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Book: Konx Om Pax Essays In Light by Aleister Crowley

he first facsimile edition of this masterwork of Hermeticism and Magick, described by its author as "the most remarkable book on the Mystic Path ever written." It has long been treasured by students and collectors in its first edition of 1907. Crowley poured his occult knowledge, particularly that which he learned in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, into the four essays contained therein. It is an essential work for all students of the Golden Dawn and Magick.

My favorite book! A good familiarity with late 19th & Early 20th Century occult personalities, (especially the Golden Dawn) is very helpful. "The rites of modern occult magic" by Francis King, (also published under other titles) is a good primer. A scream from front to back. Crowley's biting satire is in top form here. This also contains my favorite selections of his poetry, esp "The disappointed artist" & "The suspicious earl".Guarenteed to offend almost everyone! This is a must for Crowleyites. This edition is becoming harder to find.

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