The Golden Dawn Doomed By Defamation

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In response to my most recent blog, on Lineage and the Golden Dawn, the anonymous Mr. "James Crumpit" (mr crumpit@...) wrote on Robert Zink's Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn forum:

Dear David and "The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Alpha et Omega, etc."Frater TDO" is not a member of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, nor are there any members by the name "VH Soror FSO," so do not take their opinions as those of our order. Also, this forum is not the EOGD forum, but is a talk box for the GD community hosted by the EOGD. Furthermore, I don't know why you make any noise about lineage, when you and your order (with the overly lengthy name which you were forced to change to per court order) have absolutely no legitimate lineage to

speak of.

You can't claim lineage through Israel Regardie, nor do you (anymore). You founded your own version of the third order, which you currently claim lineage through, which doesn't count as lineage since you founded it yourself. Also you can't claim lineage to Mathers because you have the address of a Masonic Hall he worked in for a period and rent the building now and again to perform your garage-style version of Golden Dawn ceremonies.

Get off the lineage kick. Nobody buys it. Repeating yourself over and over doesn't make your points any more valid.


p.s. wow I made a point without having to write an overly lengthy novela/dizzying blog.There are numerous problems with the statement where Mr. Crumpit writes: "FRATER TDO" IS NOT A MEMBER OF THE ESOTERIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN, NOR ARE THERE ANY MEMBERS BY THE NAME "VH SOROR FSO," SO DO NOT TAKE THEIR OPINIONS AS THOSE OF OUR ORDER.TO BEGIN WITH, SOROR FSO IS WELL KNOWN ON THE BLOGOSPHERE AS A MEMBER OF THE ESOTERIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN THROUGH HER FLIGHT OF HERMES BLOG. MOREOVER, ALTHOUGH THEY CLEARLY HAVE HAD OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO, NEITHER FRATER TDO NOR SOROR FSO HAVE PERSONALLY DENIED MEMBERSHIP IN THE EOGD. WE HAVE ONLY "JAMES CRUMPIT'S" ANONYMOUS WORD FOR THIS, ALTHOUGH HE DOES APPARENTLY SPEAK WITH SOME AUTHORITY REGARDING EOGD MEMBERSHIP ROLLS.MOST IMPORTANTLY, EACH of the above referenced blog posts were personally approved by Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn leader, Robert Zink, using his Yahoo alias, Zanoni49. In other words, ALL of the posts in question were published with both the "knowledge" and the "approval" of the highest levels of EOGD leadership. Nonetheless, in the interest of harmony in the Golden Dawn community, I have edited the content my latest blog to answer the objection raise by EOGD's mysterious "Mr. Crumpit."What appears undeniable from James Crumpit's post is that HE, at least, is indeed a member of the EOGD. Moreover, since complete membership rolls are not available to the vast majority of EOGD members, J.C.'s claim of intimate knowledge of EOGD membership rolls indicates even a leadership role. This official sanction is further underscored, since Mr. Crumipt's post also was published with the full "knowledge" and "approval" of the highest levels of EOGD leadership. It was personally approved by EOGD leader, Robert Zink (Zanoni49), himself.In this context, the following statements made by the mysterious Mr. Crumpit become extremely interesting. J.C. writes:YOU CAN'T CLAIM LINEAGE THROUGH ISRAEL REGARDIE, NOR DO YOU (ANYMORE). YOU FOUNDED YOUR OWN VERSION OF THE THIRD ORDER, WHICH YOU CURRENTLY CLAIM LINEAGE THROUGH, WHICH DOESN'T COUNT AS LINEAGE SINCE YOU FOUNDED IT YOURSELF. ALSO YOU CAN'T CLAIM LINEAGE TO MATHERS BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE ADDRESS OF A MASONIC HALL HE WORKED IN FOR A PERIOD AND RENT THE BUILDING NOW AND AGAIN TO PERFORM YOUR GARAGE-STYLE VERSION OF GOLDEN DAWN CEREMONIES.Many of J. Crumpit's misunderstandings about our order's actual relationship to Golden Dawn lineage I have dealt with already in a recent blog. I will address the remaining ones in a future blog as well. What is most interesting - in the present context - is JC's erroneous statement that our order somehow claims lineageTHROUGH A BUILDING OR MASONIC HALL. This is very significant, BECAUSE THIS ARGUMENT HAS APPEARED NOWHERE ELSE EXCEPT ON