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Well I decided to take a little break for the New Year and go away for a week, just to relax and re-evaluate my goals and what I want to do this year.

When doing Black Magic it is important to to set goals for your self and have an understanding of where you wish to take your craft. Sure it can be fun blindly waking around just doing whatever you feel like, but in the end you need to focus your efforts if you want to master any black magic skill.

Witch Sabbath

This is why, at the start of the New Year, I will cast a cleansing spell. After cleansing myself I will take time for me (another important thing to do in black magic). Touch base with myself, and figure out what I desire in the coming year.

There are many roads in life, and in Black magic we believe that we can take any road we want. The choice is ours where we we wish to go.

A wooden path

When I was younger I use to go hiking in the mountains ( I still do but not as much). On some of those trips I would just blindly walk around and play in the forest. It was those times where I usually never made it past the base of the mountain. When I walked in with a goal to get to the top of the mountain, I would usually end my journey on top looking down on the city ( a beautiful site to behold).

Vancouver from Grouse mountain

Anyway my point is that no path is wrong. When I stayed at the bottom and ran around at the base, I had fun, but never accomplished getting to the top. When I set the goal of getting to the top I achieved what I wanted. Depending on what you want your outcome to be, your journey will be different.

With magickal abilities it is the same thing. If you want to excel in black magic, then you need to practice and be committed to learning your skills. Setting goals can help you stay on track and focused on your goals so that you get there faster.

When I set my goals I will alway start by taking time for me and just relaxing. I find that the business of life can sometimes overpower the internal voice so every now and then you need to silence all noise and listen to what your true self is telling you. I use Meditation for this. Meditation is a very very important thing in Black Magic as it helps you to get in touch with yourself and understand what your needs and wants are. Basically meditation provides you with a door to seek out your inner self and find out what you want.

After I have meditated and found out what I want I will them make a list of things that I want to have, or wish to do in the coming year. The important thing with making the list is to not let the "I can't do that attitude get in the way." When you write something down and you feel like you cannot do that, that is your mind putting a limitation on you. In Black Magic we must work to remove these limitations and believe in our own power.

Believe me these limitations can take time to break down. Some of them take years depending on what the limitation is. Just make the list and do not worry about anything.

When it comes to magic goals, after I have made the list of things I would enjoy learning about I will then read as much as I can on those topic, as well as meditate on the concept seeing what information I can derive from the spirit world. Which is usually a lot.

One last important piece on information. Only do things if you enjoy it. Do not do anything you hate just to impress other people. Do things for you! In Black Magic the outcome or attaining the goal is not the most important part.

Getting to the goal is not the most important part. The journey, hiking up the mountain and taking in all that is around me, is. Sure acheiving goals is great, but the jouney is where the lessons are learned and where the growth happens. It is also where all your exerpiences and memories take place. Do not stress yourself out about making mastering your goals. Enjoy the Journey and learn all you can from the experience.


If you cannot have fun and enjoy the journey, then you will never be truely happen IF you ever reach your goal. Your magick will be stronger if you learn with enthusiasm and passion.

Happy Goal Setting,

Priestess Akelta

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