once shown how these rituals worked, I immediately began to incorporate them into my own ritual work. In less than a year, I had my own versions of these rituals, but of them, only the Superior Pentagram, Superior Hexagram, the Middle Pillar, Qabalistic Cross and the Rose Cross rituals were used. The hexagram was soon replaced by the septagram, which I had always preferred, but those other four rituals were seamlessly incorporated into my magickal repertoire. I did fail to figure out how to use the lesser pentagram and hexagram rituals in conjunction with the superior rites, so I never mastered the Golden Dawn methodology for performing elemental, planetary and zodiacal magick. Instead, over time, I invented my own independent system of magick, but the rituals, structures and devices were expropriated from the Golden Dawn. This is because there wasn't any Golden Dawn organization for me to join, and to this day I remained an outsider to that tradition.

So it would seem that I used, in a rather cavalier manner, some of the magickal rituals of the Golden Dawn, some of the Enochian materials and pretty much ignored the rest. Since I had books from Aleister Crowley, I found that a combination of Crowley and the Golden Dawn seemed to help me fill in the void. Between these two authors, I was able to expand my knowledge and capability to craft and build my own personal system of magick. I was, in a word, an occult lore pirate, and both Israel Regardie and Aleister Crowley facilitated that plundering. I am sure that many others have found this published material both useful and practical, however, others within the Golden Dawn tradition have called both of them oath breakers. Had they not published the material from the Golden Dawn, I probably wouldn't have been able to craft the magickal system that I did eventually derive. So I owe a debt of gratitude to these two individuals who are not honored in some of the more traditional Golden Dawn circles.

Since that time, I have moved on and now use my own tried and true ritual structures, devices and components, all of which are now far removed from the Golden Dawn tradition. I have also refrained from purchasing any materials that are supposedly culled from secret documents that are still in use by that order. I have done this out of respect for the active tradition of the Golden Dawn, and because this lore would obviously not be particularly relevant to me or my organization. Thus, I wouldn't bother seeking to purchase any of the revelatory books published by either Farrell or Zelewski, since I feel that such published works are quite disrespectful to those who are working within a living tradition of the Golden Dawn.

I am also quite cold to anyone writing a history of the Golden Dawn where the founders, such as Westcott and Mathers, and others, are reviled as frauds or shown to be incompetent. Years ago I read Ellic Howe's book "Magicians of the Golden Dawn" and considered it a harsh and even scurrilous biography of that organization. I have no illusions as to the follies, flaws and failings of individuals and humanity in general, but I think that I would rather focus on the accomplished work of such individuals instead of attempting to judge them many decades after their death. This is why I consider Aleister Crowley to be an important writer and contributor to western occultism regardless of how he behaved or what kind of man he was while alive. So, for me, these individuals are judged by their work and their legacy. If they left behind writings that I find important to my own occult work, then I will judge them as a valuable resource, and nothing more. I think that its pretty tough to judge someone without personally knowing them, and even harder to judge someone who has been dead for a long time.

Whatever I think of the original founders of the Golden Dawn must therefore be based entirely on their work. There is so little historical information about Mathers that his life story has become something of a cipher that holds nearly any opinion, from the gloriously good to the vilifyingly evil. Aleister Crowley painted a picture of Mathers that was very dark and disturbing in the so called fictional work "Moon Child," and Dion Fortune supposedly accused Mina Mathers of having cursed her. I think that both of these opinions are likely fictional creations that do a great injustice to both of these individuals. If I were to judge the founders of the Golden Dawn, it would be to venerate them, since the Golden Dawn lore was so ahead of its time and such a radical departure from anything that had been practiced in the 19th century up to that time. I would have to consider Mathers, Westcott and others to be creative geniuses, since the Golden Dawn lore was so advanced. The fact that the rituals and documents of the Golden Dawn are still relevant today, in the early 21st century, should demonstrate just how advanced the lore was back when it was first presented to members of that order. To members of the order back in the early 1890's, the lore must seemed like something totally radical!