ANONYMOUS WEBSITES AND BLOGS ATTACKING OUR ORDER AND MYSELF WITH DEFAMATION OF A MOST DESPICABLE NATURE.This is a strong indication that these anonymous websites and blogs have likewise been published with the "knowledge" and "approval" of Robert Zink. To make this point crystal clear, let us first compare JC's above statement with Blog Troll "Tommy," who writes on the anonymously published Golden Dawn Insider attack blog:HOW CAN YOU CLAIM LINEAGE THROUGH A BUILDING when your order's website clearly places emphasis on apostolic succession. Let us also compare JC's above statement with the words of another recent anonymous blog troll, "Frater Incognito," who writes on yet another anonymously published attack blog:THEY CLAIM THEIR LINEAGE THROUGH A MASONIC HALL that Mathers and company had worked in when he moved to Paris. To CLAIM LINEAGE THROUGH A BUILDING, particularly one that has had no Golden Dawn activity for nearly a century, is a rather interesting claim.Our order, of course, has ever claimed any sort of lineage through any sort of building, Masonic or otherwise. It is extremely telling, however, that the only places that this misleading argument has ever appeared has been on the on the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn Yahoo forum belonging to Robert Zink and on anonymously published websites and blogs attacking our order. This provides an Ariadne's tread - piercing the veil of anonymity - and leading directly to Robert Zink.This is not the first time that Robert Zink has been linked to such defamation either. The most compelling evidence of comes from the official EOGD, "Golden Dawn Blog" where blog owner, Robert Zink, using his alias as Frater PDR, slipped up and wrote:FOR ALLEGED EVIDENCE OF GOLDEN DAWN NAZISM, CLICK HERE: HTTP://HOGD666.50MEGS.COMIT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT MR. ZINK SANITIZED HIS EOGD BLOG OF THIS POST AFTER THE GOLDEN DAWN COMMUNITY BECAME AWARE THAT IT LINKED MR. ZINK DIRECTLY TO THE ANONYMOUS DEFAMATION WEBSITES AND BLOGS ATTACKING THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN, THE OUTER ORDER OF THE ROSICRUCIAN ORDER OF ALPHA ET OMEGA. HERE ARE ORIGINAL IMAGES OF RELEVANT PORTIONS OF ROBERT ZINK'S - NOW SANITIZED - BLOG POST:IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THE CONTENT OF THE 50MEGS SITE THAT ROBERT ZINK LINKED TO - WAS NEARLY IDENTICAL AS THAT PRESENTLY ON THE ANONYMOUS ATTACK BLOG OF TODAY'S "FRATER INCOGNITO."SUCH NONSENSE HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH. ROBERT ZINK CLEARLY BELIEVES THAT BY PUBLISHING SUCH FEAR-MONGERING RUBBISH, HE CAN FRIGHTEN POTENTIAL MEMBERS AWAY FROM OUR ORDER AND INTO HIS. SUCH FEAR-MONGERING TACTICS, HOWEVER, HAVE NO PLACE IN ORDERS HAVING TO DO WITH SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT AND ARE HARMING THE REPUTATION OF THE ENTIRE GOLDEN DAWN TRADITION.THERE IS, OF COURSE, NO TRUTH IN ANY OF THIS EITHER. THE TRUTH IS THAT NAZIS, LIKE CULT-LIKE ACTIVITIES, HAVE NO PLACE IN THE GOLDEN DAWN. THE GOLDEN DAWN IS NOT ABOUT RACE, CREED, OR COLOR. THE GOLDEN DAWN IS ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE TO DEVELOP THEMSELVES SPIRITUALLY...... AND IN TRUTH OUR ORDER, LIKE ALL GOLDEN DAWN ORDERS, IS OPEN TO ASPIRANTS OF ALL races and religions - even of all sexual preferences. We have all sorts of members - Black, White, Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Gay, Lesbian, you name it.But then again, the defamation trolls have never let the truth stand in the way of their fear-mongering. The aforementioned anonymously published attack website definitively linked to Robert Zink, for example, (like many other anonymous attack sites and blogs) shows a cropped photograph of me dressed up like Adolph Hitler and claiming to be "proof" I am a Nazi."

This is, of course, complete nonsense. It is common knowledge in the Golden Dawn community that I care deeply about the environment - and passionately about the protection of species from extinction - and that this photograph originally appeared on the front page of the University of California at Berkeley newspaper......and was taken at an environmental protest that I was involved in. This was a street theater environmental action - and I was in character - SPOOFING Adolph Hitler, mocking racism, and calling for interracial and global unity tosave the Earth fromenvironmental holocaust.

