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Money spells for success - POWER SPELLS to make money and get success in your life. Out of all the spells available by witch doctors, money spells are one of the most popular. The type of CASH SPELL you use, black magic (will take money from another) or white magic (will create opportunities for money making with out taking from another), will determine which kind of witchcraft you engage. "A sangoma will most likely look at factors in your life that are blocking your success", and try to formulate a spell that deals with these issues, while a black arts sorcerer will look at who has money and try to make a spell that moves that wealth to you.


Money spells and success spells are FAIRLY HARMLESS - where such a spell can go wrong is if you try to get what is not yours, like a revenge spell it can turn on you - and take what little you have. "Amateur spell makers often face this issue when crafting easy spells" - A good spell is never easy and requires patience and knowledge, and often the spell will have to be TWEAKED and re tweaked before it really works. The notion that there is a "one spell fits all", is nonsense. The sorceress, or witch who is working with you, if they are worth anything, will know this - and will not promise a QUICK FIX. They will spend some time finding out about your thought patterns and self beliefs. They will try and see if you are indeed your own worst enemy, perhaps with you having a poverty mentality. They will then craft a specific spell to address these issues.


Success spells and CASH SPELLS are really one and the same - they are both spells to try and get money - while a money spell is specific to gaining cash, a success spell may cover other aspects of your life - SUCCESS IN MARRIAGE, or success in sport etc. Generally money issues are related to other, stronger issues in your life. Money is just energy, and the storing of energy is the storing of money - IE: YOUR BANK BALANCE. If you are a salesman you may think you want a money spell, when in actual fact what you need is a confidence spell - "because that may be what is holding your ability to see back."


Powerful spell makers know this and "will not waste time trying easy spells" - they would rather spend time and find the true issues in your life and then craft a perfect spell for that issue. Most SPELL WEAVERS on the net are not this kind of practitioner - they may call themselves psychic healers, or powerful witches, or traditional healers - but my guess is that most of them are actually taking a chance - how many "doctors" or "professors" are actually that - very few I am sure." The sheer number of so called African witches and witch doctors says to me that most are in for the money - for their own success" -using easy spells, and if the SPELL DOES NOT WORK - what are you going to do - sue the witchdoctor? Not likely.

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