How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 1 Intro

How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 1 Intro Cover
"People that eat blowfish are stupid. People that do not eat blowfish are also stupid."
--Japanese proverb

With the advent of the New Age, many people are airing great new ways to change your life for the better. These ideas are based on the premise that we have total control of our lives on some level. All we need do is reach that level with our desires. This is, of course, the big challenge. You can read millions of words on that subject. Why is there so much information? Because achieving this kind of control is a very individual thing. There are so many different ways that each person could write his own book. To succeed, each must find his own path. The reason there are instructions at all, though, is because each can find guidance in the successes of others. Magick is one of these many guides.

This file is relatively short because it concentrates less on the myriad details of magick and more on how to find your own path. The task is never as easy as it sounds, but it is not complex, either. With straight forward exercises (good, honest work on your Self) you will achieve whatever you desire. We all have this power. The way we use it is not by gaining a new ability, but by getting out of the way of the ability we already have. This book outlines the basic blocks and the kinds of things to do about them. But, as with any advice, it is up to you to honestly assess your own situation and discover what works best for you. Remember, achieving your personal Power is everyone's path in life. You will succeed, it is only a question of when. This book is designed to bring that
success more quickly and, overall, more easily.

Many people these days still appeal to the "booga-booga" aspect of magick: "We will grant you incredible powers to use on whomever you please if you send us money." As we enter into the New Age of understanding, people are learning that occult powers are actually a natural part of everyone's life. It is our goal to help this process along. We hope to teach newcomers what magick is about. This book is written not only to inform, but also to circumvent the psychological barriers set up by living in a mechanistic society. The mechanistic paradigm (the idea that each person and object is totally separate from the rest of the universe except through physical interaction) precludes magick (non-physically affecting one's environment). The magickal paradigm states that your beliefs create your
reality. This choice is like contemplating eating blowfish-- when you analyze it, you can conclude that adopting either paradigm is stupid. Since you can't please everyone else, pick the one that you like best. If (and only if) the magickal paradigm appeals to you, then choose it. Then the trick is to get out of the mind-set that says that magick is impossible. We hope that you will try some exercises to prove to yourself that magick works. Once you have done so, then you are on the way to achieving anything you desire.

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