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Rituals And Spell Objectives Green Magic Cover
There is inevitable a considerable overlap in what is written in popular magic books on the subject of venusian (love) and lunar (sex) magic. Consequently a planetary nomenclature has been largely avoided in this text. Although love magic is frequently performed in support of sexual objectives, this chapter will confine itself to the arts of making other people friendly, loyal and affectionate towards oneself.

Friends are probably anyone's greatest asset. My address book is easily my most valu-able possession. As with erotic attraction, it is first necessary to like oneself before others will. This ability can be enhanced by appropriate invocations of the green power. Most people find it easy to elicit friendliness from people that they like themselves; but making persons who are not disposed to friendship towards you, become friendly, and making persons who you do not like at all friendly towards you, are valuable abilities. An unreciprocated friendship is a disability only to the person offering it.

Invocations to the green power should begin with self-love; an attempt to see the wonderful side of every self-one consists of, and then proceed into a ritual affirmation of the beauty and loveability of all things and all people. Suitable god forms for the Love-self include Venus, Aphrodite and the mythical Narcissus, whose myth merely reflects a certain male prejudice against this type of invocation.

From within the green gnosis, spells to make people friendly may be cast by simple enchantment or by the use of entities created for this purpose. However it is in face to face meetings that the empathic abilities stimulated by the invocation work most effectively. Apart from the obvious maneuvers of showing interest in everything the target has to say and affirming and sympathizing with most of it, there is another critical factor called "behavioral matching", which usually takes place subconsciously. Basically, in the absence of overtly hostile postures on the part of the target, one should attempt to match the non-verbal behavior of the target precisely. Sit or stand in the identical bodily posture, make the same movements, use the same degree of eye contact, and talk for similar intervals. As with dominance behavior, such signals only work if they are not consciously perceived by the recipient. Do not move to match the target's moves and postures immediately. It is also essential to try and match the verbal behavior and to communicate with the same level of intelligence, social status and sense of humor as the target.

Before I made myself wealthy, I used to practice these abilities when hitch-hiking. Soon, even people whom I found quite ghastly were buying me lunch and transporting me far out of their way. Empathy will get you anywhere.

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