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One of the oldest rules of Witchcraft and Magick is actually the last of what are known as the Four Powers of the Magus. The fourth power is to keep silent. Why is it necessary to refrain from discussing your Magickal and spiritual work? There are a few reasons which we will look at in closer detail.

The first reason is that talking about your activities creates a power drain. Let me explain. When you try to describe something very complex or majestic, words can be inadequate and fail to capture the true essence. In my Visualization Class I presented an exercise from Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre in which the student visualizes a rose. While it is very possible to create a powerful mental picture of the rose which includes many of your senses, you will find that trying to describe the rose to others is difficult. Words cannot adequately capture the smell, the colors, or the texture of the rose. Your description will never possess the power of your visualization.

Another reason you should keep silent is to avoid inviting negative energy from others. When you discuss your practices, those who do not understand your chosen path may subconsciously direct negative energy your way. I have often said, Dear Ones, that more harm is done subconsciously than is ever done on purpose.

The third reason you should keep silent is out of respect for the power of Magick. I personally believe that all men and women can develop their psychic faculties to a certain degree. However, most never accomplish this. The reason for this, I think, is a sort of safety valve built into the Laws of the Universe. Only those who can show discipline and restraint will be able to access the Ancient Secrets and use them to accomplish Magick. If this were not so, can you imagine all of the harm that would be brought into the world?

Remember, your spiritual path is very personal. It is far too easy to invite the judgment of others when we discuss our activities.

Keep silent, Dear Ones, and grow in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

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