Activating The Chakras

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The process of activating the chakras begins with the quietening of the mind meditation. Towards the end of that meditation, instead of 'darkening" the concentrated ball of energy, visualise it moving to the base of the spine, to the root chakra.

Imagine the chakra coming alive with a glowing red light, opening like a flower or spinning round like a wheel, whichever feels right for you. Concentrate for a while on the feeling as the red energy gets stronger and stronger.

Then take the ball of energy up along your spinal column to activate the chakra situated in the area of the spleen in the same way. This time, imagine the energy as a warm orange.

Once again move the energy up the spine to the solar plexus. The energy here should be a lovely yellow. Pay particular attention to this chakra as it is the key to unlocking and directing the power of the other chakras.

Move the energy in the same way up to the heart area. this time the chakra should be a clear emerald green.

Continue moving the energy up to the throat chakra, which is electric blue.

Next the brow chakra should be energized. This is situated in the region of the so-called third eye, and is pictured as indigo blue.

Finally the zee energy should be concentrated on the crown of the head. This chakra is a beautiful clear violet.

For a while visualize your body alive with a radiant rainbow of zee energy pouring from the opened chakras. The rainbow permeates the aura surrounding your body. Enjoy this feeling for a while then gradually close down each chakra in reverse order, from the crown to the solar plexus, then from the root up to the solar plexus.

Finally visualise the solar plexus closing, leaving your original ball of energy, which you should 'darken' as you did in the exercise of quietening the mind.

When you do this exercise properly, you can physically feel the chakras throbbing or glowing inside the body. It may be difficult to get to this stage at first, but just concentrate on each chakra in turn for as long as you feel able to without strain or losing interest.

Even when you become proficient in this exercise there may be times when it is difficult if not impossible to activate one or more of the chakras. This could result from an emotional problem, some nagging subconscious worry, or just tiredness. Don't try to force things, and don't be discouraged. Do the exercise as best you can, when you can. It will always bring some benefit.

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