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The Equinox represents the largest and most involved publishing scheme Aleister Crowley ever devised: the series now includes over twenty large books and is still growing! Some of these books (which are technically called ‘issues’— we’ll get to that in a minute) are rare and expensive, one has never actually been printed, and then there are a number of unauthorised ‘pirate’ additions to the whole thing. Before you panic, let me assure you that I am definitely NOT suggesting that you run out and buy the lot— I still don’t own the whole thing myself for that matter. The reason I am covering it in a guide for the beginner is that there is a substantial amount of confusion over just what The Equinox is, and I felt that this Guide is a good place to clear things up. This is especially needed because Crowley often cites material from this series in his other works. Another reason is that some of the books in the series may very well be useful to you depending on your individual needs and interests. So bearing those caveats in mind we will proceed.

So just what is The Equinox anyway? It really begins in 1904 when Crowley received The Book of the Law and was charged, so he said, by the Secret Chiefs with beginning a New ?on in human history and with preserving the wisdom of the old. This second goal was due to Crowley’s belief that the change of ?on would involve the collapse of civilisation followed by a chaotic ‘dark age’ and he wanted to be sure that important knowledge would survive. (Don’t discount that idea; considering how young the ?on still is, we can’t say that he won’t be right.) Crowley’s solution was to publish a journal, beginning in 1909, which would also serve as the official organ for his new order, the A.A. Later on, around 1912, it also became the official organ for the British section of the O.T.O. Many occult groups, before and since, have published their own periodicals of course, but Crowley determined that his would be the best ever. Being independently wealthy and having published a good deal of his poetry himself, he could do exactly that: each ‘issue’ of The Equinox is itself a hardback book of at least a few hundred pages on excellent paper. Accordingly they look more like separate volumes of a distinguished encyclopaedia than individual issues of a magazine. In this context, Volume refers not to the individual books but to the sets of ten into which the whole series is divided. If you find this is confusing now, so did booksellers back then.

by Frater Julianus

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