Magic Voodoo Coffin Amulet

Magic Voodoo Coffin Amulet Image
This powerful amulet is most often used for the purpose of Voodoo curses and spells of revenge. Made of fine, lead-free pewter it hangs 1 1/4" long and is shaped like the traditional "pine box" coffin. With its back engraved to appear to be the grain of the wood, the top is engraved to show a cross topped by an upside down crown upon which sits a skull. This top portion can actually be slipped out of the box, allowing you to anoint the interior with oils or otherwise treat it with magical components before using the amulet to aid in turning things around on bullies, tyrants and other cruel folk against whom you seek revenge. This amulet comes with a nylon cord that is approximately 27" in length.

Voodoo Coffin Amulet Specifications:

Measures 1 1/4" long

Made from pewter

Top of coffin can be removed

Comes with nylon cord that measures 27" in length

Suggested ebooks:

Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Solomonic Grimoires - The Magic Of Armadel

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