Lesser Ritual Of The Pentagram

Lesser Ritual Of The Pentagram Image


1- Ring your bell in a 3/4/3 method, say: "Hekas, Hekas Este Bebeloi"

2- Ring your bell once, perform the LBRP.

3- Ring your bell twice, perform the BRH.

4- Ring your bell in a 3/3/3 method.

5- Go to the South, rake your fire wand, wave once to the left, right and center. Hold your wand with the point up, over your head, slowly walk once around the room saying: "And when, after all the phantoms have vanished, thou shalt see that holy and formless fire, that fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the Universe, hear though the voice of fire." In the south, trace a large circle, Golden. Draw it in a bright blue invoking pentagram of fire. Draw Leo (Fire Kerub), point to the center with the wand and say: "Oip Teaa Pedoce." Hold want up in the air, say: "In the names and letters of the Great Southern Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye Angels of the Watchtower of the South." Replace wand on altar.

6- Take water cup and move to the West. Sprinkle water to the left, right and center. Hold the cup high, circumambulate once, saying: "So therefore first, the priest who governeth the works of fire must sprinkle with the lustral water of the loud resounding sea." At the West, use the cup to trace a large golden circle in the Air. In it, draw an electric blue invoking water pentagram. Draw the Eagle Kerub, say: "Mph Arsel G aiol." Holding the cup high in the air, say:
"In the names and letters of the Great Western Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye angels of the Watchtower of the West." Replace cup on altar.

7- Walk to the East. Take your Air dagger and turn outward. Shake one to the left, right and center. Hold the dagger and walk round the altar once, saying:
"Such a fire existeth, extending through the rushing of air. Or even a fire formless, when cometh the image of a voice. Or even a flashing light, abounding, revolving, whirling forth, crying aloud." At the East, use your dagger to make a large golden circle, in that, a bright blue invoking pentagram of air. In the center, make the sign of Aquairus (Air Kerub, Aquairus). With your dagger, point to the center, say: "Oro Ibah Aozpi." Hold dagger high, say: "In the names and letters of the Great Eastern Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye angels of the Watchtower of the East." Replace dagger on the altar.

8- Walk to the North of the Altar. Take your Penacle, shake to the left, right and center. Hold it by the black section. Hold it high, circumambulate once saying: "Stoop not down in that darkly splendid world wherein continually lieth a faithless depth and Hades wrapped in gloom, delighting in unintelligible images, precipitous, winding: A black ever-rolling Abyss, ever espousing a body unluminous, formless and void." At the north, draw a golden circle with your pentagram. In it, draw a blue Invoking Pentagram of Earth. In that, draw the sign of Taurus. Point to the center with the pentagram, say: "Emor Dial Hectega." Hold the Pentagram high, say: "In the names and letters of the Great Northern Quadrangle of the North, I invoke ye, ye angels of the Watchtower of the North." Replace the Pentagram on the altar. Move to the west and face east behind the altar.

9- Over the altar and the Tablet of Union, make "The rending of the veil". Say:
"Ol Sonuf Vaorsagi Goho Iada Balta. Elexarpeh Comananu Tabitom. Zodakara Eka Zodakara Od Zodameranu. Odo Kikle Qaa Piap Piamoel Od Vaoan."

10- Now say: "I invoke ye, ye angels of the Celestial Spheres, whose dwelling is in the invisible. Ye are the guardians of the gates of the Universe. Be ye also the guardians of this mystic sphere. Keep far removed the evil and the unbalanced. Strengthen and inspire me so that I may preserve unsullied this abode of the mysteries of the eternal Gods. Let my sphere be pure and holy so that I may enter in and become a partaker of the secrets of the light devine."
Spend a few moments trying to balance the four magickal elements here at the center of your circle.

11- Move to the northeast corner, face outward, say: "The visible sun is the dispenser of light to the Earth. Let me therefore form a vortex in this chamber that the invisible sun of the Spirit may shine therein from above."

12- Circumambulate three times around your circle. Each time you pass the East, make the sign of the Enterer in the direction you are going, that is, straight ahead of you. As you go, feel the energy build up a powerful vortex. After the third pass of the east, go to the west and face east.

13- Give the sign of the Enterer, say: "Holy are thou, Lord of the Universe."
Make the sign of the Enterer again, say: "Holy art thou, whom nature hath not formed." Again make the sign of the Enterer, say: "Holy art thou, the vast and mighty one. Lord of the light and of the darkness." Now make the sign of Silence.

14- Perform your Magick.

15- When you have finished, say: "Unto thee, sole wise, sole eternal and merciful one. Be the praise and glory forever, who has permitted me who now standeth humbly before thee to enter this far into the sanctuary of the mysteries. Not unto me but unto Thy name be the glory. Let the influences of Thy diving ones descend upon my head, and teach me the value of self-sacrifice so that I shrink not in the hour of trial, but that thus my name may be written on high and my genius stand in the presence of the holy ones."

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Happy Autumnal Equinox

Happy Autumnal Equinox Image
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

As one of the four solar feasts of the sun (solstices and equinoxes), this is a time to celebrate the Beast, or the masculine Supernal Element of the Baphometic Current of Aiwass. Very soon, our Church will have its long-awaited Breviary, which will assist its clergy in carrying out these celebrations with maximum effect at elevating the Egregore of the Beast and Whore. More artwork has to be done before it is complete, but that work along with proofreading the finished product will be finished before the end of the month, if not sooner. Also included is a 2011 "era vulgari" sanctoral calendar, with information regarding not only celebrations such as Thelemic saint commemorations and major Thelemic holy days, but also full and new moon sacerdotal activities.

Also in the Breviary is a basic ritual collection for the clerkship of the Church; and an exhaustive explanation of the system of degrees in its interior assembly, called the Chapel of Abominations, wherein clergy may attend to the work of the Egregore, which rewards all its members with guidance and assistance in the subtler dimensions of the Holy Supernal Will, each as it is his or her capacity and will to receive -- not to mention the millionfold joy it offers in its transmission of the forces of the 93 Current.

