Aleister Crowley And Heroin

Aleister Crowley And Heroin Cover Aleister Crowley was prescribed heroin for his asthma, common medical practice at the time, and he became addicted like anyone would. He later used heroin recreationally and sacramentally, as he did with many drugs including cocaine, hashish, ether, peyote, and pretty much anything that he could get his hands on to try. He was after all a scientist (trained as a chemist even), a mystic, and a psychonaut.

We certainly do not suggest that anyone try to live like Crowley lived. He even said that we must each cut our own way through the jungle. What we hope is that people all over the world will hear his message of liberty and renounce slave religion. Crowley’s sole “commandment” (if you want to call it that) is that each of us know and do our own will.

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