The Tenth Word Abrahadabra

The Tenth Word Abrahadabra Cover This last word of the Nepios
is also the first word of Chapter Three
of the Book of the Law.
ABRAHADABRA is sometimes called “the Word of the Aeon.”
Like ‘Nepios’ it has the value of four hundred and eighteen.
The Prophet translated this word into English as
“the Voice of the Chief Seer.”
Its eleven letters represent the Great Work
as the union of the human five
and the divine six.
It is spoken by the adept and the angel together
in their consummated interpenetration.
In order to accomplish our True Wills,
to achieve the Great Work,
the Summum Bonum,
True wisdom and Perfect Happiness,
And may the one who invoketh often
behold the Formless Fire,
with trembling and bewilderment;
and in the lengthening of that meditation,
resolve it into coherent and intelligible symbols,
and hear the articulate utterance of that Fire,
interpret the thunder thereof
as a still small voice in the heart.
And may the Fire reveal to the eyes
the aspirant's own image in its own true glory;
and speak in the ears
the Mystery that is the adept’s own right Name.


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