The Empirical Rules Of Magick 09 Pendulums

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 09 Pendulums Cover
Another good way of communicating with your Little Self is through pendulum work. You can use any object on a string, but if it holds significance for you, so much the better. Hold your arm steady and think about the pendulum swinging forward and back. It should eventually begin to do so without you *consciously* moving your arm. Next change the movement to left and right by thinking about it. Once you can do this with facility, assign "yes" to one direction and "no" to the other. If you choose forward and back as "yes," alternate thinking the direction and thinking the word. Eventually, even when you start cold, the pendulum will swing forward and back when you think "yes." Repeat with the word "no" for the opposite direction. Now you have a way of talking with your Little Self. You can ask it questions directly.

Eventually, you can even get your Little Self to spell words by holding the pendulum over a semicircle with the alphabet on it. The direction of swing will indicate each letter. Another method is automatic writing. With this you hold a pen and relax and let "it" do the writing. (This may sound like an Ouija board, but it is not. Do not try to use one for this purpose or vice versa.) Whatever method you use, be careful. Your Little Self wants to please you. It will tend to give you the answer you want. Make sure you want the truth and that your Little Self understands this. Always be friendly, as you would with a child. Praise success and don't berate failure. After all, it is only trying to please. As usual, this requires regular work over time, but eventually you can have such a good understanding that you need no tools. You will simply "know" how your Little Self feels. This is the ideal.

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