Some have said that the founders of the Golden Dawn were frauds or incompetent, and that their vision of the world, populated with rare encounters with flesh and blood advanced high adepts is a myth or a delusion. I think that the Golden Dawn lore speaks for itself, since either the founders were incredible geniuses, or that they had help from other unnamed individuals. These mysterious personages would have been quite enlightened and likely members of an elite organization, which was called the Third Order. Either perspective shows that Mathers, for all his supposed flaws and social issues, was a true adept and facilitator for even higher adepts (visible or invisible), since he was, after all, a man, and the lore that he presented to his order was beyond anything previously seen in the western world. For this reason alone, I venerate Mather's unwitting contribution to the occult world, which is his legacy, and I also venerate the Golden Dawn. I may not be a member, but as an outsider, I can easily see its long term value.

Frater Barrabbas

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Kenneth Grant - Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God

Path Crossing

Path Crossing Cover
This spell is best understood by visualizing a road or path with you on it, and your desired one's path intersecting yours right in front of you. The basic result of this spell is to have the opportunity to meet your target in beneficial circumstances. A good one for that person who you've been admiring but who never notices you, or that you can't get alone to talk to.

Components needed:

- A marble sized amount of soil/dust/turf from where your target has recently stepped.
- 1 whole tonka bean or approx. 1 teaspoon ground tonka beans (Coumarouna odorata;
- Dipteryx odorata
) caution: POISON.
- About a tablespoon of ground/rubbed mugwort (Artemisia vulfaris)
- About a tablespoon of dew, collected from roses, or rosewater
- 1 staurolite crystal (faerie cross, cross stone) preferable equal armed.

Collect all the components needed, this can be a fun adventure in itself. Make sure your target was the most recent person to step on the spot you are collecting soil from. You don't want the neighbor's dog to have amorous feelings towards you. It is best to use mugwort and grind it in your mortar prior to the working while focusing on your desired one. To yield the amount needed, start with a small, loose handful of dried whole leaves. The tonka bean is also best whole, scrape the outside using your boline or working knife until you have enough powder. The staurolite is available at most of the numerous magickal supply houses, new age stores, Nature Company stores, etc. The rose dew is tricky but not impossible.

Can't find the roses? Don't want to go through the whole adventurous ordeal? Then use commercially available rosewater instead! It isn't quite the same but it has worked for the spell anyway. Available at health food stores, drug stores, magickal supply shops, etc.

Timing: The closer to Midsummer (in June) the better. The timing is appropriate for sever reasons, roses usually bloom around June and love spells are best done around midsummer.

Begin: For this working, you will need a larger circle then your personal one. Cast a C.O.P. large enough to move about comfortably……about 9 ft. diameter is best. Hold the staurolite in your projective hand and visualize your desired one crossing your path. Say words of power of your choice or use this chant while you are visualizing:

"(person's name) to me,
so mote it be!

Repeat this over and over until you feel that the staurolite has been completely charged. Set the stone down on your altar or altar pentacle, any place safe and with good energy. Hold the earth you gathered from the footstep in your projective hand and repeat the precious procedure, except when fully charged place it in your cauldron or a mortar while saying your own words or use the following:

"Let (person's name)'s footsteps take him/her to me.
Our paths will cross, and only me will he/she see.

Continue with the same charges of him/her to me, so mote it be, for the mugwort and tonka bean powders. When placing the mugwort in the cauldron or mortar, say your words or:

"No one else will enter his/her sight
When our paths cross within a fortnight (14 days/2 weeks).

When placing the tonka bean powder in the cauldron/mortar, say your own words or:

"Love will blossom in (person's name)'s heart
Once met, our paths will never part.

Grind together all of the powdered ingredients (deosil) while chanting:

"(person's name)to me, so mote it be!"

When the powder is a fine texture, add enough of the rose water to make a clay-like consistency that can be molded. Continue chanting...

Knead the clay/dough until smooth and form it around the staurolite while continuing to focus on your desired one. When it seems that the clay will hold its form, let it dry on the altar. End the rite but keep a small shield of protection and focus around the altar. When the mass is dry, put it in a cloth, mojo bad, necklace, medicine bag, whatever you wish that you can carry easily for the next two weeks. Keep it near you when you are sleeping too. And for Goddess's sake, go out and place yourself in situations where the spell can work. No one is going to cross your path if you are in your broom closet 24 hours a day, or in front of the TV.