Enjoy the onset of this Autumnal Equinox, the feast day of the Beast, of 2010 e.v., the 106th Year of the Thelemic Age. May 93 be with ye. Aumgn. Aumgn. Aum-Ha! Amen.

"Love is the law, love under will."


UPDATE: The release of the Breviary has been delayed, but it will be issued soon.

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Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram

Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram Cover
1- Perform the Relaxation Ritual (RR) and the LBRP.
2- Face the east, your hands out to your sides and say "NRI Yud, Nun, Raish, Yud." This is the sign of Osiris slain.
3- Form an "L", look at your left hand, bow your head and say: "L. The sign of the mournings of Isis."
4- Form a "V", put your head back, look up and say: "V. The sign of Typhon and Apophis."
5- Form an "X", bow your head and say: "X. The sign of Osiris risen."
6- Form all three letters saying: "L. V. X. LUX". When you say the word "light" in the next sentence, you should spread your arms and look forward. Ten re-cross them as before and bow your head while saying meaningfully: "The light…of the Cross."
7- Return to your first position, arms out to your sides, looking forward. Say: "Virgo, Isis, mighty Mother, Scorpoi, Apophis, Destroyer. Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen."
8- Slowly raise your arms into the "V" position again while slowly raising your head. As you do this, say: "Isis, Apophis, Osiris..."
9- By the time your hands reach the "V" position, you should be looking up. Vibrate: IAO (Pronounced: EEEEE – AAAAAHHHHH – OOOOOHHHHH).
10- take a few moments to revel in the light (LVX). Now, visualize the light drawing over your entire body. From you head, down to your feet. Say: "Let the Divine Light Descend." FEEL IT!!!
11- Go to the east, make a Hexagram of Fire in gold flame. Point to the center of the top triangles baseline and vibrate: "Ararita."
12- Carry a white line to the south. Make a Hexagram of Earth, point to the center and vibrate: "Araita."
13- Continue to the west carrying the white line. Make a Hexagram of Air, point to the common lines center and vibrate: "Ararita."
14- Continue to the north, carrying the white line. Make a Hexagram of Water, Vibrate: "Ararita."
15- Complete the circle and repeat the Kabalistic Cross from the LBRP.

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Crowley Hated God With A Passion

Crowley Hated God With A Passion Cover The following overview of Crowley’s life is from Hungry for Heaven by Steve Turner:

“Born in 1875, aleister crowley had, like the Rolling Stones, rebelled against a regulated small-town background. He’d been raised in Leamington, Warwickshire, by parents who were members of the Strict Brethren, a fundamentalist Christian sect. From an early age young Aleister identified with the enemies of God in the Bible stories that were read to him. In particular he identified with the antichrist predicted in the book of Revelation. In 1898 he joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a magical society.

“Most of Crowley’s adult life was dedicated to indulging in everything he believed God would hate: performing sex magic, taking heroin, opium, hashish, peyote and cocaine, invoking spirits, and even once offering himself to the Russian authorities to help destroy Christianity. He wrote volumes of books that he believed were dictated to him by a spirit from Ancient Egypt called Aiwass. “To worship me take wine and strange drugs,” the spirit conveniently told him. “Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture. Fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.” …

“Crowley finished his life as a sick, wasted heroin addict given to black rages and doubts about the value of his life’s work. His last words as he passed into a coma on December 1, 1947, were, “I am perplexed…” (Steve Turner, Hungry for Heaven, pp. 92,97,98).

Aleister’s father Edward was a Brethren preacher, but he had inherited a fortune from his father who Crowley Ale. Edward died when Aleister was eleven and the son inherited the fortune. From this inheritance, Aleister financed his satanic career. He began torturing and killing animals at age twelve. Crowley was a heroin addict and a sexual pervert. His Christian mother referred to him as “The Great Beast of Revelation whose number is 666,” and he was pleased with the title. He was convinced that he was the reincarnation of the magician Eliphas Levi, who died the year Crowley was born. Crowley also believed he had lived other lives, including that of Pope Alexander VI. Crowley claimed that dark powers gave him the words to his “Book of the Law.” His first wife, Rose, died in a mental asylum. His second wife also went insane. “Five mistresses committed suicide, and scores of his concubines ended in the gutter as alcoholics, drug addicts, or in mental institutions” (Hellhounds on Their Trail, p. 56).

Crowley’s philosophy was as follows (which is the exact same philosophy of all Witches and Satanists today):

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

“Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture. Fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.”

“I do not wish to argue that the doctrines of Jesus, they and they alone, have degraded the world to its present condition. I take it that Christianity is not only the cause but the symptom of slavery” (Crowley, The World’s Tragedy, p. xxxix).

“That religion they call Christianity; the devil they honor they call God. I accept these definitions, as a poet must do, if he is to be at all intelligible to his age, and it is their God and their religion that I hate and will destroy” (Crowley, The World’s Tragedy, p. xxx).

Crowley studied Buddhism and Hindu yoga, following in the footsteps of Helena Blavatsky, and did much to popularize these in the West.

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Liber 049 The Collected Writings Of Jack Parsons
Toby Hemenway - Why We Love The Apocalypse
Phil Hine - Rites That Go Wrong
Elizabeth Reis - Confess Or Deny What A Witch To Do

Thelema And The Ordeals

Thelema And The Ordeals Image
If we consider the ordeals a form of ritualistic suffering or even of initiation then we can see that the entire Book is about the transformation of the gross to the subtle, the alchemical dross to gold. It is the ultimate goal of Magick, Alchemy and Rosicrucianism to achieve a level of enlightenment which is dissolution into Godhead. To disappear into the One of the universe. In order to do that we must evolve, we must be initiated, we must be tried.

Nuit puts it strongly and poetically when she says:

There is a word to say about the Hierophantic task. Behold! there are three ordeals in one, and it may be given in three ways. The gross must pass through fire; let the fine be tried in intellect, and the lofty chosen ones in the highest. Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other! (I:50)

The Hierophant refers to Key V of the Tarot and represents an enlightened individual or priest. The path to that enlightenment is one of tests and ordeals, of trials and rituals. There is no easy way to the top of the mountain.

