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Book: Pocket Guide To Thelema by Aleister Crowley

Crowley did not invent Thelema, but he certainly promulgated its philosophy and wrapped the existing magical systems around its heart. The Book of the Law is worthy of study by all those enquiring about the Universe, as it synthesises all of Crowley's teachings, despite the inherent problems caused by it being a "transmitted" document. It is important not to miss the other Holy Books written by Crowley, which are often sublime mystical tracts of the greatest value and beauty. Don't believe the publicity about Crowley – discover him for yourself. magick without Tears is extremely useful and clearly written, but more useful once you've already started the practice of a Thelemic Attitude. Crowley would have wound Psychosyhnthesis into his work if it had been developed earlier, so that's worth a look as a psychological take into the uncovering of Will. The main problem with studying Crowley is that it is hard work – you will need to ensure you have a background in many other schools of thought to get a full comprehension of his body of work.

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