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Some people are born warriors, be them physically, or mentally strong. Some rely on their leadership qualities and/or their power of persuasion. Others chose to be pacifists and go through life following that maxima how nice ( magick ) word opens the iron doors. No mental ( physical even less ) profile of human being is perfect, and will not guarantee victory over other, as such. Yet we are faced with so many enemies, drawn willingly or unwillingly into so many fights, verbal, physical, magickal etc. Where does it all ends, if it ends at all ? Both Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud ( with smaller differences ) claimed humans are by nature selfish and lead by self-preservation instinct before all. Freud called that "idd". Oddly enough, in the age when human mind is supposed to be evolved above profanity of animal behavior, we find ourselves growling on each other, threatening with "fangs" and claiming absolute possession over partners, or territory. The fact that our behavior is "wrapped in pink ribbon" does not make it any less animalistic. Because of all that, those of more kind nature, those lunatics, and teding towards servility might find themselves faced to roar of some large gnarly beasty human, and forced into "survival of the strongest" clich'e.

This is why ( where, when, read as You like lol ) magick designed to empower oneself, boost our courage, physical strength or stamina, defeat opponents, is needed and very much alive even nowadays. Liked it we or not, world is a jungle, and in jungle strength is an imperative. When faced to any type of battle/s, or frightening mission with uncertain outcome, Mars magick can come quite handy indeed. Drawings depicting hunt, dating to prehistoric times and stone age, are perhaps the very simple examples of sympathetic, warrior type magick. Before actually hunting down an animal, cave man would "conjure" the even on the walls using charcoal or whatever worked as fine drawing tool at that point. But instead of further pseudo-phylospohic rambling of mine, let's rather "get down on the business" as people from States would say


Warrior magick, as I coved the name ( yeah, not that good at name coving :/ lol ) is not the same as battle, war magick or offensive magick. It's the magick of self empowerment and increasing our chances to win.

Corresponding element would be fire ( action, power among other attributes ), corresponding planet Mars, corresponding day Tueseday, noon as the time of day is most preferable for such operations, while colors include red and purple, and symbols anything from swords to pentacles of King Solomon.

The symbol from the above pictur e is brilliant for such Mars/empowerment type of magick and can be inscribed to candlesa and burnt

Additionally Saturn correspodneces can be used, particularly if we are to deal with offensive magick, or unjust and cruel opponent.


This spell should be used when we want to attain fiery, and strong qualities, prior to some important battle, confrontation and alike. Should it be a debate or rhetorical type of "battle" rather try some Mercury spell. I wrote this spell, as typical fire spell, hence the effect is like the spell, powerful, abrupt and temporary

You will need

o The fourth pentacle of Mars drawn on piece of brown paper

o Some Borage

o Red Onion peals

o Ginger rhizome small piece

o Few cloves

o Pinch of black pepper

o Your own personal concern ( a single hair will do )

o Red candle with inscribed with appropriate symbol/s

o Fireproof dish, and some ignitable spirit ( cologne for example )

Best if all the herbs are very dry, and the best time to start the spell is Midday or in the hour of the Mars. Light the candle, and place the dish with charcoal ( larger censer could do ) in front of it. Now place the personal concern of Yours ( or party's You are performing spell for ) on a paper with Pentacle drawn on it, add herbs, as much as You see fit, and then wrap it all in small package ( a sachet maybe ), folding towards oneself f as You do. Pour the ignitable spirit into dish, and then set the sachet alight, release it into the dish, and say the words :

"This timid soul craves for courage and strength,

To carry the sword of any length

Spirits of Mars, aid and ignite this charm,

Inflame my/this spirit for one day time

Turn me/him/her/them into fiery knight

Until once again, morn defeats the night !"

Sprinkle some of the resulting liquid or ash, on the sole of Your shoes.


In New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo, for empowering and giving power to fight off enemies, especially to meek and timid, Papa Gator gris gris, is suggested as suitable charm. I can only assume the ingredients of such gris gris, and I think it's safe to assume it contains alligator's teeth among other.

In terms of Hoodoo You can compose a brilliant mojo combining some ( or all ) of the following:

o Masterwort

o Master of the Woods

o Dev*l's shoestring

o High John TC root

o Sampson snake root

o Bay laurel leaf/s

In purple or red mojo bag. A small sword charm could be added as well. Feed with spirit ( whiskey ) that had Red hot chili peppers dipped in, or perhaps some suitable oil, such as "I can You can't", "High John TC oil", "Victory oil" etc.

If You'd like to make, more of a charm bag type of "mojo", combine any of the following into red pouch bag : High John TC root, Master of the woods, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Black pepper, Sampson snake Black cohosh, Thyme, Borage, Red Onion, Iron nail, Garnet, Ruby, Aventurine, Carneol, Sun stone, Mars symbols, Dragon blood resin, Sword charms etc., and of course carry on Your behalf, for steady and graduate effect.


I wrote this formula based on Indian herbal lore, as if anyone knows their warrior magick, native American Indians do

o Ointment base ( shortening, Vaseline, equal mixture of oil and wax warmed in double boiler, scentless ointment or cr`eme etc )

o Dev*l shoestrings ( oil infusion or powdered roots )

o Bay Laurel

o Sampson snake root ( powdered, or even tincture should do in a pinch )

Combine to make ointment, used to give one better strength, stamina and empower muscles. Use on oneself, very good for sport competitions.


Be them ingestible or baths and sprinkles, potions for courage and strength, can be very dicverse. They can be used to, almost instantly energize, and for such You may combine equal parts of ginger rhizome infusion with orange juice and solar honey.

Or they can be used to give courage to meek, and ward off that paralyzing fear. Simple borage infused in red wine will do that. Or tea made of pinch of Black cohosh and some Thyme, and spring water.

Velerie Worth suggests combining apple cider with cloves, and cinnamon as a potion to make someone "strong as steal", enchanting the potion by means of a very cunning rhyme, in one of her brilliant books

Catch some of the waterfall ( or substitute with spring water ) and pour in a vessel that you will place it on "Helm of Awe" rune, exposed to rays of rising Sun. Just sprinkle Yourself, or/and drink small amount to be "invincible" in battle

A nice bath made with Master of the Woods, should enable one mastery over adverse conditions.

A simple "Four thieves vinegar" as salad dressing, when used with intention of course will empower and ward of malice at same time. Same can be achieved by disolving a spoon of it in a glass of water to drink.

NOTES : This article and spells and formulas given here, were written by myself, which means, if You'd like to use it elswhere, feel free, but add credit/s Shadow of Shadows magick place, or or provide a link fof this post.

CREDITS : Valerie Worth's "Book of Words", for complete formula

Helm of Awe can be found in bindrunes section of

Hope You find this helpful, to go and kick some...well something lol :)

Many Blessings, Shadow :)

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