Religion Belief Significance Of The Magickal Name

Religion Belief Significance Of The Magickal Name Image
When one begins to undertake the spiritual journey of discovery that is the study of Magick, it is an accepted practice to choose a new name or Magickal Motto. The reason for this is primarily a symbolic one.

Just as we have no choice of birth parents, we have no say in the matter of the name chosen for us when we are born. More often than not, spiritual considerations do not factor into our parent's selection. Name are chosen for children based on lineage, perhaps, or a child might be named after a famous individual.

A Magickal Name or Motto is something we choose according to our own freewill. As such, it can be chosen in such a way that it reflects our own spiritual desires and ambitions. It can be carefully considered and serve as a reminder of who we truly are or wish to become.

Those who choose to use a Motto will find it especially beneficial to select a word or phrase in an older language such as Latin. The reason for this is that using a language other than our normal one places emphasis on the word or phrase. It makes it stand out, especially in times of ritual. This is why so very many Magickal rites found in the ancient grimoires are filled with what have come to be known as "barbarous words". In this case, "barbarous "can be taken to mean strange or unfamiliar.

When you go about the process of selecting your own Magickal Name or Motto, give some thought to your choice. Many people believe the Magickal Name, once chosen, can never be altered. I tend to disagree. I believe that our spiritual development is very much a process of evolution. We grow and change. It is perfectly reasonable to accept that the Magickal Name or Motto we chose when we began might not be a reflection of who we are today.

As with all things Magickal, it is wise for you to keep your Magickal name or Motto a secret. Many practitioners believe that to reveal it to another is to grant that person a certain amount of power. In this, I agree. You should keep silent.

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