Banishing The Four Elements

Banishing The Four Elements Cover Move to the East, the place of the powers of Air. Trace a banishing pentagram, beginning att he left hip, up to the head, down to the right hip, to the left shoulder, the right shoulder, then back down tot he left hip. See this pentagram as a bright, blue flame. Chagre the pentagram while vibrating "YAHWEH" (Jehova or Yahweh). Trace the Circle to the South Quarter of Fire.

Draw the banishing pentagram once again, still seeing it as a bright, bluish flame. Charge it with the vibration of "ADONAI" (Lord). Trace the Circle of blue flame 'round to the Western Quarter of Water.

Trace the banishing pentagram and charge it with the vibration of "EHIEH" (I Am). Trace the Circle of Art around to the North Quarter of the elemental Powers of Earth.

Trace the banishing pentagram and charge it with the vibration and intonation of "AGLA" (Notarikon for A"tah Gibur Leolam Adonai," meaning "Thou art great forever, Lord.")

Trace the Circle back to the East and connect it to the center of the Air pentagram there.

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