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A large proportion of all the cults throughout history have shared one particular characteristic. They have been led by a charismatic man able to persuade women to freely dispense sexual favors to their men. When one begins to look, this feature is startlingly common to many ancient cults, monotheistic schismatic sects and modern esoteric groups. Many, if not the majority of adepts past and present were, or are, whoremasters. The mechanism is quite simple, pay the woman in the coinage of spirituality to service the men who repay you with adulation and accept your teachings as a side effect. The adulation from the men then increases your charisma with the women creating a positive feedback loop. It can be a nice little earner until old age or a police raid catches up with the enterprise. The other danger is of course that the women, and eventually the men, may come to feel that constant changes of partners work against their longer term interests of emotional security and reproduction. The turnover in such cults can thus be high, with young adults constantly replacing those approaching early middle age.

Few religions or cults lack a sexual teaching, for any teaching provides a powerful level of control. The vast majority of the more durable and established religions trade on a suppression of so called free love. This pays considerable dividends too. Women's position becomes more secure, and men know who their children are. Naturally adultery and prostitution flourish in such conditions because some people always want a little more than lifelong monogamy has to offer. So it's quite true that brothels are built with the bricks of religion. Indirectly so with conventional religions, directly so with many cults.

All this begs the question of why it is that people have such an appetite for wanting to be told what to do with their sexuality. Why do people have to seek esoteric and metaphysical justification for what they want to do? Why is it so easy to make a living selling water by the river?

The answer, it appears, is that human sexuality has some built in dissatisfaction function of evolutionary origin. Our sexual behavior is partly controlled by genetics. Those genes most likely to survive and prosper are those that in the female encourage the permanent capture of the most powerful male available and occasional liaisons (clandestine) with any more powerful male that may be temporarily available. Whereas in the male, the genes most likely to prosper are those encouraging the impregnation of as large a number of females as he can support, plus perhaps a few on the sly that other men are supporting. It is interesting to note that only in the human female is oestrous concealed. In all other mammals the fertile time is made abundantly obvious. This appears to have evolved to allow paradoxically both adultery and increased pair bonding through sex at times when it is reproductively useless. The economic basis of any particular society will usually supply some pressure in favor of a particular type of sexuality and this pressure will be codified as morality which will inevitably conflict with biological pressures. Celibacy is unsatisfactory, Masturbation is unsatisfactory, Monogamy is unsatisfactory, Adultery is unsatisfactory, Polygamy and Polyandry is unsatisfactory and presumably Homosexuality is unsatisfactory, if the renetic merry-go-round of partner exchanges in that discipline is anything to go by.

Nothing in the spectrum of possible sexualities provides a perfect long-term solution, but this is the price we pay for occupying the pinnacle of mammalian evolution. So much of our art, culture, politics and technology arises precisely out of our sexual yearnings, fears, desires and dissatisfactions. A society sexually at peace with itself would present a very dull spectacle indeed. It is generally if not invariably the case that personal creativity and achievement are directly proportional to personal sexual turmoil. This is actually one of the major but often unrecognized techniques of sex magic. Inspire yourself with maximum sexual turmoil and confusion if you really want to find out what you are capable of in other fields. A tempestuous sex life is not a side effect of being
a great artist for example. Rather it is the art which is the side effect of a tempestuous sex life. A fanatical religion does not create the suppression of celibacy. It is the tensions of celibacy which create a fanatical religion. Homosexuality is not a side effect of barracks life amongst elite suicide shock troops. Homosexuality creates elite suicide shock troops in the first place.

The Muse, the hypothetical source of inspiration, usually pictured in sexual terms, is the Muse only when one's relationship to her is unstable. Every possible moral pronouncement on sexual behavior has doubtless been given a million times before, and it would be unseemly for a Chaoist to re-emphasize any of it. However, one thing seems reason-ably certain. Any form of sexuality eventually invokes the whole gamut of ecstasy, self-disgust, fear, delight, boredom, anger, love, jealousy, rafe, self-pity, elation and confusion. It is these things which make us human and occasionally superhuman. To attempt to transcend them is to make oneself less than human, not more. Intensity of experience is the key to really being alive and given the choice I'd rather do it through love than war any day.

A dull sex life creates a dull person. Few people manage to achieve greatness in any field without propulsion that a turbulent emotional-sexual life supplies. This is the major secret of sex magic, the two minor secrets involve the function of orgasm as gnosis and the projection of sexual glamours.

Anything held in the conscious mind at orgasm tends to reach down into the subconscious. Sexual abnormalities can readily be implanted or removed by this method. At orgasm sigils for enchantment or evocation can be empowered either by visualization or by gazing at the sigil taped to one's partner's forehead for example. However this kind of work is often more conveniently performed auto-erotically. Although the gnosis offered by orgasm can in theory be used in support of any magical objective, it is generally unwise to use it for entropy or combat magic. No spell is ever totally insulted within the subconscious and any leakages which occur can implant quite detrimental associations with the sexuality.

At orgasm an invocation can be triggered, this operation being particularly effective if each partner assumes a god form. The moments following orgasm are a useful time for divinatory vision seeking. Prolonged sexual activity can also lead to stages of trance useful in visual and oracular divination or oracular states of possession in invocation.

The projection of Sexual Glamour for the purposes of attracting others depends on far more than simple physical appearance. Some of the most conventually pretty people lack it entirely, whilst some of the plainest enjoy its benefits to the limit.

To be attractive to another person one must offer them something which is a reflection of part of their self. If the offer becomes reciprocal then it can lead to that sense of completion which is most readily celebrated by physical intimacy. In most cultures it is conventional for the male to display a tough public exterior and for the female to display a softer persona, yet in a sexual encounter each will seek to reveal their concealed factors. The male will seek to show that he can be compassionate and vulnerable as well as powerful, whilst the female seeks to display inner strength behind the outward signs and signals of passive receptivity. Incomplete personalities such as those which are machismo to the core, or consist of the polar opposite of this, are never sexually attractive to anyone except in the most transient sense.

Thus the philosophers of love have come to identify a certain androgyny in either sex as an important component of attraction. Some have taken the poetic license to express the quaint ideal that the male has a female soul and the female a male one. This reflects the truism that to be attractive to others you must first become attracted to yourself. A few hours spent practicing being attractive in front of a mirror is a valuable exercise. If you cannot get mildly excited about yourself, then don't expect anyone else to get wildly excited.The "moon glance" technique is often effective. Basically one briefly closes the eyes and momentarily visualizes a lunar crescent in silver behind the eyes with the horns of the moon projecting out of each side of the head behind the eyes. Then one glances into the eyes of a potential lover whilst visualizing a silver radiance beaming from your eyes to theirs. This maneuver also has the effect of dilating the pupils and usually causes an involuntary smile. Both of these are universal sexual signals, the first of which acts subconsciously.

It is generally unwise to cast spells for the attraction of specific partners but better to conjure for suitable partners in general for oneself or others. One's subconscious usually has a far more subtle appreciation of who really is suitable.

Sexual magic is traditionally associated with the colours of purple (for passion) and silver (for the moon). However, the effectiveness of black clothing as either a sexual or an anti-sexual signal, depending on the style and cut, shows that black is in a sense the secret color of sex, reflecting the biological and psychological relationship between sex and death.

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