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Book: The Equinox Of The Gods by Aleister Crowley

One of Crowley's most rare and sought-after works.. In The Equinox of the Gods, aleister crowley offers an overview of the circumstances surrounding his reception of the threefold Book of Law in April of 1904. Includes a copy of the Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis, as well as a facsimile of the holotype manuscript L. Also included are excerpts from his diaries, color plates of the Stele of Revealing, and much enlightening commentary upon this most important Holy Book of Thelema.

This book gives a good brief account of Crowley's life story up to and including his reception of The Book of the Law. It covers all the events of Crowley's life that Crowley felt were of most importance. For a fuller account of his life the reader might want to read Crowley's Confessions, or Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley by Richard Kaczynski. For those looking for a review of Crowley's life not done by a person that actually enjoys the works of Crowley they could check out Do What Thou Wilt by Sutin which almost oozes with hate for Crowley and belittles almost every major thing Crowley did during his life.

The Equinox of the Gods presents an amazing description of the circumstances leading up to Crowley's transcription of The Book of the Law. Includes extensive biographical data, highly personal diary extracts, ritual workings, several illustrations and a full color reproduction of the Stele of Revealing. Also includes the full text of The Book of the Law plus a facsimile of Crowley's original handwritten manuscript. This is a beautifully produced and completely new, corrected edition of this long out-of-print masterpiece.

In my opinion the reason this book (Equinox of the Gods) is so wonderful is that it takes us inside the mind of the prophet WHILE he was receiving The Book of the Law. Crowley's line by line account of receiving The Book of the Law and what was going on inside his head while it happens is priceless. He takes us through the things he saw in his mind. The questions that where raised (and answered in The Book of the Law). This book is a must read for all Thelemites, O.T.O. members, and A.'.A.'. members trying to understand The Book of the Law. Lines in The Book of the Law that could be puzzled over for years are explained in seconds when you understand the thoughts inside the mind of the prophet while he was receiving the book. Some things in The Book of the Law are comments about thoughts inside his head. Some things were mere personal instructions for Crowley. Other things were direct answers to questions and doubts he was having during the reception of The Book of the Law. Knowing which passage is which is a joyous help when trying to understand all the aspects of this holy book.

Highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in Aleister Crowley's Magick of Thelema.

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