The Empirical Rules Of Magick 05 Affirmation And Visualization

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 05 Affirmation And Visualization Cover


The message you give to your Little Self is the most important aspect of Magick. The whole process is communicating the right message. Desire and expectancy are the two most important messages. But often these do not get across. The Little Self has the understanding of a child. There are certain messages that work well and quite a few that work disastrously. You must learn how to talk to your Little Self.

The Little Self understands images and feelings; it does not understand negatives or time. When you say "I will not fail," the image in your mind is that of failure. The mess-age to another person would be what you mean, because they understand the negation, "not." The message to the subconscious is "I will fail." Never, never, never use a negative when talking to your Little Self.

If you change your message to, "I will succeed," you still have a problem. Since the Little Self does not understand time as we do, it will perpetually see success as being in the future. Success will never arrive. The proper message would be, "I succeed." This is not the way we are used to thinking, but it is necessary for magickal work. Always formulate your goals this way when you begin a ritual or spell. In addition, the more you think in this way in everyday life, the more powerful will be the positive messages to your Little Self.


The images which you give your Little Self are even more important. It is the images which your words conjure that actually do the communicating. When you choose your goal, you should try to choose one or more images to represent it. The image must include you in it, either see yourself in a scene or picture it as if looking out of your eyes. The scene should represent to you exactly what you desire.

The more you imagine in your scene, the better. Details, smells, sounds and textures all help enormously. The scene is most effective when it brings up all the emotions that you would feel if you were actually there. A drawing or picture is a good aid. Surround yourself with as many things you can find that make you think of your goal. Imagine you have what you want and know you have what you want. That is a successful ritual.

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