Green Alps Partial Poetry

Green Alps Partial Poetry Cover

Book: Green Alps Partial Poetry by Aleister Crowley

The following are from Green Alps, a volume that was never issued. It was going to be published by Leonard Smithers, the leading pornographic publisher of the day. However, it was never issued, since the sheets were destroyed at a fire. Only part of the page-proofs survive in a unique copy at the Warburg Institute - for those who require precise bibliographic information, they constitute Yorke Collection G.1 pp 81-107 and dedicatory poem. Unbound. demy octavi slips. It seemd that Crowley was pleased, in retrospect, that the volume never appeared, since on the top of page 95 he was written, "From Green Alps a volume (luckily) burnt at the printers and so dropped." (foreword from book)

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Aleister Crowley - Green Alps Partial Poetry

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