But if these ordeals are forms of ritualistic suffering should we not have some clue as to what they are ahead of time? The above quote is the best we have, and that is only one step in the evolution of the Thelemite. I:40 tells us that there are three grades within the word of the Will, III:62-67 tell us that there are four greater ordeals and these are all separate from the Hierophantic task set out above. So what are the ordeals?

This question is asked in the first chapter and Nuit answers:

33. Then the priest fell into a deep trance or swoon, & said unto the Queen of Heaven; Write unto us the ordeals; write unto us the rituals; write unto us the law!
34. But she said: the ordeals I write not: the rituals shall be half known and half concealed: the Law is for all.
36. My scribe Ankh-af-na-khonsu...
38. He must teach; but he may make severe the ordeals.

The Law is for All in the commentary on I:34 we are told that the ordeals have manifested in a variety of ways and most of them appear unique to the individual. They are unlike normal ordeals which can be predicted but rather stem from subconscious need rather than the true wisdom of the physical teacher. Therefore did Nuit not give the ordeals, for they are hidden and each individual must discover them for themselves. They might even say that the Holy Guardian Angel was directly responsible for the choosing of the ordeals.

Ordeals, in general, are seen as a sort of gateway. If you consider the perceptions of the book as outlined at the end of book three. Ra-Hoor-Khuit says that the book may be strange or even repulsive until one has moved through the various ordeals. III:62-67 state that the book improves it’s character from nothing through silver, gold, stones of precious water and finally sparks of the intimate fire. Of course it is not the book that changes but the observer to whom the book is manifest from scratch each time it is read.

by Greg Wotton

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Liber Image

Book: Liber by Aleister Crowley

The Libri of Aleister Crowley is a list of texts mostly written or adapted by Aleister Crowley. Some are attributed to other authors. Many of the important works of Aleister Crowley are in the form of Libri (lit. "books"), which are usually short documents consisting of core teachings, methodologies, practices, or Thelemic scripture. All the libri are given a number in the Greek numbering system, and those that are part of the A.'.A.'. curriculum are assigned a "class" as follows:

* Class [A] consists of books of which may be changed not so much as the style of a letter: that is, they represent the utterance of an Adept entirely beyond the criticism of even the Visible Head of the Organization.
* Class [B] consists of books or essays which are the result of ordinary scholarship, enlightened and earnest.
* Class [C] consists of matter which is to be regarded rather as suggestive than anything else.
* Class [D] consists of the Official Rituals and Instructions.
* Class [E] consists of manifestos, broadsides, epistles and other public statements. Some publications are composite, and pertain to more than one class.

Find Aleister Crowley's book in amazon.com:

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How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 2 Power

How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 2 Power Cover
Power can be a very misleading term. The way most people mean it is in the sense of "power-over." People recognize power as the ability to get others to do what you want, especially when these others have different ideas. This is not Power (with a capital 'P') at all. When you rely on someone else to do something for you, you give your Power to him. This is very different from doing something *with* someone, then both parties gain. But, to believe that you must force or trick another is to say that you need this person to do something that you cannot. You may steal their power (lower case) but you give away your Power.

Power is, among other things, the innate ability to bring whatever you truly desire into your life. When you "make" others manifest them for you, you create blocks in your own mind. These blocks say "I cannot do this myself," which obstructs your Power. This is "giving away your Power."

When you "take your Power," you accept responsibility for your life. This is not guilt or martyrdom, it is honestly assessing your life and recognizing your successes and failures. Give yourself credit for even the smallest success and recognize that you can overcome every obstacle. Then you allow your Power to express itself. What you need comes to you; projects work for you.

We often think of many obstacles as insurmountable. For instance, many believe the lottery to be their only desperate hope of escaping poverty. Such people give away their Power. And why shouldn't they? Everything they've experienced tells them this. Our whole society is rooted in the mechanistic paradigm (all causes and effects have a physical link), which precludes a belief in Power. How is one to know that this concept works? How can this be real when it is so different from what we are used to?

Our society has a concept of "Reality" as an objective existence of which we are all a part. When two people have different ideas of the nature of some detail, then at least one is Wrong. We all have a fear of being Wrong. When we are Wrong we miss out on things and people don't like us as much. Therefore we desperately strive to be Right. It turns out that Right is what ever those around you happen to feel that it should be. It's as if they all took a vote when you were out of the room. But "Right" changes all the time: from preservatives are harmless, to preservatives cause cancer; from Stalin is a great leader, to Stalin was a monster; from Ptolemy explains the forces of the universe perfectly, to Newton explains the forces of the universe perfectly, to Einstein explains the forces of the universe perfectly. The philosophy of science this calls this evolving better (or at least different) explanations. Yet, while these ideas hold sway, people call them "Reality."

Just how reliable is Reality? We all live our lives using our individual concepts of Reality to get along. We update them as we see fit. But few will fundamentally change their concepts. We are sure that, although we may not have the details, we certainly have a feel for the basics. Anyone who disagrees with the mechanistic paradigm, for instance, must be missing at least a few marbles. Such a person is irrational in a universe that we know to be rational.

But is the universe truly rational? Science has pursued the mechanistic paradigm down to the smallest scale, particle physics; here it fails to explain the universe. The building blocks of Reality do not behave rationally. If you drive a car from one side of a mountain to the other and you have a choice of two tunnels, you will drive through one of them. If a single electron has a choice of two holes in a plate to pass through, it will go through both. You can plot the speed and position of your car to the limit of the accuracy of your instruments, but you will never be able to do both to that electron.

When you observe this mythical car, it is a solid object. If it were not, it would not be a car. If you drove it around, then tested to see if the car were not solid and discovered that it wasn't, what would you think? Around the turn of the century, scientists figured out that light acts like a wave when you test for a wave, and like a particle when you test for a particle. In the regular world it must be one *or* the other. The two are as mutually exclusive as a non-solid car that you can none the less drive. Mysteriously, light was behaving like both. Eventually, scientists concluded that light doesn't work like the universe we are used to. The act of observing light defines its character.

