The Empirical Rules Of Magick 17 Health And Self Improvement

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 17 Health And Self Improvement Cover
Your body is the most direct expression of your Little Self. It is one of the most accessible, yet challenging things to change. If you can find and address the root causes of health problems, like heat disease, it is often relatively easy to do something about them. But self image problems can be very difficult because of the way our society approaches the subject.

Over weight is a good example of a self image problem. Madison Avenue bombards us with an ideal of beauty. It is almost impossible to escape. If you are over weight and unhappy about it for other than health reasons, you are probably a victim of this. It is dangerously easy to make self love or approval contingent upon losing weight. Until you've lost it, you may feel undeserving and thus fail. You may succeed, only to have old habits or new crises can throw you back into old eating habits. You have made no fundamental change, so the cycle reinforces itself. So many different problems manifest this way.

You will certainly want to deal with eating habits and exercise, but this is often insufficient. People have different metabolic rates and different body types. Do not make liking yourself contingent upon your having a different body type! If you dislike your body, you dislike your Little Self. You must love yourself unconditionally. This is the same transcendent spirit expressed in wedding vows: for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Love yourself not regardless of how you look, but because of how you look. Wanting to improve doesn't mean that you must dislike your-self as you are. If you were given $900, you wouldn't despise it because it wasn't $1000. Rejoice in your Little Self's expression of being alive. Until you do, this lesson will hang over your head. Ironically, you are most able to change your looks when it matters to you least.

Remember to be responsible. Always get good health care. When trying to lose weight, follow a sane plan under a doctor's care. But in addition, work to love yourself unconditionally. Strive constantly to fight the messages from the media and those around you. You are a loving, lovable person and your looks reflect this. Make yourself aware of that. When you succeed, you may eventually look like your ideal, but even if you don't, you will see the beauty in yourself. You will be more able to defend yourself from those small minds unhappy enough to attack you for not conforming to their ideal. You will also draw those who can see your beauty. As an extreme example, anorexics always feel that they are too fat. They cannot lose more weight, for that would kill them. The answer lies
with truly seeing themselves.

Any time your goal is self improvement, the principle is the same. In order to better yourself, you must first realize that you are lovable, now and always. Never try to better yourself to become lovable-- it doesn't work. The goal of magick is to heal those things you do not like in yourself, not destroy them. You better yourself by first bettering your self image. You change your behavior by healing the hurts that cause you to do harmful things. Recognize that all unhappy things are in response to pain. Your Little Self can hurt you, much as a favorite pet may bite you because it is in pain. Do not feel anger or misery but love and healing.

Affirmations: I love myself completely as I am now. I surrender to love. I know that I am a loving and lovable person. I heal all hurts. I now express perfect health in my life. I bring complete health into my life. My body is now a beautiful, healthy expression of my Self.

Visualizations: Imagine yourself so close to the sun that you can see nothing else. Visualize the area you want to heal bathed in blue-green light. Listen to or imagine the note F#. Concentrate on the heart and throat chakra (green and blue, respectively). The root chakrum (red) is another good focus for physical well being. When healing someone not present, put a photo next to a candle. Put the name of the subject on the candle and use this to focus your concentration.

Other: Rituals to increase energy and health are most effective during the waxing moon and at high noon. Rituals for eliminating disease or losing weight are best done during the waning moon. The five pointed star (symbol of Man) might be a good symbol (if you do not have any negative associations with it).

Good Luck!

At this point you are on your own. It takes forty days to make or break a habit, so you should concentrate on daily exercise for at least this long. Magick is not a quick, easy way of getting what you want. It is a long, hard road. Though it's quite possible to have instant success, visible results can take months. Real rewards can take years. But we all must travel this road some time. Be cautious of those promising an easier path. Though it may appear slow, magick is one of the fastest ways of taking your Power. The difficulty lies not in feats of physical or mental prowess, but in steady diligence. Do not try too hard, or you will not last long. If you are not happy with the way your life is going now and you desire to take your power, then commit to the life changes which magick demands. If your commitment is genuine, then everything will fall into place over time. Above all, be patient.

Best of luck and stay on the path.

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