The Empirical Rules Of Magick 13 Protection

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 13 Protection Cover
Psychic attack can be a real problem because it is so prevalent. When you make someone angry, the person is attacking you. Simply directing angry thoughts is a psychic attack. (This incurs bad karma, so learn to avoid this yourself!) We all have natural defenses, so these attacks seldom have an effect. But if someone has ability, or if he concentrates a lot of energy, you are likely to suffer. Psychic attack usually comes in through the neck and manifests as a headache. As you become a better magician, you will be more sensitive to the energies around you. You become more vulnerable to psychic attack. You also become better able to defend yourself as long as you remain alert. This work will also help protect you from physical threats. Keep in mind that, though magic may help,
you must still act responsibly!

Affirmations: I am now safe and secure. All negative influences are reflected off me into the Earth to be healed. I allow only the positive into my life.Visualizations: See an egg of white light around you-- because this keeps in negative energy, also see it filled with violet light, which will turn the negative to positive. Another good visualization is three concentric circles around you (or whatever you wish to protect) of white (outside), blue (middle) and pink (inside). Also, you can imagine a mirror at the back of the neck or encasing the whole body, reflecting outward.

Other: Religious symbols are especially good for this work.

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