Leah Sublime

Leah Sublime Cover

Book: Leah Sublime by Aleister Crowley

A pornographic poem of 156 lines written at Cefalu for Alostrael (aka Aleister Crowley). Aliester is reknown for one upping any who try to out smut him, out gross him. And I must say, although not the best of his works, or even teh grosses or most extreme, it is still a fine example of his works. And to think. Some call him the mages of the knew Aeon. Lucifer's own Jesus Christ. The beast 666. A true and worthy saviour by the standards of the coming of enlightenment. For one would need one as he to shock and offfend til the time that all that is shocking and offending is soon realized to be just words and hold no real power. It is all of the self and the power of 1,3,11,16,9! Hiruit! Save me know from the abstract and nonentity of the most dull and bored!!!

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Aleister Crowley - Leah Sublime

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