I am as much as a Nazi for playing Hitler - as is fellow actor Sir Alec Guiness - who played both Hitler and Obi Wan Kanobi - or Sir Ian McKellen - who played both Hitler and Gandalf! Let's be real. You can't be remotely anti-Semitic and embrace the Jewish mysteries that are part of the Golden Dawn. Racism is a destructive philosophy not only against my beliefs, but also against my vows, and against the Golden Dawn.What doesn't seem to be against some people's beliefs, vows, or love for the Golden Dawn, however - is defamation and attack on the reputation of the Golden Dawn. For what? So that seekers won't realize how little these people know about basic the deeper mysteries of the Golden Dawn? Do these people not realize that they are harming the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn tradition?... or do they simply not care - because they see the GD as little more than a vehicle to promote "New Age" seminars?If this were not sad enough - recent months have seen theentire Golden Dawn community attacked by outside agitators on new attack blogs - alleging that all Golden Dawn orders are Nazi fronts and linked to the Greek fascist party calling itself Golden Dawn (Chrysi Ayvi).Is it not time for such madness to stop once and for all? I get boiling mad at when Golden Dawn initiates are attacked no matter who it is being attacked. For example, I recently defended the brothers and sisters of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn when Pat Zalewksi published the following post on his OGD forum:GENERALLY SPEAKING, THE BEST WAY TO (CHOOSE A GD ORDER) IS TO LOOK AT THE WEBSITES OF THE ORDERS INVOLVED, AND WRITE TO THE ONES IN WHICH YOU'RE INTERESTED. MY ONLY WARNING WOULD BE TO BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL! THERE ARE SOME CULTS OUT THERE MASQUERADING AS GOLDEN DAWN ORDERS, and the only way you'll ever really know is by trusting your intuition AND keeping your wits about you at all times.Pat Zalewski then went on and wrote himself:NONE OF WHAT IS ASKED OF A STUDENT SHOULD BE AGAINST THEIR MORAL AND LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. THIS IS USUALLY CIRCUMVENTED IN SOME GROUPS BY A STATEMENT THAT THE SECRET CHIEFS HAVE SANCTIONED IT- LIKE FATWA OR PAPAL BULL. WE HAVE ALL HEARD OF INCIDENTS LIKE THIS AND THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN THE GD TEMPLE AND ARE FOR A GD CULT.PatThis kind of nonsense has gone on far too long. We have all seen the anonymous attack blogs out there like the Golden Dawn Observer and the Cult Watch blog that call the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn a cult. These are, of course, just as condemnable as those calling our order a nest of Nazis! And now that are seeing not just our order -but the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community being called nests of Nazi's! What will be next? Outside forces calling all Golden Dawn orders cults? The Golden Dawn is already on the official French list of sects.Under present circumstances, I find it extremely short-sighted for Pat Zalewksi to be making posts like the one above. In reality, we all know that there are no cults in the Golden Dawn - just like there are no Nazis - because - if you ARE a cult - if you ARE a Nazi - you are NOT Golden Dawn!If an order using the name Golden Dawn practices cult-like activity - they are NOTGolden Dawn! There are no Golden Dawn cults! Just like a racist Greek group using the name Golden Dawn for their fascism - isNOT Golden Dawn!Pat Zalewski instead of spreading false and harmful rumors about GD cults - should instead clarify that there are NO cults in the Golden Dawn and outright reject any order doing that - as NOT part of the Golden Dawn - instead of scaring people into believing there are "Golden Dawn Nazis" or "Golden Dawn Cults" - when any such groups are evidently NOT the Golden Dawn.You will recall that, for several months now, the HOGD/AO has been calling for greater harmony in the Golden Dawn community. We have invited all Brother and Sister GD initiates to a Golden Dawn Harmony celebration to be hosted next Vernal Equinox by the Ahathoor Temple in Paris. This invitation still stands. We have also invited all Golden Dawn leaders to contact us to negotiate the mutual removal of objectionable materials from our respective websites, fora, and blogs. To their credit - until last week - both Robert Zink and Pat Zalewksi had joined together with our order for several months - in not approving any posts attacking other Golden Dawn orders or their leaders. It is most unfortunate that attack posts are beginning to appear on the various Yahoo fora once again. It is even more unfortunate that neither Robert Zink nor Pat Zalewski have so far shown any willingness whatsoever to begin - together with our order - to remove on a reciprocal basis - objectionable materials from our respective fora, websites, and blogs.The importance of beginning such a clean-up has been underscored by the appearance in recent months of anonymous blogs attacking all Golden Dawn orders - falsely linking them to the Greek fascist party unfortunately also using the Golden Dawn name.Let there be no doubt about it - We are ALL under attack - every single brother and sister of every Golden Dawn order. Striving for harmony in the Golden Dawn community has never been more important than it is now - in light of recent, terrible attacks on the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community.And certainly - there is no longer ANY room whatsoever for the sort of fear mongering tactics that have been linked for years to Robert Zink.The time has come for Robert Zink to abandon such failed policies - and instead to stand together with ALL Golden Dawn leaders - in fact with ALL Brothers and Sisters in ALL Golden Dawn orders everywhere - in a united front against defamation of any part of the Golden Dawn community.To do otherwise - to ignore this clear and present threat to the reputation of the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community - may well spell the doom of the of the entire Golden Dawn.Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua

David GriffinG.
H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega

"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

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