The Empirical Rules Of Magick 08 Diary

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 08 Diary Cover
You should also keep a daily diary. It too, is a line to your Little Self. Use this to record the events of the day and your thoughts and feelings. These will reflect what is going on inside you. Use it also for introspection. You must do a lot of soul searching to learn about your Little Self, this is most effective when written.

It is even more important to track the progress of your magickal work. Each time you do a spell or ritual record your goal, your feelings before and after and your methods. Before you get to this point, you should also have explored all your feelings associated with it. Then pay careful attention to all that happens to you (part of the reason for the daily diary). Often, a spell will work and we will not even notice.

Since magick works with what we believe, things come to us in the way we expect or allow. When you do a healing, it will tend to look entirely natural, rather than miraculous. If you do a prosperity spell, receiving a tax refund check the following month could be the universe's response. Keep an eye out for any hint of possible results. Even the weakest indication is very positive. It may not be enough to satisfy, but it means that you are being effective. If you keep working, you will be able to improve until you achieve the result you desire. When you give yourself credit for even the smallest success, you build the relationship between you and your Little Self.

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