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Out-of-body experiences. We've all seen the stories on Dateline and heard the accounts on 20/20 but few of us have ever experienced them. And while many of us are skeptical that the accounts are legit, most of us want to believe they're real. After all, how cool would it be to see yourself...outside your body?

In every day parlance, these experiences are called OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES. In more technical terms, however, they're called ASTRAL PROJECTIONS: EXPERIENCES WHERE YOUR CONSCIOUS SELF ACTUALLY LEAVES YOUR BODY AND OPERATES ON ITS OWN. In effect, it's where your spiritual self leaves the physical self.

These experiences may seem like they're rare, but believe it or not, you've already experienced them...you just don't remember them. And you shouldn't remember them because you're not trained to remember them.

By reading this article, that's about to change.But before we get to that, you might be interested to know that personal accounts of astral projection have been around for centuries.

You name the culture, there is documentary evidence that shows awareness of astral projections and what they were. Egyptian priests called the astral body the Ka. Tibetans called the astral body the Bardo. And Greek philosophers-from the likes of Plato, Herodotus and Clazomene?-refer to astral projections in their writings. People skeptical of astral projections like to emphasize how there's no scientific evidence to back up these very personal accounts, but the fact that one of civilization's most prominent philosophers has written about them gives them credulity. Or at least they ought to.

Another misconception you might have about astral projections-or out-of-body experiences-is that their entirely random. Well, yes and no.


* spontaneous (i.e. the random ones)

* controlled.

As you might imagine, the spontaneous ones never happen during one particular scenario, but they're usually when you're at least trying to relax. The other kinds are called controlled. Once again, as the adjective indicates, controlled are the ones where you can actually put yourself in an out-of-body experience whenever and wherever you want. How long it takes to learn how to do this varies from person to person. For some it will take weeks, for others it will take years. Much of it will depend on how much you practice and how much time you're willing to put into it to grasp the concept.

Finally, you may have heard in the course of your lifetime that the human brain uses a bare percentage of what it's actually capable of. The same is true for your life, or existence. Metaphysicians believe that there ARE SEVEN PLANES OF EXISTENCE:

* First Plane (Physical)

* Second Plane (Astral)

* Third Plane (Mental)

* Fourth Plane (Buddhic)

* Fifth Plane (Spiritual)

* Sixth Plane (Monadic)

* Seventh Plane (Adi)

Most of us operate on the first plane, the physical plane, where everything we know and understand is physical. What we can physically see and touch is what's real to us. The second plane is the astral plane-where what we truly desire and/or want for our lives can become reality. Now, the fact that the astral plane is the second of seven planes of existence out to speak volumes...if you thought that the astral plane was the height of existence. It is but the beginning. Reaching the seventh plane is said to be beyond explanation. That, in and of itself, is explanation enough on how glorious life can truly become

This is but a primer on astral projection. There's so much more to learn and eventually integrate into your life. To paraphrase the inimitable Dr. Seuss, oh, the places you'll go with astral projection!

Steve G. Jones

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