Thelemic Iconography The Baphometic Cross

Thelemic Iconography The Baphometic Cross Image



"The upper half of the symbol is the elevenfold deMolay cross: there are eleven intersecting lines altogether, counting the three inside and the eight along the outside. As it is elevenfold, in the Thelemic paradigm it signifies the Scarlet Woman (see "Liber Legis", 1:60), that is to say, Babalon on the macrocosmic level, or the universal feminine Consciousness - the part of us that is beyond us at first yet within reach of those who have achieved the realization of the Holy Supernal Will within, devoid of the limitations of the purely personal mind. The bottom half of the device, which is part of the sulphuric cross that was used by LaVey, was incorporated for its obvious symbolism: it represents the testes of the male, and so symbolizes The Beast, i.e. the latent Stellar Will of every man and every woman."

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