Thelema Announcing The Office Of The Readings

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Thelemic high holy days are nearly upon us. On March 20th, 1904 Aleister Crowley performed the invocation of Horus that led to the writing of the Book of the Law on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of the following April. This will be the fourth year that my magical working group celebrates these holy days with a series of readings from the Holy Books of Thelema along with selections from the EGC Gnostic Saints.

March 20th is the invocation of Horus, and April 8, 9, and 10 are the three days of the writing of the Book of the Law. There are 22 days from March 20th to April 10th, and each day is associated with one of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, going in reverse order from The Universe to The Fool. The various readings are selected so as to conform to these attributions for each day.

I will be posting each day's reading on this blog under the office of the readings tag. Happy holidays, everyone!

Suggested ebooks:

Kathryn Rountree - Embracing The Witch And The Goddess
Paracelsus - The Book Concerning The Tincture Of The Philosophers

Magic Voodoo Coffin Amulet

Magic Voodoo Coffin Amulet Image
This powerful amulet is most often used for the purpose of Voodoo curses and spells of revenge. Made of fine, lead-free pewter it hangs 1 1/4" long and is shaped like the traditional "pine box" coffin. With its back engraved to appear to be the grain of the wood, the top is engraved to show a cross topped by an upside down crown upon which sits a skull. This top portion can actually be slipped out of the box, allowing you to anoint the interior with oils or otherwise treat it with magical components before using the amulet to aid in turning things around on bullies, tyrants and other cruel folk against whom you seek revenge. This amulet comes with a nylon cord that is approximately 27" in length.

Voodoo Coffin Amulet Specifications:

Measures 1 1/4" long

Made from pewter

Top of coffin can be removed

Comes with nylon cord that measures 27" in length

Suggested ebooks:

Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Solomonic Grimoires - The Magic Of Armadel

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Magick Keeping Silent

Magick Keeping Silent Image
One of the oldest rules of Witchcraft and Magick is actually the last of what are known as the Four Powers of the Magus. The fourth power is to keep silent. Why is it necessary to refrain from discussing your Magickal and spiritual work? There are a few reasons which we will look at in closer detail.

The first reason is that talking about your activities creates a power drain. Let me explain. When you try to describe something very complex or majestic, words can be inadequate and fail to capture the true essence. In my Visualization Class I presented an exercise from Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre in which the student visualizes a rose. While it is very possible to create a powerful mental picture of the rose which includes many of your senses, you will find that trying to describe the rose to others is difficult. Words cannot adequately capture the smell, the colors, or the texture of the rose. Your description will never possess the power of your visualization.

Another reason you should keep silent is to avoid inviting negative energy from others. When you discuss your practices, those who do not understand your chosen path may subconsciously direct negative energy your way. I have often said, Dear Ones, that more harm is done subconsciously than is ever done on purpose.

The third reason you should keep silent is out of respect for the power of Magick. I personally believe that all men and women can develop their psychic faculties to a certain degree. However, most never accomplish this. The reason for this, I think, is a sort of safety valve built into the Laws of the Universe. Only those who can show discipline and restraint will be able to access the Ancient Secrets and use them to accomplish Magick. If this were not so, can you imagine all of the harm that would be brought into the world?

Remember, your spiritual path is very personal. It is far too easy to invite the judgment of others when we discuss our activities.

Keep silent, Dear Ones, and grow in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Suggested ebooks:

Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Carroll Runyon - Magick And Hypnosis

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The Alpha Omega Initiation Rituals Published

The Alpha Omega Initiation Rituals Published Image
Sadly, there today still exist leaders of "Golden Dawn" orders who view the Golden Dawn as a dead object of historical curiosity. These clowns throw traditional Golden Dawn sanctity of initiatic secrecy to the wind.

Like maggots fighting over pieces of a rotting Golden Dawn corpse, the Golden Dawn Clowns rush to publish under their own name any documents remaining unprofaned from the early Golden Dawn. I have written extensively on such self-destructive insanity here and here.

