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Book: Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant

Kenneth Grant goes farther than almost anyone in describing real mystic and theosophical truths from a left hand path perspective. The book, which is a left hand path take on the philosophy of Aleister Crowley and the OTO, lays out more in its first two chapters than many books, even somewhat secretive books published by small presses and not known to the general public, do--and this book was printed by a major press and generally available in the early seventies. Goes into many things that are only hinted at in people's thinking about the meaning of various segments of Crowley's thought, from what the relationship of various entitites to the A .'. A.'. and to the Book of the Law is to what the OTO's conception of sex magic was in relation to Tantric Hinduism. More to the point, Grant integrates all of these systems together, so it's not so much OTO concepts being contrasted with Hindu concepts as common ground being found between the two and then a sort of dialogue being produced between them, both describing a common experience and goal. Grant is able to consistantly do this on a number of topics, which makes this book so valuable and interesting.

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