This is called wave-particle duality. Later in the century, scientists found that atomic particles, the building blocks of all matter, behave this way, too.

Now imagine that you can find no evidence that this car crosses the space between where you see it and where you saw it last. Suppose the car isn't actually "there" when you're not looking-- the act of looking brings it into "existence." What would you think if noticed that your expectations seem to have an effect on where it turns out to be? This is awfully strange, but it is the kind of universe that particle physicists find. "Looking at" a subatomic particle "brings it into existence." Also, scientists are finding that whatever kind of particle they expect to find in an experiment, tends to be there. This is starting to look less like brilliant theory and more like an effect of the observers. They are no longer separate from their experiments. It turns out that the universe doesn't actually work the way we've always assumed it does.

This is the nature of matter on the smallest scale, and it doesn't make sense in every day life. This does not mean that we should abandon our present ideas of how to live. Keep what works ("If it ain't broke, don't fix it"). Particle physics won't affect how you drive through tunnels, for instance. But, if you accept physics, the epitome of the mechanistic paradigm, this means that our mechanistic ideas of how the universe works are fundamentally incomplete. In other words, the mechanistic paradigm is not the whole story.

Big deal. What does this mean in a practical sense? The world seems to work just the same as it did when the mechanistic paradigm was unchallenged. But what if our preconceptions dictate what we are aware of? It is a common trick to set up a group of people for startling event and see how many will overlook a strange inconsistency. In one instance, a teacher took a student off into an adjoining room on a pretext. There was the sound of an argument and a crash and the student ran out through the room.

One of the other students suspected a set up and she was the only one who noticed that the teacher's accomplice was carrying a bone. A much more dramatic example is the story of Magellan's ships. When the explorer landed on a particular island, the natives, who had never seen europeans before, recognized them as funny looking men in funny looking little boats. But Magellan soon found that the natives were unaware of the large ships that carried them there, though they were impossible to overlook. The natives had seen men and small boats before, but they had never seen a large ship. Such a thing was outside of their experience and therefore outside of their comprehension. Their eyes must have seen the ships, but their brains did not. he natives gathered to try to see them, staring intently at where they supposed to be anchored. Soon the local shaman could discern the barest outline which he described to the others. Eventually they could all perceive ships.

Who can say what we make ourselves unaware of? It is only after we've expanded our perception that we learn how limited it was before. But we can't go around indiscriminately "expanding our consciousness." What we choose to believe is based on our desires. If you are happy with what you believe, the is no reason to change. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Change is challenging and even if you succeed, it may well be unpleasant. But if you feel unable to overcome obstacles in your life (and you *really* want to), then you have nothing to loose. Magick will only expand possibilities. If it's all a crock, you've lost nothing. If it's true, you can do anything you're willing to work for. It is a draw-win situation. The only way you can lose is to make your choice out of fear. Don't let the opinions of others influence what you choose to believe. Don't give away your Power. Everyone else is in the same situation you are, so when it comes to your own life, there is no greater authority than yourself. If you're interested in magick, try it and see for yourself if it works for you.

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Crossing The Abyss

Crossing The Abyss Cover
After one attains Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel, the adept may choose to then reach the next major milestone: the crossing of the Abyss, the great gulf or void between the phenomenal world of manifestation and its noumenal source, that great spiritual wilderness which must be crossed by the adept to attain mastery.

This doctrine is extremely difficult to explain; but it corresponds more or less to the gap in thought between the Real, which is ideal, and the Unreal, which is actual. In the Abyss all things exist, indeed, at least in posse, but are without any possible meaning; for they lack the substratum of spiritual Reality. They are appearances without Law. They are thus Insane Delusions.

Choronzon is the Dweller in the Abyss; he is there as the final obstruction. If he is met with the proper preparation, then he is there to destroy the ego, which allows the adept to move beyond the Abyss. If unprepared, then the unfortunate traveller will be utterly dispersed into annihilation. Both Choronzon and the Abyss are discussed in Crowley's Confessions (ch. 66):

The name of the Dweller in the Abyss is Choronzon, but he is not really an individual. The Abyss is empty of being; it is filled with all possible forms, each equally inane, each therefore evil in the only true sense of the word—that is, meaningless but malignant, in so far as it craves to become real. These forms swirl senselessly into haphazard heaps like dust devils, and each such chance aggregation asserts itself to be an individual and shrieks, "I am I!" though aware all the time that its elements have no true bond; so that the slightest disturbance dissipates the delusion just as a horseman, meeting a dust devil, brings it in showers of sand to the earth.

However, just on the other side of the Abyss awaits Babalon. She calls the adept to surrender completely, so that he or she may cross over.

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Chocolat Joanne Harris

Chocolat Joanne Harris Image
Rating : 4.0/5Reason for Reading : Something About Me Challenge, TBR Challenge, Books to Movies Challenge

Vivianne Rocher and her daughter Anock arrive in the French villiage Lansquenet (I like that it never really tells you quite where they are from) and are clearly marked as outsiders. They don't go to church and they open a chocolate chop opposite the church during Lent. Father Rayraud from the church takes this as open warfare and begins to undermine them and try to get them to leave the villiage.

A cast of excellent main and secondary characters, this novel really drew me in. The different chocolates made my mouth water and I loved the Pagan side to the novel that was missed out of the film (which I also enjoyed but for different reasons). I liked that you never quite knew where Vivianne was from origianlly and learning the shocking truth behind her upbringing was again something left out of the film. The war between them and "The Black Man" was done well and I liked that it wasn't specifically anti-christianity. The point was there are good and bad people, religion doesn't make you either neccessarily.

The ending was quite mixed. The new blessing to Vivianne's life was wonderful, but I was sad that the wind still called to them to move on again. It would be lovely if Harris wrote a sequel. To anyone who enjoyed the film, please read the book. It is very different whilst still retaining the charm of the film. I will dedinately be reading more from this author, although I have heard this is by far her best novel to date.