Because of the manipulative nature of this spell, (a person is named and those silver threads of fate are messed with) it is recommended that if you are going to do this working, place a free will notice at the end. Something like:

"Free will remains despite this spell,
I send (person's name) love and wish him/her well.
This spell will harm none, and never turn on me.
This is my will, so mote it be!"

Suggested ebooks:

Sir William Stirling Maxwell - The Canon
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Curse Of Yig
Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising

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The Place Of Thelema

The Place Of Thelema Image
Thelema is an esoteric religion having its basis in the Western Mysteries. The whole religion makes use of that which has gone before, including Hermeticism, Qabalah, Rosicrucianism and, of course, magick.4 It means that the symbols, as given to the mind of the magician, uses the subconscious images as they’ve been trained. Hence it is that so much of the book is couched in Gematria, Qabalah, Tarot and Egyptian symbolism. Without these tools the Book and the religion as a whole make little sense. Like looking at Quantum Math without ever having studied Physics.

It may seem strange that a religion be based on occult concepts but this was also true of the modern manifestations of neo-paganism and Wicca. Crowley thought of Wicca as “Thelema for the masses” and aided Gerald Gardner in his creation of the modern Wicca tradition through his book Witchcraft Today. Both religions are based on the occult principles of the Western Mysteries and it is from them that they gain their symbols, traditions and rituals.

by Greg Wotton

Suggested ebooks:

Dion Fortune - The Machinery Of The Mind
Anonymous - The Gospel Of Thomas
Anonymous - The Prayers Of The Elementals

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Relationship Between Religion And Science

Relationship Between Religion And Science Image
Cool - it's important to realize that God is not a static thing - how we understand God has changed considerable through human evolution, and through the stages of development in individual human beings. See The Evolution of God by Robert Wright for the best look at this idea I've seen in a book.

Einstein has often been cited as an example of science and religion co-existing in the same mind. But Einstein's sense of God is very different than the God of a Southern Baptist. This discussion between Paul Holdengraber, Andrew Solomon, and Krista Tippett looks at the impersonal God of Einstein.


The New York Public Library


Albert Einstein did not believe in a personal God. And his famous quip that "God does not play dice with the universe" was a statement about quantum physics, not a statement of faith. But he did leave behind a fascinating, largely forgotten legacy of musings and writings -- some serious, some whimsical -- about the relationship between science and religion and his own inquisitive reverence for the "order deeply hidden behind everything."


Paul Holdengraber is the director of Public Programs - newly created and now known as "LIVE from the NYPL" - for the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library.

At the NYPL, his stated goal is to make the lions roar.

Andrew Solomon is a Lecturer in Psychiatry at Weill-Cornell Medical College. His first novel, "A Stone Boat" tells the story of a man's shifting identity as he watches his mother battle cancer, and is currently being developed as a film. "The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression" won him fourteen national awards, including the 2001 National Book Award, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. In 2008, Mr. Solomon was awarded the Humanitarian Award of the Society of Biological Psychiatry for his contributions to the field of mental health. He is a regular contributor to "The New York Times", "The New Yorker", and "Artforum". He is currently writing "Love Matters: Discovering the Horizontal Family" and completing a PhD in psychology at Cambridge.

Krista Tippett - A journalist and former diplomat, Tippett came up with the idea for Speaking of Faith while consulting for the internationally renowned Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research at Saint John's Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota.

She has hosted and produced the program since the Speaking of Faith project began as an occasional feature in 2000, before taking on its current form as a national weekly program in 2003.

Tippett is a graduate of Yale Divinity School and a former Fulbright Scholar. She has reported and written for The New York Times, Newsweek, the BBC, and other international news organizations. Tippett also served as special assistant to the U.S. ambassador to West Germany.

Tags: Religion, Science, development, physics,, Einstein's God, Conversations About Science, New York Public Library, Paul Holdengraber, Andrew Solomon, Krista Tippett, The Evolution of God, Robert Wright

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Aleister Crowley - Liber 418 The Vision And The Voice
John Arnott Macculloch - The Religion Of The Ancient Celts

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Aleister Crowley And The Enchantment Of The Wicked Man

Aleister Crowley And The Enchantment Of The Wicked Man Cover

Book: Aleister Crowley And The Enchantment Of The Wicked Man by Anonymous

Such is the most widespread assessment of the nature of Aleister Crowley, an opinion now so entrenched in the popular imagination that in my opinion it would be pointless to try and counteract it. Crowley is now one of the folk heroes of the Twentieth century, an antihero if you like and in my professional capacity as a publisher I find it fruitful to work with this image, for good or ill, rather than to try to work against it. This has brought me a measure of commercial success; I find it easier to generate publicity for our books with such a subject. The little quote I read out at the Beginning is an example of this kind of work.

