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HOLLYWOOD is said to have conquered the world through its influence and, after 100 years of images and illusions, Hollywood continues to alter global thought and perception.

Are there dark secrets inside Hollywood's "own" story?

Could the Entertainment Capitol of the World be the modern base for an ancient god? Is Hollywood the land of HORUS?

Horus is the son of ISIS, the ancient goddess known as "Queen of Heaven", "Mother Nature" and "Queen of Angels".

Over many years, I have asked thousands of Californians who they think the city of Los Angeles is named after. Most have replied, "the angels".

Not quite, folks.

The official name of the city is "El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles", or "The Town of the Queen of the Angels".

L.A. is not the City of Angels.

"C I T Y O F I S I S"

Just as Horus occupied the womb of Isis, Hollywood has occupied the womb of Los Angeles. While most of the world believes that Hollywood is an actual city, it is not. It is a district inside Los Angeles.

It is ironic that a community so globally famous for illusion is not really a city
but a sign on a hill.

The CITY OF HOLLYWOOD used to exist, though. Incorporated in 1903, it dissolved after seven years. The first 42 months were a booming, prosperous time for the new city.

Hollywood was a haven for many Christian churches, and the open sale of alcohol was illegal by city ordinance.

Hollywood started out more "holy" than "holly".

The latter 42 months, though, were marked by drought, disease and disasters. Hollywood was annexed by Los Angeles at the end of 1910.

With all legalities formalized, the City of Hollywood disappeared on February 6, 1911
the birth date of RONALD REAGAN, who many call "Mr. Hollywood"
a fateful date which kicked-off a new alliance between "Hollywood" and the camera.

The legal attachment of Hollywood to Los Angeles heralded the mythical reunification of mother and child
Isis and Horus. The universal symbol of Horus is the "all-seeing eye". Today, the electronic version of the "eye" is the camera
a longtime symbol of Hollywood.

The camera offers a filtered vision of reality. It affects how people see the world. It alters perception. It has developed tremendous power. The electronic "eye" from Hollywood now watches humanity from street corners, shops, cell phones, computers,

The EYE OF HORUS occupies the whole earth it seems.

Through the "eye" of Horus, countless Hollywood gods and goddesses have been born, and they all enjoy "eternal life" in a glorified state
at least on film anyway.

Horus has always been referred to as the "god of the sky", so it should be no surprise that so many in Tinseltown want to be "stars", "superstars" and "megastars" while Hollywood searchlights point skyward.

Unfortunately, the most famous stars get trampled on by tourists on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. That's showbiz.

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