Suggested ebooks:

Various Authors - Childhoods Favorites And Fairy Stories
Aleister Crowley - Psychology Of Hashish

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Thelemic Saints Algernon Charles Swinburne

Thelemic Saints Algernon Charles Swinburne Image

April 5, 1837 -- April 10, 1909

Being as we are in the aftermath of the feast of the Slain God, it seems appropriate that we mark the lesser feast of Swinburne by reproducing his wonderfully scathing poetic diatribe, "Before a Crucifix".

Here, down between the dusty trees,
At this lank edge of haggard wood,
Women with labour-loosened knees,
With gaunt backs bowed by servitude,
Stop, shift their loads, and pray, and fare
Forth with souls easier for the prayer.

The suns have branded black, the rains
Striped grey this piteous God of theirs;
The face is full of prayers and pains,
To which they bring their pains and prayers;
Lean limbs that shew the labouring bones,
And ghastly mouth that gapes and groans.

God of this grievous people, wrought
After the likeness of their race,
By faces like thine own besought,
Thine own blind helpless eyeless face,
I too, that have nor tongue nor knee
For prayer, I have a word to thee.

It was for this then, that thy speech
Was blown about the world in flame
And men's souls shot up out of reach
Of fear or lust or thwarting shame -
That thy faith over souls should pass
As sea-winds burning the grey grass?

It was for this, that prayers like these
Should spend themselves about thy feet,
And with hard overlaboured knees
Kneeling, these slaves of men should beat
Bosoms too lean to suckle sons
And fruitless as their orisons?

It was for this, that men should make
Thy name a fetter on men's necks,
Poor men's made poorer for thy sake,
And women's withered out of sex?
It was for this, that slaves should be,
Thy word was passed to set men free?

The nineteenth wave of the ages rolls
Now deathward since thy death and birth.
Hast thou fed full men's starved-out souls?
Hast thou brought freedom upon earth?
Or are there less oppressions done
In this wild world under the sun?

Nay, if indeed thou be not dead,
Before thy terrene shrine be shaken,
Look down, turn usward, bow thine head;
O thou that wast of God forsaken,
Look on thine household here, and see
These that have not forsaken thee.

Thy faith is fire upon their lips,
Thy kingdom golden in their hands;
They scourge us with thy words for whips,
They brand us with thy words for brands;
The thirst that made thy dry throat shrink
To their moist mouths commends the drink.

The toothed thorns that bit thy brows
Lighten the weight of gold on theirs;
Thy nakedness enrobes thy spouse
With the soft sanguine stuff she wears
Whose old limbs use for ointment yet
Thine agony and bloody sweat.

The blinding buffets on thine head
On their crowned heads confirm the crown;
Thy scourging dyes their raiment red,
And with thy bands they fasten down
For burial in the blood-bought field
The nations by thy stripes unhealed.

With iron for thy linen bands
And unclean cloths for winding-sheet
They bind the people's nail-pierced hands,
They hide the people's nail-pierced feet;
And what man or what angel known
Shall roll back the sepulchral stone?

But these have not the rich man's grave
To sleep in when their pain is done.
These were not fit for God to save.
As naked hell-fire is the sun
In their eyes living, and when dead
These have not where to lay their head.

They have no tomb to dig, and hide;
Earth is not theirs, that they should sleep.
On all these tombless crucified
No lovers' eyes have time to weep.
So still, for all man's tears and creeds,
The sacred body hangs and bleeds.

Through the left hand a nail is driven,
Faith, and another through the right,
Forged in the fires of hell and heaven,
Fear that puts out the eye of light:
And the feet soiled and scarred and pale
Are pierced with falsehood for a nail.

And priests against the mouth divine
Push their sponge full of poison yet
And bitter blood for myrrh and wine,
And on the same reed is it set
Wherewith before they buffeted
The people's disanointed head.

O sacred head, O desecrate,
O labour-wounded feet and hands,
O blood poured forth in pledge to fate
Of nameless lives in divers lands,
O slain and spent and sacrificed
People, the grey-grown speechless Christ!

Is there a gospel in the red
Old witness of thy wide-mouthed wounds?
From thy blind stricken tongueless head
What desolate evangel sounds
A hopeless note of hope deferred?
What word, if there be any word?

O son of man, beneath man's feet
Cast down, O common face of man
Whereon all blows and buffets meet,
O royal, O republican
Face of the people bruised and dumb
And longing till thy kingdom come!

The soldiers and the high priests part
Thy vesture: all thy days are priced,
And all the nights that eat thine heart.
And that one seamless coat of Christ,
The freedom of the natural soul,
They cast their lots for to keep whole.

No fragment of it save the name
They leave thee for a crown of scorns
Wherewith to mock thy naked shame
And forehead bitten through with thorns
And, marked with sanguine sweat and tears,
The stripes of eighteen hundred years

And we seek yet if God or man
Can loosen thee as Lazarus,
Bid thee rise up republican
And save thyself and all of us;
But no disciple's tongue can say
When thou shalt take our sins away.

And mouldering now and hoar with moss
Between us and the sunlight swings
The phantom of a Christless cross
Shadowing the sheltered heads of kings
And making with its moving shade
The souls of harmless men afraid.

It creaks and rocks to left and right
Consumed of rottenness and rust,
Worm-eaten of the worms of night,
Dead as their spirits who put trust,
Round its base muttering as they sit,
In the time-cankered name of it.

Thou, in the day that breaks thy prison,
People, though these men take thy name,
And hail and hymn thee rearisen,
Who made songs erewhile of thy shame,
Give thou not ear; for these are they
Whose good day was thine evil day.

Set not thine hand unto their cross.
Give not thy soul up sacrificed.
Change not the gold of faith for dross
Of Christian creeds that spit on Christ.
Let not thy tree of freedom be
Regrafted from that rotting tree.

This dead God here against my face
Hath help for no man; who hath seen
The good works of it, or such grace
As thy grace in it, Nazarene,
As that from thy live lips which ran
For man's sake, O thou son of man?

