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When you think of Pagan jewelry, what is the first though that comes into your head? Is it witches or devil worship? This isn't necessarily what pagan jewelry depicts. It reflects more of a gothic personality than anything else. Pagan jewelry also reflects some of the symbols from ancient times, when people worshipped the sun and moon rather than God.

Sure, there are pagan Wiccan jewelry pieces out there that depict pentagrams, wizards and witches. However, that is just one offshoot of pagan jewellery. There is also a Celtic influence as well. You can find pagan Celtic jewellery as well. The famous Celtic knot or even a Celtic cross could be incorporated to create pagan Celtic jewelry.


You will discover that a variety of metals and gemstones are used in the creation of pagan jewelry. Does the material type signify anything special? The answer is not necessarily. However, the material used may invoke a particular "mood" to the piece. For instance, the use of pewter with semi-precious stones invokes sort of a mystical feeling with certain pagan jewelry.

There is also pagan gold jewelry. This is for those individuals who want their pagan symbols reflected in their jewelry in a more "upscale" way. Sterling silver pagan jewelry is commonplace. First of all, silver is cheaper than gold. Plus, silver tarnishes a bit which only lends more character to a pagan jewelry piece.

For a more homemade or hand-crafted look, you might consider page wire jewelry. This could be a shaft of crystal with wire wrapped around it or some elaborate wire rigging in the form of some elaborate design. It all depends on the inspiration of the individual pagan jewelry designer.


As you might imagine, there are a number of mythical figures and ancient symbols incorporated into pagan jewelry. The pentagram is perhaps one of the most recognized symbols. Egyptian ankhs, Celtic knots, fairies, wizards, and dragons are just a few depicted. Because sun and moon gods were worshipped in ancient times, you can find the sun and moon present in a lot of pagan jewelry. Stars and spirals are used as well.

If you are a fan of pagan jewelry but don't have a source to purchase anything from, look to the internet for help. You can get some free pagan jewelry catalogs sent to you so that you can shop in the leisure of your home. Curbside service - you can't get any better than that!

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