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Kenneth Grant, aka Fr.'.Aossic Aiwass 718, the last of the great Thelemic disciples to have known and assisted Aleister Crowley, celebrates his lesser feast today. To mark the occasion, we present a page dedicated to him by our Grand Minister, Fr.'.121. Just click on the image above to get to the Kenneth Grant page.

A mass will be performed tonight at the Grand Chapter of the Holy Thelemic Church at 6pm U.S. Eastern Time, and another special service will be observed by the Apostolic Ministry at midnight ET.

NOTE: Kenneth Grant celebrated his Greater Feast on January 15th, 2011 E.V. He will be greatly missed but leaves behind an invaluable body of work to inspire and edify countless future generations.

Suggested ebooks:

Aleister Crowley - The Star And The Garter
Frater Hoor - A Thelemic Calendar

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