The tree of faith ingraffed by priests
Puts its foul foliage out above thee,
And round it feed man-eating beasts
Because of whom we dare not love thee;
Though hearts reach back and memories ache,
We cannot praise thee for their sake.

O hidden face of man, whereover
The years have woven a viewless veil,
If thou wast verily man's lover,
What did thy love or blood avail?
Thy blood the priests make poison of,
And in gold shekels coin thy love.

So when our souls look back to thee
They sicken, seeing against thy side,
Too foul to speak of or to see,
The leprous likeness of a bride,
Whose kissing lips through his lips grown
Leave their God rotten to the bone.

When we would see thee man, and know
What heart thou hadst toward men indeed,
Lo, thy blood-blackened altars; lo,
The lips of priests that pray and feed
While their own hell's worm curls and licks
The poison of the crucifix.

Thou bad'st let children come to thee;
What children now but curses come?
What manhood in that God can be
Who sees their worship, and is dumb?
No soul that lived, loved, wrought, and died,
Is this their carrion crucified.

Nay, if their God and thou be one,
If thou and this thing be the same,
Thou shouldst not look upon the sun;
The sun grows haggard at thy name.
Come down, be done with, cease, give o'er;
Hide thyself, strive not, be no more.

Suggested ebooks:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Music Of Erich Zann
Marianne Ker - How The Fairy Violet Lost And Won Her Wings
Frater Hoor - A Thelemic Calendar

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The New Aeon

The New Aeon Image
Crowley married Rose Kelly, the sister of his friend, artist Gerald Kelly, in 1903. The happy couple enjoyed a lengthy honeymoon in Scotland, Paris, Marseilles, Naples, and, finally, Cairo. In the last named city something happened which changed Crowley’s life forever. According to his own testimony, over a period of three days, April 8-10, 1904, he received The Book of the Law (also called Liber AL vel Legis) from a discarnate being named Aiwass (also spelled Aiwaz), who audibly dictated it while Crowley recorded. No independent witnesses were present to confirm the phenomenon.

This short, enigmatic work, comprised of only three chapters, served as the fundamental scripture of Thelema (Greek for Will), which Crowley founded and promoted as the philosophy-religion of the “New Aeon”. The Old Aeon, according to the magus, had been dominated by the notions of sin, restriction, the dying god (e.g., Osiris, Dionysos, and Jesus) and such religions as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The New Aeon, which began in 1904, would be dominated by individual freedom and joy, Thelema, and the god Horus, who, with Nuit and Hadit formed a trinity. According to Thelemic teaching, Nuit, traditionally the Egyptian goddess of the night sky, connoted infinite expansion or space. The god Hadit, sometimes depicted as a winged disc, connoted infinite contraction or point. Finally, their son, Horus, connoted, in addition to the New Aeon, the manifest universe.

The scope of this article precludes detailed discussion of the complexities of Thelema. However, Crowley’s frequent use of a brief quotation from The Book of the Law as a pithy summary of Thelemic teachings merits brief attention here, viz., “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. Crowley’s penchant for frequently repeating this aphorism is revealing in at least two ways. First, it shows the magus as a center of controversy; the saying has been easily interpreted as an amoral license for self-indulgence and disregard of others. Second, it shows that upon study some of his ideas were not as controversial as they might first seem. Specifically, he explained that this quotation referred to following one’s true will, which, by definition, entailed acting in careful harmony with the universe – like the Taoist sage who effortlessly follows the eternal Tao (i.e., Divine Path). Additionally, he explained that following one’s true will had as its final goal – not self-indulgence – but the “Great Work”, i.e., mystical union with the Divine.

Shortly after receiving The Book of the Law, Crowley and Rose visited Paris and returned to England, where she gave birth to the couple’s first child. They named her Nuit, after the goddess.

Suggested ebooks:

Harold Macgrath - The Pagan Madonna
Sir William Stirling Maxwell - The Canon

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The Heart Of The Master And Other Papers

The Heart Of The Master And Other Papers Cover

Book: The Heart Of The Master And Other Papers by Aleister Crowley

The Heart of the Master begins with a vision of blood and terror. This is the way Crowley always imagined the New Aeon would arrive, since it involves a radical shift in human consciousness. Form this terror, the Great Beast is taken into the halls of the Great White Brotherhood and takes his place among the other Avatars from all Aeons past.

The Heart of the Master is a visionary text written at Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, the site of ancient Carthage. It heralds the arising of the Beast 666 as the Prophet of a New Aeon governed by Horus, the God of Force and Fire. The work delineates the spiritual forerunners of the New Aeon who were sent out at historical intervals to guide humanity's spiritual evolution. This new edition features full-page portraits of these spiritual antecedants. It also includes a visionary and poetic summary of the elements of the Holy Qabalah, accompanied by illustrations of the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana of the Tarot as a guide to meditation. Includes 36 full-page illustrations and a new editor's introduction.

This work is among the more readable Class A (inspired) documents. The flow from one passage to the next is more logical than some of the more ponderous tomes such as the Book of the Heart Girt Round by the Serpent. This is because it basically celebrates Crowley's rise to power as the head of the O.T.O.

This rare book details Aleister Crowley's ascension as the prophet of a new Aeon, the Aeon of Horus. Out of all the Aleister Crowley Books in mass market format, this stood out in memory years after I read it as one of Crowley's most disturbing works. In fact, I questioned my new faith in Crowley's religion Thelema reading this book; this was for real and not a joke. After contemplating, I thought it would be worth it stick with this because witchcraft is now a cool thing amongst today's youth and Crowley was a famous early form of witchcraft as we know it today. This is serious stuff, I wouldn't mess around with this unless you are interested in the occult. It should be noted that real life ritual magick as described in these type of works really do work; I did a ritual from Necronomicon and Lesser Key of Solomon to help with a college Astronomy course- I got a respectable C grade when I close to failing with a D-. But be prepared for some harassment about alleged satanism.

