Amphora Or Hail Mary

Amphora Or Hail Mary Cover

Book: Amphora Or Hail Mary by Aleister Crowley

Amphora (Hail Mary). This book which probably stands as Crowley's most famous practical joke. In 1908 Crowley anonymously submitted the text of this book of devotional verse to the well-known Catholic publishers Burnes and Oates Somehow the publishers managed to overlook the dubious theology and strong lesbian undertones and published the book under the title Amphora. At around the the same time Crowley published his own private edition with an obscene epilogue. Somehow Burnes and Oates found out who the author was, and apparently withdrew the edition after only a small number of copies have been bound, giving (or perhaps selling) the unsold sheets to Crowley. Crowley had a new title page printed, and reissued the book as 'Hail Mary' under his Equinox imprint.

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