Summoning The Archangels

Summoning The Archangels Cover Stand in the center of the Circle. Visualize the Archangel of Air in the East. See him with white robes, holding a caduceus wand, and wind blowing around him. You may also see him as merely a strong wind. Say, "Before me, RAPHAEL."

Visualize the Archangel of Water behind you in the West. See him or her with a blue robe, holding a silver cup or chalice, and emerging from the Sea. You might also simply see him or her as the Sea itself. Say, "Behind me, GABRIEL."

Visualize the Archangel of Fire to the South. See him with a red robe, holding a swrod, and surrounded by flames. One might also see him as simply a blazing column of fire with a sword at its base. Say, "On my righ hand, MICHAEL."

Visualize the Archangel of Earth at the North. See him or her as wearing a green robe, holding a large coin, and surrounded by a lush, green forest. Say, "And on my left hand, AURIEL." One might also see him or her as the Forest itself.

Say, "For about me flames the pentagram and within me shines the six-rayed star!"

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