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The Ouija Board has been around for many years. Normally sold as a children's game, it is made by Parker Brothers and sold in almost every toy store across America. Although it is sold as a game it is best to used by someone who at least knows how to do some type of protection ritual first before attempting to use the Ouija Board. The reason for this is because you don't want some bad to possibly enter your body or to keep hanging around you after you are done. A simple Ritual to strengthen the Aura will be sufficient..... but you may want to do a banishing ritual afterwards to make sure that the spirit goes away. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram would be good for that. Once you have your board all you need then is some candles and maybe some incense and a quiet place to work. Dont for forget.... there are several types of Boards used for communicating with the Spirit World besides the Ouija. Some call them Witch Boards or Angel Boards. At the end of this page I have several you can choose from.
Now keeping in mind what I have just stated.... let's get started.....

First you want to go to your quiet place, someplace in your house where you will not be disturbed. Turn off the lights and light the candles and incense. If you have 2 people it always seems to work better for some reason. Do your protection ritual whatever you choose as your own style of protection. If you do not know one then you can simply imagine your body surrounded by a sphere of bright white light. The color white is always used for protection and purity. Then when you are relaxed enough, each person place their fingertips on the edge of the disc. Be sure not to push down very hard at all or the disc will not slide around like it is supposed to. You may then ask if there is anyone present with you here in the room. Or are there any spirits here that wish to communicate at this time? You may want to ask this several times. It may take a little while before it will start to move. When it starts to move slowly towards the yes then you know you have made contact with some form of entity. It usually takes a few minutes or so to start getting any results if you do. Don't expect to get results every time, for you are not commanding these spirits, you are simply asking them if they want to talk. Once you have made contact, then ask the spirit what its name is. Then you may proceed to ask the spirit any questions you want. Things will usually start to speed up a little from that point on. Sometimes when a spirit is ready to leave, the disc will just go off the board. Write down your experiences every time you use the Ouija Board and keep them all in a little journal for future reference. Now the the most important part... Make sure you do some form of banishing ritual in order to make sure that the spirit has departed and is not still hanging around. The choice is yours and you don't have to do this banishing, but it is always better if you can. If the spirit stays and hangs around you it may very well try to influence you to its way of thinking and it may not be a good spirit. So just take precautions and your experiences should be quite enjoyable!

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