Laws Of Magick 3

Laws Of Magick 3 Cover

Law of Unity

"...every phenomenon in existence is linked directly or indirectly to every other one, past, present, or future; perceived separations between phenomena are based on incomplete sensing and/or thinking; 'All is One'." (Bonewits, REAL MAGIC). Modern science, as almost always, comes around to confirm the occultist's point of view. In Quantum theory, Bell's theorem indicates that once two particles interact, they continue to influence one-another. Since at the Big Bang everything interacted, every particle in the Universe affects every other. And this influence is independent of time. Recent experimental work (the Aspect experiment) has confirmed Bell's theorem. So, it seems All really is One.

Law of Peversity

A final law catalogued by Bonewits is the Law of Perversity. This is Finagle's or Murphy's Law: "If anything can possibly go wrong, it will." Bonewits suggests that this may be due to countermagic done by your subconscious mind for whatever devious reasons of its own. I disagree. I believe this law reflects a basic perversity in the structure of the Universe. Perhaps it is related to entropy. This law and its derivatives strike us funny because THEY ARE SO TRUE. Drop a piece of buttered toast and see which side lands on the carpet.

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