Rodin In Rime

Rodin In Rime Cover

Book: Rodin In Rime by Aleister Crowley

Contains seven lithographs executed by Auguste Clot after the original sketches with water-colors of Auguste Rodin which were presented to Crowley during a visit in 1903.
It's said that many of these books were destroyed or damaged due to a flood that occurred in a warehouse where they were being stored prior to sale.
Title page and dedication page printed in black and red.

While other defenders of Rodin were apologizing for him in detail I brushed aside the nonsense-"a plague o' both your houses!" - and wrote a sonnet, which is, in its way, to conventional criticism exactly what the Balzac was. It was translated into French by Marcel Schwob and made considerable stir in Paris. Even at this length of time, I attach a certain importance to it. For one thing, it marks a new stage in my own art.

The upshot was that Rodin invited me to come and stay with him at Meudon. The idea was that I should give a poetic interpretation of all his masterpieces. I produced a number of poems, many of which I published at the time in the Weekly Critical Review, an attempt to establish an artistic entente cordiale. The entire series constitutes my Rodin in Rime. This book is illustrated by seven often lithographs of sketches which Rodin gave me for the purpose.
- The Confessions of Aleister Crowley. New York, NY. Hill and Wang, 1969. Page 340.

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