Crowley Magick Was Performed On The Astral Plane

Crowley Magick Was Performed On The Astral Plane Image
Most of Crowley's magick was performed on the astral plane, and usually involved some form of sexual congress:

"The one really easy 'physical' operation which the Body of Light can perform is Congressus Subtilis. The emanations of the 'Body of Desire' of the material being whom one visits are, if the visit be agreeable, so potent that one spontaneously gains sub stance in the embrace. There are many cases on record of Children having been born as the result of such unions." These "children" were elementals or companions. If the former, they acted as servitors, like the witch's familiar; if the latter, as links through which he was able to communicate with denizens of astral realms consonant with the nature of the succubus. Thus Growley gained direct access to regions hidden from occultists using the old ceremonial techniques of evocation. It also enabled him, in many cases, to dispense with a medium between himself and the entities contacted, for by sexual union with a non- terrestrial entity he was able to enter the stream of non-human contacts of which Dion Fortune often makes mention.

The "Body of Light" is so called because it was anciently known that man resurrected, not in his physical body (as believed by Christians) but in a more tenuous and ethereal vehicle which rose from the dark of death, the abyss, like the stars which rose resplendent from below the horizon. The astral body or ghost was the most ancient type of resurrection because-according to Egyptian doctrine-when the mummy transformed in the underworld of Amenti, when it spiritualized or "obtained a soul among the stars of heaven", the individual rose again on the horizon as the constellation Orion-the Star of Horus-the Sahu, or glorified body resurrected eternally in the fields of Sekhet Aarhu (Space or Eternity).

Orion represented the risen Horus (the glorified deceased) at least 6,000 years ago, when the Star (astral body) rose up from the dark*death in the West, the underworld of Amenti. (See The Book of the Dead, Chapter LXXXIX, etc.)

The stellar or astral body is also called the Desire Body because it is the vehicle of sentience in the human organism. This body was ascribed to the most ancient Star god, Set, who was also a god of Fire. To Horus, his twin, was ascribed the spiritual body represented by the Sun. The link between star- or fire-gods and the Sun is the lunar current typified by Thoth, Lord of Magick and Scribe of the Gods. Thoth is sacred to the youthful god Khonsu, of whom Crowley as a Magus claimed to be an avatar, thus identifying himself as the link between the Beast (Set, Lord of the Stars) and the Angel (Horns, Lord of the Sun). Sex being the mainspring of the astral body, it was through its use that Crowley accomplished most of his magick on the subtle planes.)

by Kenneth Grant

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