Which maggot will get the biggest piece?

Alpha Omega Adepts do not behave like this. Unlike "The Exquisite Corpse Golden Dawn Orders," the Alpha et Omega (founded by S.L. MacGregor Mathers in 1906) knows the Golden Dawn never died, since the Third Order remained active behind the scenes, even during the few years that no outer order temples remained visible.

Mathers' A.O. is a traditionalist Golden Dawn order. For example, we still value initiatic secrecy and classical Gollden Dawn initiation with candidates physically present in real Golden Dawn temples. We have no need for cheap notoriety, since the Alpha Omega is completely different than today's merely "Golden Dawn" orders.


Because the A.O. today is the only Golden Dawn order remaining under the direct protection and supervision of the The Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn's Third Order.

And this means a LOT!

For example, the merely "Golden Dawn" orders don't even have any traditional Golden Dawn teachings, beyond Theoricus Adeptus Minor. They all dead-end with the beginners' material published by Crowley and Regardie, and republished "ad nauseum" by the Golden Dawn Clowns.

The A.O. is different. The Secret Chiefs have given vast additional secret magical materials for our Second Order curriculum, like the keys that unlock Agrippa's magical systems only outlined in "De Occulta Philosophia."

Moreover, unlike the merely "Golden Dawn" orders, the Alpha Omega uses entirely unpublished magical hierarchies for elemental and astrological magick. This keeps our magick both therugical and potent, as it is not corrupted by use by any Tom, Dick, or Harry for "who knows what."

Sadly, the Alpha Omega having so much of substance to offer our students makes us unpopular with envious Golden Dawn leaders. This is why these "Golden Dawn Clowns" have been rushing to publish all of our early Alpha Omega documents and initiation rituals.But what the Golden Dawn Clowns do not realize is that they are not hurting the Alpha et Omega at all with such self-destructive behavior. They are merely making fools of THEMSELVES.

Every time that the Golden Dawn Clowns publish another one of our A.O. documents, the Secret Chiefs simply give the Alpha et Omega even more unpublished material!

Take, for example, how the Golden Dawn Clowns several years ago began publishing early versions of our A.O. initiation rituals.

In response, the Secret Chiefs simply released additional material to us to revise all of our A.O.rituals with!

So despite all of the best efforts of the Golden Dawn Clowns to harm our order by publishing our rituals...

"ALL of the initiation rituals of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega still today remain unpublished and unprofaned."

This week, the Golden Dawn Side Show reached an even greater degree of silliness, when a GD author published what they falsely claim is the 1906 version of the Alpha et Omega's Adeptus Major (6=5) ritual, a version written by S.L. MacGregor Mathers.

Guess what? It turns out what they published is, in reality, only a tiny fragment of our original Alpha Omega 6=5 ritual!...

Section 4 of the ritual to be exact!

The author could have avoided making a complete Harlequin of themselves, by asking why the number "4" is there at the top of the front page of the manuscriupt FRAGMENT they thought was the whole enchilada!

I guess that is what you get when you go rummaging around in other people's dust bins. Contrary to false advertising, the bulk of the 1906 (Mathers) version of our Rosicrtucian Order of Alpha et Omega, Adeptus Msajor (6=5) ritual remains safely protected and out of the greedy hands of the Golden Dawn Clowns.

More importantly, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega trashed this old version of our 6=5 initiation ritual long ago, knowing that it was only a question of time before one of the Golden Dawn Clowns tried to publish it any way!

"The Alpha et Omega, Adeptus Major (6=5) initiation ritual was thoroughly revised in recent years under the direct guidance and supervision of the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order of the Golden Dawn."

Enough is enough already. Why not, let's all get on with the real work of the Golden Dawn, namely SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, and end the Side Show of cheap profanation once and for all?

Don't worry, gentle reader, the Golden Dawn Side Show will surely end soon enough - if for no other reason than because the clowns are running out of pies.

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