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Do you want to experience astral travel, but are struggling to finally let go and experience the wonderful joys of astral projection? Here is a 4 week training plan that could be your key to Astral Success. Try it and see if it works for you.

1st Week: Practicing Relaxation

1. Deep Breathing Relaxation: Start your week by practicing a slow and deep breath. For every second you take in with your breath, double its seconds as it goes out. As an example, for every 2 seconds you inhale, you need to exhale for 4 seconds.

2. Relax Your Muscles: The position of your body does not really matter, you can either stand or lay down. Tighten and release your muscle to relax all of your major muscles in the body. Start with your toes and slowly work your way up.

3. Relax Your Mind: After the first two steps, intentionally decrease the thoughts that comes in your mind. See them and let them go...

2nd Week: Chakra Activation

After completing your first week, start your 2nd week in preparing to astral travel by warming your body up using your first week's relaxation exercises (breathing, muscle tension, and mind clearing). Once done, proceed working through all of your chakras. Imagine them moving around you. Imagine their energy.

If you do not feel any results right away, do not worry. It may take up to three days of practicing before seeing results.

Your Astral Preparation Vehicle - Week 3

It's week three and you should start it by completing the exercises you were practicing in week one and two. Activate your 7 Chakras. Visualize them as astral matter that leaves your chest forming a circle-like shell.

At first, you are only imagining this, but after a few days of practice, it is expected that you actually be exteriorizing this astral matter from within your thoughts.


Congratulations! This is your final week and final step. You are ready to start your first astral adventure. First, imagine the top of your head. This will help you to intensify your consciousness. Continue imagining until a figure flows out of you.

Fully concentrate in your consciousness into this figure. Now deliberately turn this figure around. Keep in mind that your perspective moves as it shifts this is a most essential part of the transfer. Being one with the figure- you are off into the astral world...

=>To help with getting the mind and body prepared to let go enough - you may want to use Binaural Beats - the best come from The Unexplained Store.

=>The best guide I have found for Mastering Astral Projection comes from Astral Projection Underground.


Suggested ebooks:

Ashe - Journal Of Experimental Spirituality
Aleister Crowley - Astral Travels Of 1898

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