The Blue Equinox The Equniox Volume Iii No 1

The Blue Equinox The Equniox Volume Iii No 1 Cover

Book: The Blue Equinox The Equniox Volume Iii No 1 by Aleister Crowley

This text is essential to anyone interested in or a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis. It is the book that contains much of what is appropriately called the "Blue Equinox Model" of the O.T.O.

First published in Detroit in 1919, the legendary Blue Equinox was Crowley's first attempt to publicize the principles and aims of the magical secret society Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and its allied order the A.A. In it, Crowley laid out the esoteric, social, ethical, and philosophical ideas that he believed provided the framework for a new ethics and the liberated morality of the future. Upon publication, the book was threatened with suppression by the authorities of the day. Many of the papers in the Blue Equinox anticipated social liberties we tend to take for granted today.

This is a fantastic book for non-member Thelemites and occultists in general. Achad's "A Master of the Temple" is an extremely helpful and revealing description of the path of the Aspirant.

If you are interested in Aleister Crowley, the O.T.O., Thelema, or the occult I highly, highly recommend this book, as well as the rest of the Equinox series. Forget D.J. Conway; forget Silver Ravenwolf; forget Laurie Cabot; forget Scott Cunningham; forget Raymond Buckland; forget Konstantinos; forget Raven Grimassi; forget all of the fluff and fodder. If you want serious, adult, disciplined occultism, Crowley is your man.

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The Blue Equinox The Equniox Volume Iii No 1

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