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Book: Nightside Of Eden by Kenneth Grant

The often obtuse and much maligned Kenneth Grant is probably one of the least understood occultist and writers of the 20th century. Within the shadowy world of the arcane and esoteric the reactions and opinions concerning Grant and his writings are passionate and varied. Some consider him the rightful predescessor of the legendary aleister crowley and the "Left Hand Path" while others consider him no more that a madman.

'Nightside of Eden', first published in '77 has taken almost as much negative criticism as the man himself. This is a book shunned by many, even feared by some. Words such as delusional and incoherent are among those used to describe this evocative text. I stand on the other side of the ongoing debate and consider it to be the most insightful and influential work on the qlipothic energies and their function and activity on the Tree of Life ever published. The major fault almost always pointed out by the detractors of this abstract work is the fact that no previous body of esoteric teaching concerning these qlipothic energies exist to support Grant's claims. It's this lack of quasi-historical validation that turns many away from the contents of this book.

Back in 1977, when this book first appeared, people thought that Grant was being more than a little paranoid with his dire warnings of what he termed 'Nightside' forces ready to invade the Earth. With the benefit of hindsight however, over the last twenty-odd years we have seen a massive rise in UFO sightings and so-called 'alien abductions'. This is precisely one facet of the phenomena that Grant warns of, and more importantly, he details both the causes and the cures in this incredible, pivotal book. The Stellar Gnosis of Ancient Africa and its permutations provides the grist of the first half of the book, whilst the second half is taken up with an examination of the 22 Cells of the Qlipoth that truly sets the tone for magickal books. Any other magical book about any other system just isn't worth buying. Thelema, and the OTO in particular, has moved on so far since Crowley's day, that it's really not worth reading Crowley anymore: Grant has taken his place as the world's greatest occultist!

Kenneth Grant's books are never an easy read and this one maybe one of the most difficult of all. Highly original and imaginative in content, Grant displays his impressive knowledge of arcane signs and symbols and an innate ability to blend the very personal aspects of thought and imagination with the more impersonal aspects of theory and practice.

The 'Nightside of Eden' can cause a disturbing effect on the reader. Whatever your Understanding of the left hand path was before reading this volume subtle, if not profound changes will occur afterwards. For me it is the evocative, at times lurid imagery that produced the biggest effect on my psyche. With the numerous and striking illustrations scattered throughout the text this book is more akin to the emotive stroke from the brush of a accomplished artist than the cold, cognitive syntac of a skilled wordsmith.

One thing seems certain, there will never be a true consensus of opinion on the value, or lack of value of the 'Nightside of Eden.' Thus the debate rages on. Is it a masterpiece or the ranting and raving of an egomanical manic? Maybe the more important question would be, is it Atavastic Breakthrough or Psychotic Breakdown?

My Opinion: Worth the purchase price. One of the great occult minds of the 20th Century in one of his seminal works! Buy it!!

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