The Empirical Rules Of Magick 04 The Attitude

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 04 The Attitude Cover
Since magick is the science of controlling your Self, the entire key is in attitude. Not only must you take it seriously, but you must also cultivate the right feelings. You must want and expect your goal.

Wanting seems easy, but this is deceptive. That is because the many facets of a personality often want different things. You must unify your desire just as you must unify your will. A person who grew up abused may learn, on some level, to associate this with love. That person's Little Self will seek out abuse as an expression of love. It will want abuse even if the individual does not. Changing the desire of the Little Self to that if the individual is the challenge.

An even bigger challenge is that of expectation. According to the magickal paradigm, you not only get what you want, but you get it in the way that you expect it. Thus, if you do a spell for money and you think "I'll never win the lottery," the money cannot come that way. If the spell is to work, the money must come from another source, such as finding a better job. Too often we rule out all possibility. When you do a spell, you know that has already worked. If you do not know this, it has not worked. This is the ideal. It may well take some time before you work up to this point.

For these reasons it's usually best to start slow. Remember, to be completely successful, you have to want and expect on every level. Begin with a project easier than levitation! Work your way up to something life changing only after you have proven yourself. And don't look for dramatic results. Don't rule them out, of course-- you can win the lottery or even have ET hand you a suitcase of money. But remember, this is dealing in what you believe, and people rarely believe that dramatic things can happen to them.

Look at magick as an extra push-- something to make the random events break your way. In addition to magickal means, strive for your goals on the earthly level. Preliminary results usually tend toward things like improved success in your ordinary pursuits: business picking up, a bonus, getting that job interview. Also, the energy you put into these mundane efforts also supports your magickal work. Even if you concentrate on winning a lottery, you must at least buy a ticket. All your efforts help to build expectation and gives a very strong message to the Little Self.

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