The edition includes a fanciful tale of this ascention, and an illustrated meditiation on each of the Trumps of the Thoth Tarot. A very good work of Crowley's, presented with Historical Context by the editior.

Buy Aleister Crowley's book: The Heart Of The Master And Other Papers

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Benjamin Rowe - The Book Of The Seniors
Max Heindel - The Message Of The Stars
Aleister Crowley - Liber 002 The Message Of The Master Therion
Eliphas Levi - The Key Of The Mysteries
Aleister Crowley - The Heart Of The Master

She Stated Her Religion

She Stated Her Religion Image
This is why I don't join conservative women's groups. A recent post by a blogger at the Smart Girl Politics site only goes to prove that some women calling themselves smart and conservative miss the boat by miles on both counts.

Louise Butler, who describes herself as a Republican Lutheran, in her post Witches in Georgia; Nuts in Texas, relates a story of a Wiccan woman from Georgia who got a restraining order against a man who was stalking her. She apparently met this man through a dating ad where she stated her religion. The author has this to say:

"She was then shocked that she didn't attract an intelligent, emotionally mature male. Instead she got a weird, obsessive stalker. Whom did she think she was going to get?"

I'm not suggesting that Wiccans and Pagans in general can't be immature or criminal. But I have no idea about the Georgia woman's maturity level. Since the author of the post didn't mention interviewing her or give any other indication of how she knows her character, then I have to assume she's basing her judgment strictly on religion.

But before I get to the rank religious bigotry of Ms. Butler, I want to address another glaringly obvious issue that seems to have escaped her. Stalkers come from all backgrounds. Her comment stops just short of the old "well, her skirt was so short, so she deserved what she got" canard. Whether or not you believe dating sites are a bad idea (and I may tend to agree depending on the circumstances), the man himself is responsible for his actions and stalking is hardly a Wiccan-only phenomenon.

Christianity is the majority religion in this country. Is she seriously suggesting that all rapes, stalking incidents and molestations are committed by people who don't share her religion?Not one Christian is a stalker?

Ms. Butler seems to think that people who believe in witchcraft should go the way of the dinosaur. I say so should the idea that a victim of stalking is to blame for the crime committed against her. I realize that feminism is an "F" word for many conservative women. But accusing the victim of a crime of causing it by virtue of her religious beliefs is an attitude from the dark ages. How is this conservative in any way? For that matter, how is this attitude even remotely Christian? Aren't conservatives the ones pointing out the war on women by radical Muslims when liberals keep their heads in the sand on this issue? Don't American women who have different religious beliefs than Ms. Butler deserve the same protections that conservatives think all Muslim women should be getting?

As far as her religious ignorance, I don't know where to begin. The woman compares people calling themselves witches to people who believe the earth is flat. She says:

"I realize that I am probably not being as tolerant as the times require, but it seems to me that any adult who calls herself a witch should not be expected to be taken seriously."

Again, this is why I don't join conservative women's groups. I don't expect there to be some great sisterhood that has my back. But if I'm a victim of a crime, I expect a conservative woman to blame the criminal and not me unless she's a throwback to the 1950s. This post on the main Smart Girl Politics site shows me that expectation is na"ive.

The ironic thing is that the post before hers is promoting a rally for religious freedom. Another bit of irony is the ending to another post of hers in which she scolds conservatives supporting Rush Limbaugh's terrible behavior towards Sandra Fluke. She says, "Be calm, be civil and keep the faith." Unfortunately, she comes off as just another Christian woman who doesn't practice what she preaches.

I'm not asking that the conservative tent get bigger. I'm simply suggesting that all conservative women look up from the ground every now and then. When they do, they will see that the tent already includes people who may not share their religion but do share their respect for the ideals of American liberty and we might just get along because of that mutual respect.

Suggested ebooks:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Other Gods
Robert Ellwood - The Encyclopedia Of World Religions
Aleister Crowley - The Stratagem And Other Stories

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Aleister Crowley About Democracy

Aleister Crowley About Democracy Cover "In Astrology, the moon, among its other meanings, has that of "the common people," who submit (they know not why) to any independent will that can express itself with sufficient energy. The people who guillotined the mild Louis XVI died gladly for Napoleon. The Impossibility of an actual democracy is due to this fact of mob-Psychology. As soon as you group men, they lose their personalities. A parliament of the wisest and strongest men in the nation is liable to behave like a set of schoolboys, tearing up their desks and throwing their inkpots at each other. The only possibility of co-operation lies in discipline and autocracy, which men have sometimes established in the name of equal rights." — aleister crowley (Moonchild)

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - The Confessions Of Aleister Crowley An Autohagiography
Thomas Voxfire - What Was Aleister Crowley
Kenneth Grant - Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God

The Principles Of Discordian Magick

The Principles Of Discordian Magick Cover
A document to be included in the forthcoming "Confunomicon" by Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C. Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium

...dedicated to The Prettiest One...

Okay, this is a discussion on magick, eh? Whoa, like, conjuring demons, throwing hexes, and predicting the future? Manipulation of the Hodge/Podge to TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION?! No. First off, any demons that might be around aren't gonna waste time with Discordians (they're after the Greyfaced Religions, 'cause the guilt they can lay on them...). Throwing hexes is painful, and bad for the joints. And if you are worried about the future, and world domination, then you have no business trying out magick anyway. So, like, what is Discordian magick, eh? Okay, Discordian Magick is a way in which the Discordian practicing it (called a Phool) to either add to or create Eristic Vibes or to deflect or destroy Aneristic Vibes.

Some Terms:

Vibes: Psycho-emotional energy given off be humans and other creatures.
Eristic: Pertaining to Eris; pertaining to chaos in general.
Aneristic: Against Eris; pertaining to order in general.
Phool: one who is aware of the presence an actions of Vibes and uses Discordian Magick to manipulate the same
Face: An aspect of Discordian Magick; the category of magick
Nature: The end-product of Discordian Magick
Hodge: The pseudo-Zen force of Order in the world
Podge: The pseudo-Zen force of Chaos in the world
The Doctrine: things have a tendency to work out ok in the end
Ju-Ju: The "aftershocks" of Discordian Magick; the long-term effects.
The Sacred Chao: The image of the Hodge and Podge.
Greyface: One who unconsciously generates Aneristic Vibes.
THEM: A group who consciously generates Aneristic Vibes; Phools gone Greyface.
Discordian: One who unconsciously generates Eristic Vibes.

