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There will be times when you will find it inconvenient to conduct your Magickal work in the space that you have set aside for ritual. You might be on a trip and find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, or perhaps you feel a need to meditate and center while you are in the presence of others. How then can you still manage to conduct your work? The answer is very simple: construct an Astral Temple.

Building the Astral Temple requires time. It is accomplished during periods of meditation, and each time you visualize the Temple it grows stronger. I suggest you experiment with the following method and elaborate as you become more familiar with the process.

Go into the area you use for Magickal work, or any area where you can remain undisturbed. You may find it beneficial to light a white candle and a stick of incense. Take a few moments to clear your thoughts and establish a pattern of deep, rhythmic breathing. Once you feel very relaxed and calm, proceed with your visualization.

See yourself standing before an area that is bare. This area can resemble a piece of undeveloped ground, or even a blank artist's canvas. The key is to begin with a clean slate, so to speak.

Next, begin to visualize the Astral Temple taking shape from the ground up. Literally build it with your visualization. You can begin by constructing the foundation and then the walls. The design is entirely up to you, Dear Ones. This is a wonderful opportunity to use your creative faculties. How many rooms will your Temple have? What will the architecture look like? Make it unique! Make it reflective of your own tastes and personality.

One you have created a powerful visualization of your Astral Temple, set aside a period of ten minutes each day to visualize it in detail. Each time that you visualize it will give it strength and help to imprint it upon the Astral Plane. Once you have imprinted the Temple upon the Astral and upon your subconscious, you will find it a simple matter to mentally retreat there whenever you desire.

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