The Empirical Rules Of Magick 12 Destroying Your Enemies

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 12 Destroying Your Enemies Cover
This is one aspect of magick that attracts many. It is a big mistake! Karma will get you every time. Don't try to rationalize. Though you may be able to put it off, you will not escape karma. In the mundane world, you might justifiably do violence in order to defend yourself or another from physical attack. In magick, this justifies only defense, never attack. Don't imagine yourself to be an agent of karma or a martyr saving others at your own expense. Who ever has done you wrong will get his. It's frustrating to wait and we all want to be there when it happens, but it is never worth trying to make it happen.

When you have any kind of relationship, particularly a magickal one, you develop a karmic tie. You will want to avoid such ties with people you don't like. Even if you get the best of such a person, he will still drag you down. It's difficult to resist when you feel that the person owes you. If you have been swindled and left with no legal recourse, it's tempting to use magick to get your money back. Trying to get even will develop a tie with this person and probably set you up for some bad karma. Don't worry about the money, either. You can get that from anywhere (see "Prosperity"), In seeing this swindler as your only source you give your Power to him. If you are brave, you can demand justice in such a situation. This incurs no karmic debt, but you, too, can expect justice. Not very many people genuinely want this. Most prefer mercy because we have all done plenty of things that we would rather not have to pay for. If you want mercy, you must extend it to others. When you ask for justice, all your debts present themselves. If you survive, great, but it won't be fun. There are much safer ways of dealing with nasty people.

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