Norm: A normal, vibe-unaware, guy-on-the-street. Typically Aneristic, due to the great amount of ambient Aneristic Vibes in the world.

Vibes: what they be.

Okay, vibes are like energy which is given off by all creatures. You may know of Vril or Kirlian Aura or Alpha Waves or some other nonsense. Vibes may or may not be them, its really not important. What IS important is that they exist, and if they exist, then they can be manipulated and created and destroyed. (Destroying waves can be bad Ju-ju. Be careful.) How do we know vibes are there? Because, if you open up, you can feel them. You're being hit by them all the time, just most people aren't aware of them. Next time someone is being extremely chaotic, notice how that person's actions and presence affect you... the same for someone being extremely ordered. Sometimes, the vibes can change your mood, your attitude, even y our health. So, now that I know the vibes are there, what can I do with them? Okay, eh? So, there are two basic kinds of vibes: Eristic and Aneristic. Eristic Vibes are pulses of chaotic energy, while Aneristic Vibes are pulses of ordered energy... this means the fundamental concepts of chaos and order, not the waves themselves. (I.E. if vibes have a structure, both Eristic and Aneristic probably have the same structure. It is the kind of energy which differs, not the structure.)Eristic Vibes USUALLY cause Chaos, Discord and Confusion (the first three Faces (q.v.)) and Aneristic Vibes USUALLY cause Beurocracy and Aftermath (the last two Faces). I say USUALLY because, like most things, there are several occasions when the five will cross over. A Phool must learn to appreciate the spinning of the Chao, and the counter-push-pull of the Hodge and Podge, and learn when Eristic Vibes are needed, and when Aneristic Vibes are needed. As a very general rule, the world needs more Eristic Vibes... there are far more Greyfaces in the world than there are Discordians.


Okay, eh, Discordian Magick is not exempt from the Law of Fives. There are five facets to Discordian Magic, just like the five faces of a pentagon. Ergo, to keep in line with this analogy, these aspects of magick have been termed "Faces". The 5 Faces are, naturally: Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Beurocracy, and Aftermath.

When a Phool manipulates Vibes, the method in which the Vibes are manipulated is defined by the Face.

Some brief explanations:

Chaos: Vibes manipulated within the Face of Chaos, generally speaking, are designed simply to increase the amount of Eristic Energy in the area. Chaos magick is specifically unorganized, and often purposeless. It is used to change mood, tone, and is also a way to banish Greyfaces.

Discord: Vibes manipulated within the Face of Discord are deigned to affect large numbers of Norms, and sometimes Greyfaces. It is the second most destructive form of magick, and requires care in its use. It causes Norms to act in ways they would not normally, often for reasons they do not fully comprehend.

Confusion: The most common form of magick, Vibes manipulated within the Face of Confusion is a Discordians primary weapon against Anerism. It is a subtle form of magick, designed to gradually wean norms and Greyfaces from their hopeless addiction to Aneristic Vibes.

Beurocracy: Vibes manipulated within the Face of Beurocracy must be treated with care, as they can easily slip into Aneristic ones instead of Eristic. Beurocratic Magick is designed to affect a large number of Norms into unconsciously succumbing to Eristic Influence. When used especially well, this form of magick is particularly effective against Greyfaces, as they may not even know that they are being manipulated.

Aftermath: Vibes manipulated within the Face of Aftermath are the most dangerous tool a Phool can use. They are by far the most destructive, and involve a permanent destruction of Vibes, and a ceasing of the Spinning of the Chao. Aftermath Magick is serious stuff. It means a closing and a te rmination of Energy. Don't use this stuff unless you're, like, really sure of yourself and are prepared to accept responsibility for the Ju-Ju you may cause.

Nature, eh?

The Nature of Magick is not really an integral part of the Magick, but it helps the Phool to classify the effect his magick will have on the world. There are many natures, but some of the basic ones are:Creative: Designed to create ambient vibes. Usually called "Eristic Creative" or "Aneristic Creative".

Destructive: As Creative, but designed to destroy the vibes in question.

Anti-Greyface: Countering Aneristic attacks by Greyfaces, or planting seeds of Chaos in their subconscious.

Personal: Magick designed to alter the Phool's own moods, feelings, and attitudes. Helps recover from Aneristic attacks.

Ritual: The ritual is a means of simply causing Ju-Ju. It rarely has immediate effects, but when done, the Vibe Ju-Ju will cause long-term effects which the Phool may desire.

Oracle: A means of "seeing t he future"... not really, but what it does is open the Phool's mind to ideas which may indeed affect the future.

Part Five

This has been a very basic introduction into the theories and practice of Discordian Magick. It has been presented in hoped of laying a groundwork for further study and explanation in the upcoming work _The Confunomicon_. If there are any who would like to share their observations, make comments or suggestions, or offer to publish the book, I will be at the listed space/time hodge/podge locale until May 1, 1991:

Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C.
Pineal Research Lab
Mu Cabal, Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium
5210 16th Ave NE
Seattle, WA, 98105
USA, Earth, Galactic Quad: ZZ92ZA

Hail Eris!
All Hail Discordia!
(K) 3175 Cabaletta Texts- All Rites Reversed,
Reprint what you like... but please credit me, fnord? Thanks...

Suggested e-books:

Eliphas Levi - The Ritual Of Transcendental Magic
Anonymous - The Basics Of Magick

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Thelemic Saints Richard Wagner

Thelemic Saints Richard Wagner Image

Suggested ebooks:

Frater Hoor - A Thelemic Calendar
Anonymous - The Lawes Against Witches
Dion Fortune - The Secrets Of Dr John Richard Taverner

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