Magick Fluid Condenser

Magick Fluid Condenser Cover
Magic fluid condensers are designed to expand or release at a certain time, some of the forces behind a spell.

There are three principle groups of condensers:

1. The 'solid' fluid condensers are metals and resins. Gold is the highest force. Human blood and sperm may be substitute for gold.
2. Extracts from resins including lacquers, oils and tinctures.
3. Least important are smelling waters and evaporations. Useful for making up bulk.

There are two types of fluid condensers:

1. Simple - made from one material or one plant.
2. Compound – made from blending and mixing several materials and/or plants.

A tiny amount of gold is needed in both types. One gram of gold chloride diluted in 20 grams of distilled water produces a gold tincture. Five to ten drops of gold tincture are needed for 100 grams of fluid condenser.


Put a handful of fresh or dried Chamomile flowers in a pot (preferably not metal) and cover with water. Boil for 20 minutes. Let cool with lid on pot.

When cold, strain through fine linen. Return liquid to pot and boil again for 20 minutes. Cool and mix with an equal amount of fuel alcohol or spirit of alcohol.

Add 20 drops of gold tincture. If the condenser will be used especially for your own interests, add one drop of your own blood or sperm.

Place liquid in a dark bottle, well corked or sealed, and store in a dark place.

In place of Chamomile flowers, you might use white lily flowers, poplar leaves, acacia flowers, etc.


Lime tree flowers
Cucumber skin
Melon seeds
Tobacco, green or dried
Chamomile or lily flowers, leaves or roots
Cinnamon bark or flowers
Violet ordorata, leave or flowers
Willow, leaves or bark

Take equal parts of all ingredients and place in a large earthenware pot. Cover with water and boil slowly for 30 minutes. Cool and strain, then boil again.

Cool, and add an equal amount of spirit of alcohol. Add 10 drops of tincture of gold to every 100 grams of liquid. Add 5 drops of blood or sperm or 5 drops of each.

Strain through fine linen, bottle and cork. Store in a dark place.

ALTERNATE METHOD (Compound condenser)

Place all leaves and seeds in a very large pot. Cover with alcohol and leave in a warm place for 28 days. Pass through linen filter, add gold tincture, and your won blood or sperm. Fluid condensers are added power to the spell.

There are four systems of influencing people:

1. FIRE – influence through combustion
2. AIR – influence through evaporation
3. WATER – influence through mixture
4. EARTH – influence through decomposition

To influence a human - EARTH
Drive to a special goal - FIRE
Romantic vision/union - WATER
All matters of the mind - AIR
Greater spirituality - WATER

(Most spells must be renewed)



Take a piece of blotter paper or linen, moisten with either condenser, then place it in front of you and concentrate on what you wish to accomplish. Load the paper or linen with your desire until you find your concentration breaking. Then burn it. While it is burning, concentrate on your desire again. The power of your concentration and the condenser are released by burning. Turn the problem over to the Universal element and discard the ashes.


Take a metal container (an ashtray will do) and pour in enough water to cover the bottom. Add a few drops of condenser. Concentrate on your desire as you look into the liquid. Put the container on a stove and let the desire-loaded liquid evaporate. As you concentrate on the steam, wish your desire to be taken in the air element. Continue thusly until all the liquid is gone. Very good for respiratory troubles or for the better health of a friend.


Take a new unused container (glass – no plastic) and fill with water, bottles, spring or rain water is best. Add a few drops of condenser (use compound only in a real emergency). Fill the water element with your wish or desire. When concentration breaks, the water has been loaded. Now throw the liquid into a river as you think how happy you are that your desire has been absorbed by the Water element, and that part of its power is released with your wish.


There are two methods, rain water may be put into a bottle with the condenser or the condenser can be poured directly on the ground. Concentration (loading) must be done first. Liquid should be poured where people will not be walking. A flower pot of earth may b used, or make a hole in a large apple or potato and pour the condenser into it, then bury it in the ground or flower pot. Concentration should continue through each operation.

(by Sybil Leek)

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