The Search For The Temple Of Thelema

The Search For The Temple Of Thelema Cover No one has explored the Abbey since the film maker Kenneth Anger in 1955, who uncovered paintings beneath the white washed walls and took up the floor to reveal symbols used in magickal workings (I use the "k" as Crowley stipulated, to differentiate Occult Magick from stage magick".

Almost all of the photographs which Anger took of the paintings were published in black and white and therefore lost all their impact.

I journeyed to Sicily in March 1996 to find the Temple. Much of the town remains exactly as it was Crowley's day, shops selling fresh bread, olives and wine from narrow alleyways, washing is hung out using shared lines attached to opposite houses and many of the attitudes and beliefs have not changed. Stories about the abbey were rife: I was told the police had hermetically sealed the house with wax to keep the Evil Spirits in and to placate the locals; that immediate arrest would follow if I went near to it and the insanity had befallen individuals who had spent a night within its walls.

I met With Some young locals one evening in The Black Cat bar who had a huge desire to learn the truth of a legend and offered to help me. They took me to the Abbey and as we turned a corner into the concrete car park of a football stadium situated between modern housing blocks, I saw the terra-cotta tiles of a roof partially hidden by trees.

To avoid prying eyes I returned in the evening equipped with water, a camera and note book. I climbed through the undergrowth, negotiating a steep bank covered with vicious brambles and twisting roots. My worst fear was that the house would be boarded up or bolted. Instead, I literally stumbled to face the back entrance of the villa, the door of which lay smashed to pieces amongst a layer of tiles from a partly collapsed roof. Sweat poured down my face, my shirt was drenched in the evening heat and butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I entered the house.

Books in PDF format to read:

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Johann Georg Faust - The Black Raven Or The Threefold Coercion Of Hell
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