Download Anonymous's eBook: Aleister Crowley And The Enchantment Of The Wicked Man

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Tupman Tracy Ward - Theatre Magick Aleister Crowley And Rites Of Eleusis
Kenneth Grant - Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God
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Anonymous - Aleister Crowley And The Enchantment Of The Wicked Man

Eight Lectures On Yoga

Eight Lectures On Yoga Cover

Book: Eight Lectures On Yoga by Aleister Crowley

Crowley has a unique approach, a refreshing departure from most of the literature I've read on yoga. He is free of the empty bubbly optimism so often found associated with the subject, and yet he also manages to steer clear of the opposite extreme: being overly obsessed with the grave importance of the subject matter, and focusing on details (language, etc.) that are hard for beginners to absorb, thus obscuring the meaning behind those details. I think he clearly presents the basic tenets of yoga in a clear, modern voice. I enjoyed his insight, his humor, his practicality, and his human voice.

I don't think Crowley was at all condescending. I think the lectures are successfully aimed at a general audience. Remember that these are transcripts of lectures given to a small, private group. Although the audience was assumed to be unfamiliar with yoga (which makes the lectures good for someone new to the subject), they also shared some knowledge, and some of the references in the lectures are lost to readers who don't share that knowledge. I don't think this obscures any of the content, I don't think you're missing any vital information because you don't know what the "Equinox" is, and I don't think Crowley was doing it to "show off" or to appear superior. He was just addressing his audience. Any lectures that are truly "lectures" will have this drawback: they were meant for a specific group, most likely not the group that will be reading those same lectures in book form. If this is a major drawback for you, consider another text on yoga. I didn't think that it detracted from the book.

Gsibbery seems to have little understanding of Crowley and the law of Thelema--"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Yogaic Union and the Thelema are not contradictory in the slightest. "Do what thou wilt" does not mean do whatever your foolish human body desires; it means strive to discover and achieve your True Will, which can be likened to the "voice of god" within you (in religious terms). Yogaic Union with your body and with reality is essential for discovering your True Will and your holy purpose on this planet. No contradiction there.

This book is an excellent example of Crowley's two main strengtss as a writer: to get to the heart of an apparently obscure subject, and the use of humor to disarm the audience and provoke insight. The latter of these can, if the reader takes it too seriously, detract from the former. The first half of the book, "Yoga for Yahoos", is the strongest by far. Here crowley explains the practical "limbs" of yoga that are nessecary preperations for practice. The exposition is lucid. The second, "Yoga for Yellowbellies", suffers from the inability of language to describe anything which is super rational. "Yellowbellies" tends to ramble a bit, especially when the Beast begins weaving in modern physics. You have to get to the end to come to the realization that, for the most part, this synthesis is a literary joke. Yoga is beyond science and reason. Again, for those with little sense of humor, this can be frustrating. However, the final stroke, the proof that Yoga dovetails with, and perfectly justifies, the Law of Thelema, is an ecstatic literary experince you shouldn't miss. The technique of progressive visualization is very useful as well.

Crowley does introduce a lot of other subjects, such as astrology and physics. This is unusual, but I think it can lead to new insights. People approach yoga from many different backgrounds, and some analogies and connections work for some people, and won't work for other people. I was able to skim over the parts that didn't have meaning for me, and still take away the new aspects he revealed by other means.

I would not recommend this book to anyone seeking an introduction to yoga. The way to learn yoga is to do it. Once you get comfortable doing it and youve read a few introductory books & would like to think more deeply about the philosophy behind yoga, then go ahead & read this book. But you might not enjoy it unless you are familiar with Crowley's works. I'd recommend "Cosmic Trigger" by Robert Anton Wilson as a good introduction to mad Uncle Aleister.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. However, I bought it used, for a few dollar. It was definitely worth that.

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: Eight Lectures On Yoga

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Aleister Crowley - Eight Lectures On Yoga

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