How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 4 How Magick Works

How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 4 How Magick Works Cover
How can programming the subconscious affect the world around us? What are the mechanisms involved? According to the occult view, it works because that is the nature of the universe.

In the West, we use the mechanistic paradigm. A paradigm is a pattern or model, in this case describing the way the universe works. We use paradigms to function, usually without even realizing it. The mechanistic paradigm is one of the most basic that underlie our culture. This model states that there is an objective reality in which objects interact solely through physical contact. Science has updated this to include fields like gravity and magnetism, but the principle is the same. The result is a universe in which the individual is nearly powerless. You can only make real change through physical action. Magick is the act of making such changes non-physically, so it does not fit in with the mechanistic paradigm.

Most westerners are unaware that the magickal paradigm represents a majority view among the world's cultures. Basically, it is the antithesis of the mechanistic view. It states that there is no objective universe, only subjective universes. These universes are the perceptions of each individual. You couldn't possibly do any experiment that would show your universe to be either subjective or objective. You must be an objective observer in order to tell the difference. You are automatically a subjective observer because you are in the universe. That's life.

At this point, there is no practical difference between these views. The universe looks the same either way. But the magickal paradigm also states that the universe is an expression of your perceptions and your perceptions are that part of yourself over which you have control. When you change your own attitudes and preconceptions, the universe will follow. This gives an individual as much power over the universe as he has over himself.

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